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I gotta say your Nothing Went Bad AU is soooo amazing and cute! :3 will we be seing more of Lotor's siblings? Cuz I really like the design of Raik °^° also I love all of your art, you are such an amazing artist <3

Thank  you so much! I do plan to do more Raik cos he is still really new, and really not fleshed out. XD;

I might do a family photo.


Flynt was kind enough to let the Berry’s take a day off.  The huntmaster demanded rest and relaxation for all, sending them down to the Goblet pools. Sela had spent the night, got roped into coming. Not having a swimsuit of her own with her, she borrowed one of Chi’s. Which had a little less fabric than she was used to. 

Chi talked Raik, Sela and Roger into a water game. The girls got on the fellows shoulders and tried to push one another off. Team Rela (Raik + Sela) was victorious! 

The Wandering Tonberry

Greetings! Ritsu Knoltros here, We would like to welcome you to our first (in a series of rotating events!)

The Where?! Goblet Ward 8, plot 12. Basement. 

The When?! April 27th, 8pm EDT.

Come enjoy some booze, a hardy meal and tell rousing stories of hunts!

Menu is in the works! We will have two specials for meals and many other meat & popoto options! Any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Ritsu Knoltros/Chidori Farcloud, Roger Holmes/Flynt Knoltros, Aden Dellebecque or Raik Samil.

*Signal boosts are loved <3