raiding tombs

Concept: a game where you play as a tomb-raiding archaeologist, except you’re the descendant of the people who built it in the first place, and you spend the whole time complaining about it to your companion, the magically animated skull of the chief architect, your great-to-the-nth grandmother.

“Really? A deadfall trap in the bathroom? What is wrong with you people? No, first, explain to me how it is that you were able to construct a self-resetting puzzle the size of a city bus that still works after four thousand years, but you never hit upon the concept of, I don’t know, a lock and key? And is that a laser? You lived in a Stone Age culture - where the hell did you get a laser?”

This is a fan cover of a gency fic I made a while back as tribute for Emiza’s “Where Gods Come to Rest”. I seriously hope Emiza does more for this fic because it was really good and I enjoyed it a lot!

(I was inspired to make this look like an Indiana Jones movie cover)

Here is a link to to fic:

Loot everything

So, we have a kobold crafter in our team, that tends to loot everything. EVERYTHING! While the other party members were raiding a tomb, he looted everything behind them.
When the party was opening a door and planing an attack on the (yet unaware) skeletons and ghosts, the Kobold was behind, looting a rotten door
Kobold: *yelling* Are you okay up there???
DM: Good job, the skeletons are aware of your presence
Wizard: Well thanks a lot!!!
DM: Hope you didn’t forget those doorknobs

The Signs as Magi

Aries: Explosive, always in motion. Magic rooted in their physical forms, powerful sweeping gestures blood pumping movements, and raw pulsing fury. Will more than likely just try and beat you up. Barely restrained and always looking to fight as it is, duel them at your own peril. Incredibly gifted when dealing with elementals.

Taurus: Potent hex-weavers and blessing-givers. Enchantments and curses, long-lasting and incredibly difficult to remove. Often very petty, was it chance your alarm didn’t go off and your pen exploded today? Who knows. Always bring one if you’re raiding a tomb. Responsible for every single noteworthy hereditary curse, hex, and jinx in magical history. 

Gemini: A chaotic mess, but an effective one. Notebooks full of ‘add a bit of powdered monkwood’ and haphazardly drawn sigils. Some of their most effective work is completely accidental and unrepeatable, often followed by an ‘I meant to do that.’ Very very prone to their own creations violently blowing up in their faces, they’ve gotten very good at dealing with explosions.

Cancer: Often underestimates their own successes, a jack-of-all-trades of spellcasting. Unsure exactly which phase of the moon to perform that exorcism? Ask a Cancer. Almost organic libraries full of every topic imaginable. Very creative, and frankly amazing problem solvers. For your own sake never EVER corner them.

Leo: Very flashy, and pretty. If you’re looking for masters of illusion and spectacle, look no further. Simply the BEST when it comes to the decor of their havens. Second only to Scorpios in their mastery of deception. Underestimate their deadliness at your peril though, their silver tongues are often forked. ALWAYS bring a blessed mirror when dealing with one.

Virgo: Very, and I mean VERY thorough. Usually has a spectacularly well tended garden of every kind of herb, weed, flower, and elemental flora imaginable. Very potent even if not immediately apparent. Incredibly practised and incredibly precise. Defensively impregnable. And for the love of all the gods and devils in all of the worlds do NOT fight them on their ground.

Libra: Diplomatic to a fault and brilliantly talented truthseers, wordsmiths, and hieromancers. Can and will talk their way out of almost any fight. Experts of defensive magic. A dazzling array of binding spells, seals, and law-sorcery. Give up after the first 3 layers of bureaumancy.

Scorpio: Unrivaled secret keepers and masters of malevolent subtlety. Layers upon webs upon stratagems of contracts, debts, and influences. Masters of puppetry and poison. Never ask a favour from them, just don’t. An incredible ally or fatal enemy. Best faced head on, and vulnerable to unexpectedness. Few things surprise them though.

Sagittarius: At the forefront of experimentation and research. Mind mages, intellectuals, and philosomancers. Absolute experts in finding loopholes and capable of extreme acts of brutality in the name of progress. Knowledgeable about their chosen fields, and often apprehensive about sharing their considerable expertise.

Capricorn: Very good combat mages and healers, very straightforward and efficient sorcery, not one for unnecessary flair or flamboyance. simplicity does not equate a lack of power, however. VERY aware of their own relative strength and chooses battles accordingly. Incredible calculating precision.

Aquarius: Some of the best necromancers, there are none better in manipulation of the flesh. Prone to hordes of minions, but dont worry, they grew the flesh, no animals were harmed in the construction of this shambling horror/sacrifice. Voted #1 most likely to lose soul in demonic contract in high school. Often misunderstood. Often benevolent. 

Pisces: The vaguest, and most terrifying mages. No one quite understands what they do or how they work. Masters of the most esoteric subjects, Time, Death, the Soul. Demonic, angelic, and fae ambassadors. Often very distant, rarely concern themselves with the concerns of this world. They never quite make eye contact with you. Prone to disappearing for long periods of time. Do not anger them.

Hello! We at Reizawa present… SERIREI WEEK! This post contains detail of guidelines and prompts for the week! This is by no means an official event organized by ONE or anything, it’s just a fun thing put together by fans, for fans!

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Uncharted lost legacy is about two very morally questionable dickheads who go on a tomb raiding adventure for money and along the way discover that they might be gayer than originally planned for each other. Also along the way u get to girl bond, shoot people, scale up completely vertical walls, break every bone in chloe’s body, ride an elephant, take sick selfies, and rescue chloe’s weird family pet that nadine hates at first but dw they grow on each other. Then, chloe finds her inner hero and decides to be a better person so ofc her weird pet and new gf have to join her as she drives a car onto a moving train full of armed insurgents to either disarm or prematurely detonate a bomb they don’t know yet check in later. And at the very end they get pizza and a potential child. The end. Everyone go play it.

someone asked me about troll headcanons

so here are some low-mid blood trolls in god tier

i will attempt to draw the mid-high blood trolls but i. strongly like the lower bloods a lot (aradia is my favourite)

some brief headcanon notes

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“Sullivan - let go!” Effie beat against his arms, feeling the laugh rumble in his chest.

“Oh ok, sure; I’ll just abandon whatever my bad guy plans were and drop you. C’mon Effie, I said I’d teach you everything I know. I’m attacking you, what are you gonna do about it?”

“Why do I need to do something about it when you’re always around? You’ll get him off me.”

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Trailer: ‘Tomb Raider’ - March 16

Directed by Roar Uthaug, written by Geneva Robertson-Dworet, starring Alicia Vikander, Walton Goggins, Daniel Wu, and Dominic West.