Harry is having none of that. #KansasCity


The Fat Man is back and retains its old-fashioned slingshot design. The mini nuke looks a lot better, although that’s probable just the better lighting and resolution. (Also, you can crit with nukes.)

Also, this is obviously the quarry from the trailer:

The floating camp I could shrug off as cobbled together, but quarrying requires planning. Of course it’s hard to say from a trailer, but these raiders seem quite organized - either that or they serve as mercs. They seem more interesting than just doped psychos; I’m thinking they will be more like the Great Khans (or even Vault 3′s posse) rather than generic hostiles.

Besides, this dude wears a scrap metal tank suit that rivals power armor for sheer volume (though not necessarily efficacy). (And he’s wishing for a helmet right about now.)

Dude, a crash test dummy might not be the safest disguise. Just sayin’.

Also, melee attacks with firearms seem somewhat useful, but I think the balancing is pretty hard. If they make it too good, nobody’s gonna care about dedicated melee weapons, and if they make it too bad, nobody’s gonna bother.

Still intruiging though; throwing enemies off balance so you can get a decent shot in, etc.



- Wall Torch Holder

- Wall Torch Flame

- Stakes (6)

*  Stakes found under Sculptures for $5 each

*  Wall Torch Holder found under Wall Lights for $10

*  Wall Torch Flame found under Table Lights for $3

**  You may require the Holiday Celebration Pack (Free through Origin)

in order for the torch “flame” to work.

- Recolorable

- Stakes are Basegame Compatible.


- The Torch is based on meshes from Plasticbox at MTS, the flame has been adjusted to use the tuning of the Campfire.

-  The Torch has the function of “Light”, “Extinguish”, “Put in Inventory”.

-  The Torch will go out by itself after a period of time just as the Campfire does.

-  The Sim animation does not match up with the height of the flame, if you are expecting    perfection with the animation it won’t happen here.

-  To create the torch - place the Torch Holder then place the Torch Flame on the top of the wooded torch (like a shelf).

Created for SimDougnuts by Request

Download Here