Wasteland weekend 2016 was awesome

I have no idea how to describe how epic this was to me. Beautiful people, beautiful vehicles, loved the scenery, loved everything. I Smiled so much my face hurted and talked to so many people that I lost my voice. Met so many new people, going to miss them. Hope we ever meet again.

Alright, I couldn’t choose so I’m doing 1 companion a day!

I waited SO long to be able to join the raiders, I’ve only just got Nuka World

Introduce your Sole!

My Raider character:

Name: Fox,

Age: 19

Height: 5ft 6inch

Hair: Ginger

Eyes: Amber

What is life like now for your Sole?

She’s currently the Overboss and is living it up in Nuka World, claiming lands for the different groups. She feels a certain loyalty towards the pack because of her name but their bright colors aren’t really her thing. She’s in it for the money and the violence.

Is there anything your Sole likes to do with their closest friends (or romanced companions)

She traveled with Strong for a long time - He’s always up for violence and he didn’t mind her cannibalistic habits when she was desperate for food. They’re the best of buds and she’s left him with Cait to go and smash up the Commonwealth whilst she helps Gage out at Nuka World.

How is your Sole in a fight? Can they hold their own? What weapons do they use?

Hell mend you if you get in a close range fight with Fox. She’s mean with a sledgehammer and prefers hers to have a boost. She’s a little dim so guns never caught on. It was always easier to go full brute force. She’ll use a missile for range when at a push.

How is your Sole’s relationship with all of the factions? (This also includes the factions for Far Harbor and Nuka World).

Indifferent to the running of the Commonwealth. Currently deciding who to back in Nuka World. 

Shenanigans with companions!

Enjoys riding up on Strong’s shoulders to get a better view and to save some energy when traveling. Strong doesn’t mind as he thinks it’ll “make Strong Stronger”. 

With Gage they are terrible, always joking and never serious. Constant practical jokes and trying to push one another into some foul water source but when shit gets real they kick ass together.

How has your Sole changed from leaving Vault 111 to now? Are they happy?

Actually In my mind this Sole grew up in the Post-War world. She was kidnapped from her home by raiders as a child and held for ransom. The raiders returned to collect their money only to discover that her family had fled their homestead and never even tried to save her - this is something Fox will never forget. 

Thankfully the leader of the raider group had a fondness for this kid and decided he’d raise her as his protégé/ daughter and she was welcomed into the gang- because raiders are secretly big softies. She has raised hell ever since.

My Sole Survivors:

Paladin Brad








See ya at Wasteland Weekend!?

I received so many awesome pictures from our last event (El Mundo Fantasia at Landgraaf, Netherlands) , it is so hard to choose. More will follow, but not all at once.

Picture by Roger Boerdijk
Anja LivingDreadDoll