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♫ + Sinden

Well, this one’s got me thinking! I’m going to pick two songs for two different scenarios …

1) Dark Raiden/Revenant Sindel

IMO Orochimaru’s Theme goes well with … a lot of things, including this pairing.

2) Light Raiden/Queen Sindel

This has never been a strictly Sinden theme for me, and truth be told, I’ve associated it more solely with Raiden thanks to this sprite animation series on Youtube called Mortal Kombat Reconciliation

If you’ve watched that series  - I highly recommend it if you’re a fan of metal AND DBZ-style shenanigans in an otherwise mostly faithful retelling of MK - then you must know the song I’m talking about …

It’s the first minute or so of Welcome Home, Sanitarium.

Thanks for the ask, igot2ne1problems. :)

Keep the asks coming, Tumblr fam!!

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Nickname: kitten ( raiden-overwatch-security)

Give my muse an embarrassing nickname  | embarrass her! (accepting)


“Nyaww” Phoebe smiled and titled her head. “That’s not embarrassing, that’s cute!” Finally a normal nickname that didn’t hint at her hair color.

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11, 2, 1 raiden

1. Their physical weak spots

lordt i really do not know on this one. i will edit this post if i think of something i s2g

2. Their emotional/moral weak spots

everything honestly jack is so bad at controlling and hiding his emotions bc he never rly learned to properly so he gets emotional super easily. i feel like the like. worst weak spots have to do with his past honestly it gets Real Bad

11. Bad or petty habits

ok as for bad habits i mean before he was a cyborg™ he was a canon alcoholic so there’s that. AS FOR PETTY HABITS, he actually totally judges ppl for the way they dress alllll the time. he and rose are a high fashion power couple and no one can tell me otherwise

You know, I just realised something.

What the hell is going through Asahina’s head right now? She’s pre-occupied with keeping Naegi alive, yeah, but what about everything else that’s been happening?

This episode had her literally see one of her co-workers emerge from the shadows, missing an eye, and wielding some kind of heat-blade duke it out with an android version of another co-worker. Let me repeat that. Dangan Ronpa’s answer to Raiden is fighting someone whose wheel-chair becomes power armour.

All of this while she’s basically become Naegi’s horse taking him from point A to B without him setting off the poison that’d kill him.

I refuse to believe that she hasn’t wondered what the hell happened to her life at least once.

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Raiden 15 :3c

15. What it takes to make them cry

i honestly feel like it’s hard to make jack cry UNLESS it has anything to do with his family. he cries whenever john does anything. kindergarten graduation? he cried. scored a goal in his first soccer game? jack is crying like a baby. riding a bike for the first time on his own? u bet ur ass jack is crying.