In 5 days, you could go take a chance on just one weekend and try out for the Raiders Color Guard. You could have the amazing, indescribable experience I had last summer. You too could wear a swaggy costume and smelly gloves and tour the country as you discover a love for spinning you may not have even known you had. Don’t let money stop you now- that can be worked out. Are you going to take the chance and make this summer awesome? Go audition.

This one time on the field right after DCI Open Class Finals Retreat, when everyone was taking pictures, I saw a tenor player randomly go up to a guard girl from his corps, dip her backwards and give her one of the most passionate kisses I’ve ever seen. She came up eyes glittering and smiley.

Well played bro. Well played.

First Public Performance!!!!

So, today was our first public performance in NYC. We played at the Israel day parade along with a few other corps. It was a ½ mile parade, which seemed like a long way for me but I was assured that our 4th of July parades will be much worse. I want to say thanks to everyone who watched it (mom 😆) and to those of you who couldn’t well you missed out! Now, I’m in Maryland with the people I’m staying with until Friday when our next camp is and we will be working on putting the ballad on the field.