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You know, I just realised something.

What the hell is going through Asahina’s head right now? She’s pre-occupied with keeping Naegi alive, yeah, but what about everything else that’s been happening?

This episode had her literally see one of her co-workers emerge from the shadows, missing an eye, and wielding some kind of heat-blade duke it out with an android version of another co-worker. Let me repeat that. Dangan Ronpa’s answer to Raiden is fighting someone whose wheel-chair becomes power armour.

All of this while she’s basically become Naegi’s horse taking him from point A to B without him setting off the poison that’d kill him.

I refuse to believe that she hasn’t wondered what the hell happened to her life at least once.

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“Thirty more minutes until I’m off…” Green hues glanced to the clock ticking away on the wall in the shop, each second feeling longer than the last. Hesitating, Shiloh glanced to a shady figure in the corner of the cafe, her brows furrowing. They had been there since early afternoon and had just been sitting there, idly watching Shiloh and her coworkers and occasionally ordering a drink. Perhaps it was her mind going in overdrive with suspicion, after all, a little over a month ago Shiloh’s world had been turned upside down by her meeting a vampire. This chance encounter with the vampire known as Raiden had changed her entire way of thinking. 

She couldn’t help but notice that when she had handed the person the drink, his hands felt cold. Now that could be due to an autumn chill, but it felt similar to when she had first touched Raiden’s hand. It felt too oddly cold. Sighing and pushing aside her ego, Shiloh went into the back room for a moment and pulled out her cellphone, swiping her thumb across the screen and setting up a new message for Raiden, hoping he’d answer. 

[Text: Scary Vampire] Hey, can you come over sooner than normal? There's this guy in the back hat is really freaking me out. Maybe one of your kind? Thx. See you soon.

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(This is very illegal omg)

Raiden had been walking back to the school after picking up some food not too far away. He was tired from all the work he had been doing lately and because of that he took a turn too early. After realizing his mistake Raiden attempted to cut through an alley so he could be on the proper street.

That was a big mistake.

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Well, here’s the full picture that i uploaded the other day……

I didnt feel very good about Rose’s pose, so I ended up cropping it. I think when I first posted it, I ended up putting up a bunch of text without really elaborating.

I think it’s really great that Raiden finally shrugs off societal pressure and  embraces that he enjoys killing in MGR. Rose would love him for it.

When Rose is mentioned in regards to his decisions, Raiden invariably answers that Rose will understand, unwaveringly and without hesitation.And of course she would… She married him knowing the kind of man he was.

Rose is no stranger to war. War takes many forms. Her weapon is one of manipulation and psychology, a smile on her face and a dagger behind her back…She’s well aware the risks and sacrifices. 

She’d be so happy for him that he’s come to terms with himself. He can be the brutal death-machine he is on the battlefield, and she’d love her sweet, dorky, war-machine regardless. Because even those capable of the worst have people that love and cherish them…..and Raiden is not even close. 

It is so cute. 

The red string between their blades is based on the idea of the Red thread that links people made for each other in Asian tradition.

In the end, they’re very similar people……. 

…..Because at some point… Rose was forced to abandon the notion that "this relationship is my job" and came to terms with the idea that she genuinely loved this man, and that it was important enough, to outweigh the consequences.  Just as he was forced to abandoned the false nobility of his purpose and demonizing his opponents to embraced that he genuinely enjoys the work he does, and the decisions he’s made and his new-found purpose outweigh the consequences.

Of course she’d understand…..she absolutely would…..

TDLR: They are so cute omg Rose x Jack the ripper is OTP and she’d be so happy for him. she is seriously the perfect person for him.. awwwwwwwwww