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Sometimes I do animation and here is one of them! Game Grumps feat. dad.

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How about romanced (and pre-romanced if you're up to task) companions+ Maxson react to Sole being jumpy around sudden movement because they had been abused?

Ok, I’m going to write a short fic for Danse. F!SS and Danse. I’m sorry if that offends anyone BUT I love Danse and I -know the person who asked this- so. The rest will be tradtional style! Also pretending that both sexes of the Soles spouse were war heros for the sake of convineance.

This is post-romance

She always jumped away. At the slightest touch, even a celebratory pat on the back, she’d shy away, before accepting the gesture. Why? It confused him. What had happened in this woman’s past?
       They had just finished clearing a stinking raider pit. They infested the old subway stations of the greater metro, crawling like termites through the bowels of the city. Tired, aggravated and irritable, they decided to find a place to settle down for the night. Though dark, the subways were quite safe; once you cleared them out, that is.
      They curled up in the corner, under a musty dim spotlight flickering with life. Danse glanced at Ness, who pulled out her beloved rifle for cleaning.
      “Can I ask you something?”
She jumped, her shadow dancing in the light. Her eyes seemed to sparkle in the darkness.
      “Yes. Of course you can.”
He swallowed, trying to find the words for the question. He was never good at this. He decided for the direct approach.
      “When…whenever I get close to you, you seem…” The words grappled themselves in his throat. She looked away.
      “I know what you’re asking. I…“ She ran her cloth up and down the barrel of her rifle, absently.
      “I don’t want you to feel like I’d…Like I’d ever…” Damn him. Why was he so bad at this. They were just words. She seemed to take all the breath out of him.
     She laid down her rifle, moving closer. She wrapped her arm around him, placing her ear to his chest. He wrapped his around her; looking down at her. Seemed so delicate and tiny from his vantage point.
    “I…I wasn’t treated well in my marriage.” She remarked finally, her fingers toying with the sleeve of his undershirt.
    “What do you mean?” He hated himself the moment he asked it. Of course he knew what she meant. Anger flared in the pit of his stomach, hot and raw.
    “He’d hit me. Get drunk. Threaten me. Or Shaun. I couldn’t leave…no matter how much I wanted too. I couldn’t leave Shaun.”
    “I’m…sorry.” He squeezed her tight. Words failed him. All he could do was hold her and promise her with his arms that’d he’d never let her go.
    “I know you’d never do anything to hurt me…Just old habits die hard, I suppose.” She looked up at him. Pulling away slightly, she raised herself to his level, laying her head near the crook of his neck.
    “Never.” Was all he could say. He listened to her breathing slow, her body grow relaxed after the tense evening. Nestled in the corner, he let himself drift off as well; comfortable in the derelict, abandoned tunnels.

Deacon Romanced: Sole had always been jumpy. He figured it was just due to there situation. Coming out of that vault into a brand new world. Anyone would be. But even after several several months in this world, whenever he laid a hand on them; be it a highfive or a clap on the shoulder, even pulling them in for a kiss, they jumped and pulled away.
The truth pissed him off, to be honest. They opened up as they lay tangled in bed sheets. He stiffened, anger at a long dead soul coursing through his veins. Who could hit them. Who could mistreat this amazing human being?

Cait Romanced: “You sayin’ they beat ya?” She dropped her fork. It had been partway to her mouth when Sole dropped this bomb on the dinner table. She had the inconsolable urge to break something. She reached out and grasped there hand. What could she say, really?

Curie Romance: It was hard to be nervous around Curie, but old habits. She reached up to stroke Soles face, but they flinched and turned away. Upset, she asked them what was wrong; and too her utter dismay, learned the truth. She immediately hugged them, wrapping her small body around theirs. It was a gesture that meant the world to them.

Piper Romanced: She wanted the world to know. “War Hero Nate/Nora: ABUSER!” Sole was terribly against this, telling them it meant nothing. They were dead and the world had long since moved on. Still, it upset her to no end. She ended up changing the subject, trying to keep Soles thoughts happy while she stewed.

Preston Romanced: He had seen a lot of bad people. A lot of people get betrayed, beaten. He didn’t think that the strong, capable General was one of them. But they opened up one night, sitting on the walls of the castle. The stars shone like diamonds in the light free sky. They didn’t reach Soles eyes. Preston hated the person who hurt them.
“I’ll never let anyone hurt again.”
“Coming from you Preston, that means a lot.”

Hancock Romanced: They had just done some jet. Was a great feeling, hanging with the person you love, naked, free of worries. When it just slipped out of there mouth. “Oh yeah, my spouse used to beat me.”
He felt like he was crashing from the high. Waking up in a strange world. At least they were with him, giggling eyes glazed over. He pulled them close, scarred, numb fingers closing on another chem, finding only air. One thing was for sure…he’d never let it happen again.

X6-88 Romanced: He didn’t quite know what to say. Sorry was all he could muster. He opened and closed his mouth several times, attempting speech. Maybe his processors weren’t working. They looked at him, nodding appreciatively, before he pulled them to his chest in a crushing embrace. It was all he could think to do. He had to keep the director safe. Had to keep this…important person safe.

Nick Romanced: When they opened up to him, his cigarette fell out of his fingers, his mouth open with shock. He remembered cases from Pre-War Nick. Cased with abused spouses, both men and women. The pain and anger and regret. Self blame and self loathing. He found he didn’t know what to say; only that he had to reassure them they would never have to go through that again. Sole smiled, caressing his broken and cracked face.

MacCready Romanced: They were teaching him to use a bow. Such a primitive weapon. Of course he grasped it easily. With a snap of the bowstring, they let slip their past. Something they had hid from him. His eyes went wide; he missed the target by feet. 
     “Why didn’t you tell me?” He strode over to them, grasping their hands. They blinked, eyelashes mingling with unshed tears.
     “I…didn’t think it important.”
“You don’t have to keep things from me. Never. I’ll…I’d never do that to you. Ever.” He held them in his arms, his bow laying in the newly green grass, forgotten.

Maxson: He took a long draw from his cigarette, eyeing them with knitted brows.
“I notice you flinching whenever we touch. Something wrong?”
They looked at him, red growing in their cheeks. They told him. His cigarette fell abandoned to the deck. He had never imagined his strong, invincible even, Sentinel ever being abused by their spouse. Reaching across the table where they sat, he grabbed their hands, squeezing tight. Words simply failed him. What could he say really? Time would tell them how much he cared. How much they meant to him.

I did an Indiana Jones illustration for a collaborate zine. At first I couldn’t choose between the scene in the snake pit from “Raiders of the Lost Ark” or the heart removal scene from “The Temple of Doom“ - so I might have to do a second illustration. Indiana Jones is epic!