raiding tombs

The Signs as Magi

Aries: Explosive, always in motion. Magic rooted in their physical forms, powerful sweeping gestures blood pumping movements, and raw pulsing fury. Will more than likely just try and beat you up. Barely restrained and always looking to fight as it is, duel them at your own peril. Incredibly gifted when dealing with elementals.

Taurus: Potent hex-weavers and blessing-givers. Enchantments and curses, long-lasting and incredibly difficult to remove. Often very petty, was it chance your alarm didn’t go off and your pen exploded today? Who knows. Always bring one if you’re raiding a tomb. Responsible for every single noteworthy hereditary curse, hex, and jinx in magical history. 

Gemini: A chaotic mess, but an effective one. Notebooks full of ‘add a bit of powdered monkwood’ and haphazardly drawn sigils. Some of their most effective work is completely accidental and unrepeatable, often followed by an ‘I meant to do that.’ Very very prone to their own creations violently blowing up in their faces, they’ve gotten very good at dealing with explosions.

Cancer: Often underestimates their own successes, a jack-of-all-trades of spellcasting. Unsure exactly which phase of the moon to perform that exorcism? Ask a Cancer. Almost organic libraries full of every topic imaginable. Very creative, and frankly amazing problem solvers. For your own sake never EVER corner them.

Leo: Very flashy, and pretty. If you’re looking for masters of illusion and spectacle, look no further. Simply the BEST when it comes to the decor of their havens. Second only to Scorpios in their mastery of deception. Underestimate their deadliness at your peril though, their silver tongues are often forked. ALWAYS bring a blessed mirror when dealing with one.

Virgo: Very, and I mean VERY thorough. Usually has a spectacularly well tended garden of every kind of herb, weed, flower, and elemental flora imaginable. Very potent even if not immediately apparent. Incredibly practised and incredibly precise. Defensively impregnable. And for the love of all the gods and devils in all of the worlds do NOT fight them on their ground.

Libra: Diplomatic to a fault and brilliantly talented truthseers, wordsmiths, and hieromancers. Can and will talk their way out of almost any fight. Experts of defensive magic. A dazzling array of binding spells, seals, and law-sorcery. Give up after the first 3 layers of bureaumancy.

Scorpio: Unrivaled secret keepers and masters of malevolent subtlety. Layers upon webs upon stratagems of contracts, debts, and influences. Masters of puppetry and poison. Never ask a favour from them, just don’t. An incredible ally or fatal enemy. Best faced head on, and vulnerable to unexpectedness. Few things surprise them though.

Sagittarius: At the forefront of experimentation and research. Mind mages, intellectuals, and philosomancers. Absolute experts in finding loopholes and capable of extreme acts of brutality in the name of progress. Knowledgeable about their chosen fields, and often apprehensive about sharing their considerable expertise.

Capricorn: Very good combat mages and healers, very straightforward and efficient sorcery, not one for unnecessary flair or flamboyance. simplicity does not equate a lack of power, however. VERY aware of their own relative strength and chooses battles accordingly. Incredible calculating precision.

Aquarius: Some of the best necromancers, there are none better in manipulation of the flesh. Prone to hordes of minions, but dont worry, they grew the flesh, no animals were harmed in the construction of this shambling horror/sacrifice. Voted #1 most likely to lose soul in demonic contract in high school. Often misunderstood. Often benevolent. 

Pisces: The vaguest, and most terrifying mages. No one quite understands what they do or how they work. Masters of the most esoteric subjects, Time, Death, the Soul. Demonic, angelic, and fae ambassadors. Often very distant, rarely concern themselves with the concerns of this world. They never quite make eye contact with you. Prone to disappearing for long periods of time. Do not anger them.

Hello! We at Reizawa present… SERIREI WEEK! This post contains detail of guidelines and prompts for the week! This is by no means an official event organized by ONE or anything, it’s just a fun thing put together by fans, for fans!

Please reblog to get the word out! The prompts and guidelines are under the cut!

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theeverlastingdave  asked:

"What would you expect of an Egyptian-inspired world that Amonkhet doesn’t have?" Amonkhet hits a lot of great notes for me- the city by the river surrounded by wasteland, the gods, the Twilight Zone-ish story. The one thing I was expecting that we didn't get was a little bit of Zendikari "Traps and Treasures" action.

