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World of Warcraft Legion - What’s next panel

Patch philosophy in Legion:

Steady Stream of Content

A living World

Varied Patch structure. Big patches (6.2) , small patches (6.2.3), medium-size patches (7.1).

Patch 7.1.5 - Small Patch

Legion’s first small patch.

System updates, rewards, Evergreen content. Evergreen: No tie to any particular story, tone etc. relevant to all of WoW.

Artifact knowledge catch up: Purchase with order hall resources if behind.

MoP Timewalking: Temple of the Jade Serpent, Stormstout, Shado-Pan, Gate of the Setting Sun, Mogu’Shan Palace, Siege of Niuzao

Brawler’s Guild returns. Dozens of new bosses. Rumble: Occasionally a raid level boss spawns. Pulls ALL players in que to fight. New currency: Brawler’s Gold. Buy things to help everyone, such as a graveyard in the brawler’s guild, booky stuff. Basilisk mount is from Brawlers.

Micro holidays.

Ahn’Qiraj Remembrance Day: January 22nd. Basically the old AQ stuff. Whatever faction turns in more in the country gets their banner flown over AQ for a year.

Volunteer guard day: Salute a guard, take their position. You become a guard, attack enemy NPC’s etc.

Hatching of the Hippogryphs: If you’re there the day that happens in Feralas, get a hippogryph that follows you around / hangs around like pepe.

Boat Day: Spring break like holiday

Blades Edge Arena getting updated.

Class updates

Increase talent diversity.

Haste vs. Mastery vs. Crit

Improving the feel and flow of rotations/abilities.

Admitted mistake of hunters not having traps.

Rogues getting shroud of shadows back (whatever the AoE

Patch 7.2: Tomb of Sargeras

Continue the class order campaign

New faction: Armies of Legionfall

new WQ’s in the world and on the Broken Shore itself. Aiming for class themed ones.

Story: Build a base and plan the assault.

Similar to Sunwell build up. Build a base: Nether disruptor, mage tower and command center

Building and upgrading them unlocks new content, rewards, traders, class specific quests, WQ’s, treasures, world bosses etc.

Legion Assaults: Inspired by pre-launch invasion. Invades Broken Shore lands. Replace WQ’s temporarily in the areas (Val’sharrah, Highmountain etc.). Still counts for emissary WQ’s. When wrapped up on the ground, do a 3 man scenario to attack the Legion attack ships.

Flying in 7.2!

Class specific flying mounts

Tomb of Sargeras raid:

9 bosses

Harness the pillars of creation.


New dungeon: 4 boss dungeon. Cathedral of Eternal Night. Ascend with the Aegis of Aggremar

PvP brawls: new gameplay. Similar to brawls in other blizzard games. All wild melees. Southshore vs. Tarran Mill. 10 man arenas. Snowy arathi. Eye of the Horn: Ram Mount brawl PvP.

new Artifact Traits

new relics that can do multiple traits instead of 1.

Continuation of artifact questline.

One new appearance for each weapon - Solo skill challenge inspired by Rhok’delar, green fire etc. Difficult challenge for the spec.

Dungeon updates: Baseline heroic/mythic dungeon adjustments. Dungeons get buffed up as we progress / gear in like tomb of sargeras. Will always remain relevant.

Karazhan becoming mythic + AND Heroic. Split into two sections: Upper and Lower Karazhan.

Arcway and CoS becoming heroic potential as well!

new mythic keystone affixes: example - Bursting. When slain, non-boss enemies explode, causing all players to suffer 20% of their max health in dmg over 4 seconds.

7.2 on PTR right after 7.1.5

Patch 7.3: Argus

Let’s talk about Euphrates.


«The hour will not come before the Euphrates (river) releases its treasure, and people will fight for it, ninety-nine of a hundred will die, and each one will say, “Perhaps I will be the one who is successful”.»

«…And whoever will be there at that time, he should not take away from it.»

Today, the Euphrates dam has been taken out of service. It could collapse at any time because of the coalition air raids and its water level.

Your name is Jane Crocker.

There will be 4 boss battles in 4 different places.

You are the only active healer available.

Good luck keeping everyone alive.


*this is cracking knuckle, not praying*

i recall many ppl (especially some time ago) consider jane is barely relevant. guys, you under appreciate healer WAY too much.

i remember back in my online gaming days, i have to fight other party for keeping healer to mine. how it is frickin important to at least have one full-support healer in a boss raid (or power leveling) hell, even one healer sometime may not cut it. (my friend once distracted when we go power level and i have to yell across the net cafe room before our party doomed). Being healer is mad house bro, you have to constantly keeping tab on everyone’s health bar and your own safety (and MP too!).

so you go jane, good luck with upcoming battles.

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“32 Elitist frustrate me. They degrade the game and make players not want to experience things because they are constantly being bashed for not having the Gjallarhorn, or Raid gear, or the (honestly useless) “proper” Grimoire score. Get off your high horse. Help people or keep to your self/group.“

DESTINY confessions

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“Wow, it annoys me so much that people assume you’ve done vog or crota’s end raid because you’re a level 30. I worked hard without doing raids. Am i the only one? Is it that uncommon to not have finished a raid? I’ve started VOG many times, but by the time we get to the part where you have gorgon’s gaze and that LONG ass jump most people i play with quit and i never get to finish.”

DESTINY confessions

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