U.S. Marines with Alpha Company, 1st Battalion 4th Marine Regiment, run through a fire inside the Mehdi Army-occupied Kufa police station during a raid that netted two dozen suspected militia members. The raid came in the early morning hours following a day that saw false claims by the Iraqi Interim Government, Iraqi Police, and Mehdi Army that the militia had turned over the Imam Ali Shrine to Iraqi security forces. With concerns about the preservation of the shrine, the Marines mounted a diversionary series of heavy raids on Medhi Army targets in the surrounding city and countryside hoping to destabilize the militia and pressure it into withdrawing from the shrine.

Photo by: Lucian Read


Hi everyone, I’ve been working on a lot of freelance work and VFX work lately. My job wants me to advance in VFX and study more, so I’ve been really busy. Forgive me! I have the JLPT 5 next month to attend to, freelance work, and I think I need to open up commissions again on top of that. I want to save up money for the future and it’s been hard! But I have to keep trying. 

I usually work from 9 AM until 5 PM, come home, work on Freelancing+Commissions, and also raid on the weekdays for FFXIV. it’s been hard to balance fun times with work times, but I really want to show you all a lot of exciting new things I’ve been working on when the time comes.

I’ve been working on improving my art lately too!! Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff I’ve been working on is only on twitter, or – my Persona 5 tumblr account. I can’t link it here because it’s super spoiler heavy, but if you want to know what it is, just send me a DM and I can link you.

If you want to keep up to date :

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Thanks so much! I’ll keep working hard on Solstoria in the meanwhile!
Developing: 100+ Militarized Police Raiding #NoDAPL Resistance Camp Blocking Pipeline’s Path
Developing: 100+ Militarized Police Raiding #NoDAPL Resistance Camp Blocking Pipeline’s Path

In Cannonball, North Dakota, over 100 police with military equipment are advancing on a resistance camp established by Native American water protectors in the path of the proposed $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline. Photos and multiple videos posted to Facebook Live depict over 100 officers in riot gear lined up across North Dakota’s Highway 1806, flanked by multiple mine-resistant ambush protected military vehicles (MRAPs), a sound cannon, an armored truck and a bulldozer. There have also been reports from water protectors that the police presence includes multiple snipers. Police appear to be evicting the camp in order to clear the way for the Dakota Access pipeline company to continue construction — which was active at times on Thursday just behind the police line.

Cody Hall of Red Warrior Camp told Democracy Now! that behind the line of police, the Dakota Access pipeline company is carrying out construction with cranes and bulldozers on the sacred tribal burial site where on September 3, unlicensed Dakota Access security guards unleashed dogs and pepper spray against Native Americans.

Water protectors have set up a blockade of the highway using cars, tires and fire. Elders are also leading prayer ceremonies.

Dallas Goldtooth of the Indigenous Environmental Network reported in a Facebook Live video posted just before 2 p.m. local time that police have begun arresting water protectors in the ongoing standoff. Sacheen Seitcham of the West Coast Women Warrior Media Cooperative told Democracy Now! police have used tasers against water protectors, and that she was hit with a concussion grenade.

The frontline camp sits directly in the proposed path of the Dakota Access pipeline on private property purchased recently by the Dakota Access pipeline company for $18 million. In establishing this frontline camp, water protectors cited an 1851 treaty, which they say makes the entire area unceded sovereign land under the control of the Sioux. Over the weekend, police arrested more than 120 people in a peaceful march to this site during which police deployed tear gas and used rubber bullets to shoot down drones the water protectors were using to document police activity.

Ahead of today’s apparent police raid, the Federal Aviation Administration also issued a temporary no-fly zone for the airspace above the resistance camps for all aircraft except for those used by law enforcement. This order means Native Americans can no longer fly drones to document police activity, but the police can continue to fly their surveillance drones and helicopters.

The apparent police raid of the resistance camp comes only minutes before Standing Rock Sioux youth flooded the Hillary Clinton campaign headquarters in New York City to demand Clinton oppose the Dakota Access pipeline.

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It seems like Bethany literally dumped more money into the shit that doesn't matter (animations, live action, workshops) than the rpg elements and lore research

hm yeah. the settlement system isnt even all that great without mods. its like… cool… but having that be one of the big main points of the game sucks. having 4 dlcs revolve around it sucks even more. having the final dlc being about raiding these settlements is shit.
live action isnt necessary but is a snazzy selling point at e3! better animation/graphics and smoother gameplay… is just… kinda expected? improvement on those are why people want more games??
honestly id give up the voiced protag and building coffee tables if i could just… have more dialogue to choose from… even one more option… please…

I went to an exclusive blogger event for the Emmerdale studio experience with some of my fave people last night. I had lots of fun learning all the ins and outs of the production of the show but the highlight was recreating moody Aaron at The Woolpack and Danny liking our tweets as we raided the gift shop and exposed ourselves to the staff.

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OK, in all seriousness to the peep(s) saying "fist me daddy oryx" really want that: You have to play the ttk raid till you face him, AT THE VERY END! Then you can have him all to yourself, and he (technically) can't deny you for fighting all that way


Tracers light up the sky as anti-aircraft guns fire into the night sky during a nighttime air raid over Grand Harbour, Valletta, Malta. Photograph taken from the battleship HMS Warspite.

People in my gw2 guild keep saying i ‘died on historic highway chile’ during raids because zero mentioned it once when i was AFK, and i fucking LOSE MY SHIT every time and its just suuch a horrible juxtaposition, i love it, its awful


“The lies most difficult for a person to bear
…are the ones they tell themselves.” [Ch. 79]

Cis positivity

Cis people are so beautiful and important…I love them… They r nice n good and very precious and we should protect them 💕

for those who have reblogged the 4chan raid thing this year:

That raid already happend it 2014, if you go check the person who made it blog you will find this:

there is also a link to it

the original was delete from the person who made it’s blog and someone found it on someone else’s blog and reblogged.

the person who made it reblogged it in 2015 to tell people the raid had already happend

and now some asshole is causing uneeded panic by reblogging it