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Warrior Culture : Viking

The Viking or Norse peoples were fierce and savage raiders and traders. Using the nimble, largely row powered longboats to reach both trading and combat targets. Quickly expanding their reach into previously untapped and unexplored regions of the map. And unlike most Warrior Cultures, women took a more active role in combat, leadership, and society. Norse women were able to both own property, and instigate a divorce.

Praying for Home: Jorah's Support of Daenerys

In a few recent interviews Iain Glen has stated that Jorah supports Daenerys’ bid for the Iron Throne because he feels she would be a “benign” ruler. To me this is absolutely a spot-on assessment of Jorah’s character. While he never explicitly states in the books why he supports Dany’s cause, that he does and for what reasons are apparent in the way he advises her to go about her conquest.

When Barristan thinks she ought to hire sellswords, Jorah thinks Unsullied are the way to go. Why? Because the Unsullied will wreak the least damage on his homeland, unlike an army of hired soldiers with no loyalties to Westeros or to Daenerys. Of course Dany agrees this is the best course of action,  because she does care about justice, about not harming the innocent. In Jorah’s words, she has a gentle heart. She is benign. (Or starts out that way, prior to her conquest of Slaver’s Bay.)

From a character standpoint, it actually makes perfect sense that Jorah would want this kind of monarch to rule the Seven Kingdoms. (Although there are hints throughout the series that Jorah isn’t totally pro-monarchy, but that’s a discussion for another day.) After all, he is the man who told Dany, “The common people pray for rain, healthy children, and a summer that never ends. It is no matter to them if the high lords play their game of thrones, so long as they are left in peace.” His perspective here is that of a minor lord who served as a bannerman to the high lords of Westeros in a war that was very much a game, and also of a poor lord who likely worked right alongside the smallfolk on Bear Island, fishing and hunting and fending off Ironborn raiders. Jorah’s one prayer during his years of exile is to go home. Of course he wants to return to a country that’s not been laid to waste, so of course he supports Dany for reasons other than his romantic feelings for her.

You can criticize Jorah for a lot of things, but not wanting the best for Westeros and Dany isn’t one them.