We made a conscious choice to do a bright and sunny living Egypt and not a dark and dusty, tomb raiding dead Egypt.

Dirk: A Clingy Introvert

I’ve seen a few of people call Dirk an extrovert, and I wanted to respond to that, but I don’t feel like I can cover my points in a blog post reply.  @landofsomethingsomething and @revolutionaryduelist, I’d particularly love to hear your opinions, since I’ve found your meta on the subject the inspiration for considering this in detail. 

Personally, I see him as someone who is introverted and has a difficult time handling people, but who is extremely clingy and in need of attention from specific people. 

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anonymous asked:

What kind of perfume would a lady adventurer wear? Think Lana Croft, Indiana Jones, that kind of thing. Deserts and tomb-raiding and action! I want to wear a perfume that makes me feel like I can take on anything! Thank you. :D

Something in this description made me think of Terre d’Hermes, so perhaps that? A lot of Hermes perfumes would work for this, I think. Also Diptyque’s Eau de Lierre, L’Artisan Parfumer Timbuktu, Guerlain’s Terracotta, Dior’s Dune and perhaps Serge Lutens’ Chergui, although I’m not too sure about the “action” part!

So like, theres so many loose ends???? Like it was common knowledge that Logan went on tons of adventures so much that no one batted an eye at him going to another continent, but …like we never hear about this?! He’s seen as a reclusive bookworm…. but he’s not!?! *bangs fists on table* give me more daredevil Logan!!


You can almost believe, if only for a moment, one beautiful bittersweet moment, that these are stills from the Angel of Darkness sequel we never got. 

Lara ventures to Cappadocia, searching for an entrance to the lost domain, and hunting down the Nephilim remnants who threaten to turn the world to ash and ruin..

When in fact, it’s Rise of the Tomb Raider:

Lara Croft becomes more than a survivor as she embarks on her first Tomb Raiding expedition to the most treacherous and remote regions of Siberia.. feat. skins from previous games.

First extended campaign I ever played was as Pytherion, a half-orc ranger with a hatred of running away. She was too low a level to have an animal companions but she did have an excellent horse

Once we were raiding a tomb and came across a Wight. Pytherion decided she wanted his axe at any cost, even when one of our companions was hit and died instantly and another fled. It was 2 on 1 versus an enemy we were definitely supposed to run from, but somehow we beat him. Then came the issue of the fallen Paladin.

Pytherions favoured enemy was undead but this was because of utter hatred of them, so she was less than keen to see him resurrected, However, her inquisitor ‘friend’ convinced her that there might be a way to revive him without him being undead. They dragged the body all across the island until they found a spring that was supposed to do the trick. Except it didn’t. And they had to fight an Anti-Paladin.

Both Pytherion and the Inquisitor were knocked unconscious, even with her sick new axe, and since there were only two of them what were they to do?

The Horse.

The Horse kicked the anti-Paladin in the face and he was re-killed. Pytherion and the Inquistor eventually awoke with no idea as to how the anti-Paladin was beaten. The Horse continued to kick ass, literally, until Pytherions disgraceful and untimely demise of being murdered in her sleep by a bandit

To welcome the new year, I decided to draw updated portraits of my characters as I currently have them developed!

In Marine’s case, I’ve been slowly fleshing out her character and role in the story I have planned for her, and, while I’m still not 100% finished with it, it’s solid and satisfying enough for me to finally settle down on it.

So yeah, Marine: Hispanic, 32 years old (in this portrait), a former Navy officer who left after being involved in a tragic event. She’s become somewhat hardened as a result, and while she’s an excellent leader and diplomat, she has trouble putting her trust in others. However, under her stoic exterior lies a caring, empathetic individual who has set up a protective barrier around herself due to the effects of past events in her life. 

She lives off of the earnings from her pawn shop, as well as her job as a cargo lifter for ships. Her major hobby is treasure hunting/tomb raiding, and is one of the few things she genuinely enjoys and gives her a sense of fulfillment. She stays fit for these sort of adventures by hiring Shelby as a fitness coach. Over time the two become the best of friends, experiencing many different adventures and hardships together. But that’s a story for another time~

Sexuality: Asexual. Has no interest in seeking sexual pleasure or establishing romantic relationships. However, she can become exceptionally close to people given time and effort (as is the case with Shelby).

(more art of her coming soon maybe I hope)