raiders dci

Drum Corps

A group of young adults. A band of brothers and sisters. A family. Playing and performing their hearts out as one. The music. The drill. The emotion. The everything makes any corps fantastic. It just amazes me. Every single member doing their own thing, to form one big picture for the audience. The thing that gets me every fucking time. The last couple sets of an intense show: Everyone in the corps jets for the center field. The drum line playing licks and rolls after licks and rolls. The front ensemble going insane with cymbal crash and ridiculous runs. The guard tossing insanely high and dancing gracefully. The horn line jazz running, doing pass throughs, producing a wall of sound. All to the last set, where everyone lets out one final blast of sound and emotion to get the audience jumping out of their seats and cheering as loud as possible. Tears and sweat rolling down everyone’s faces. The audience, staff, and members all have grins ear to ear on their faces because they just had the performance of a lifetime. An experience of a life time with their family.

This is what I love to do. I cannot wait for this summer to do this again. 

Hi drum corps community!!

Raiders DBC (based in NJ) is looking for trumpets, tubas and pit!! (We just got new horns, so that exciting!) If anyone is looking for a place to march this summer please message me @sassy-synth or @thedcibandguy or email Michael Hamilton at and we can help you come to a camp! even if you are not looking for a place to march please reblog and help spread the word to someone who might! Thank you!!