raidou kuzunoha vs. king abaddon


As per nostalgictionality’s request, we have some music from Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon! I absolutely LOVE the instrumentation in the Opening theme

I love comparing the interpretations whenever Kaneko and Soejima have both drawn a mythological character.

For example Jiraiya from Jiraiya Goketsu Monogatari:

Kaneko’s interpretation in SMTII 

He wears typical ninja clothes and has theatre associations.

Jiraiya is a Kabuki play. Though the mask Kaneko drew looks like from Noh theatre.

Jiraiya, his wife Tsunade and their traitor disciple Yashagoro/Orochimaru have also appeared in movies, novels and mangas.

Soejima’s design 

Soejima’s Persona 4 design focuses on Jiraiya’s special ability. He can use toad magic while his wife uses slug magic and Orochimaru uses snake magic

There are also allusions to Shuriken in Soejima’s design

Jiraiya is also a electric based skill that Black Mask Fukoshi use as their special attack in Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon since Jiraiya 
児雷也 is written with the symbol for thunder 雷.