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The first United States Marine Commando unit in exsistence, they were also the first US Special Forces group to see action during WW2. The Raiders were a rather controvesial initiative, according to the comandant at the time “the term ‘Marine’ is sufficient to indicate a man ready for duty at any time, and the injection of a special name, such as “Commando,” would be undesirable and superfluous.” The Raiders while short lived (2 years) were a glorious portion of the Marine Warrior tradition, of the 8600 USMC Raiders and USN Corpsmen(Meidics), they earned 7 medals of honor, 136 Navy Crosses, 21 distinguished service crosses, 330 silver stars, 18 legions of merit, 6 naval and marine corps medals, 3 soldiers medals, 169 bronze stars, and 32 letters of commendation.

In 2014 the Marine Corps restarted the initiative making MARSOC the modern Marine Raiders.