raiden answers

You know, I just realised something.

What the hell is going through Asahina’s head right now? She’s pre-occupied with keeping Naegi alive, yeah, but what about everything else that’s been happening?

This episode had her literally see one of her co-workers emerge from the shadows, missing an eye, and wielding some kind of heat-blade duke it out with an android version of another co-worker. Let me repeat that. Dangan Ronpa’s answer to Raiden is fighting someone whose wheel-chair becomes power armour.

All of this while she’s basically become Naegi’s horse taking him from point A to B without him setting off the poison that’d kill him.

I refuse to believe that she hasn’t wondered what the hell happened to her life at least once.


I did it. I made shitty elevator music………..and also animated it a bit
also if you’re really confused see my most recent comic gomen