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Which Pokemon Are Raid Bosses in Pokemon Go?

  • Level 1 Raid Bosses: Magikarp (CP: 1165), Bayleef (CP: 4375), Quilava (CP: 5085), Croconaw (CP: 5207)
  • Level 2 Raid Bosses: Weezing (CP: 11245), Exeggutor (CP: 12633), Muk (CP: 11200), Electabuzz (CP: 11311), Magmar (CP: 11610)
  • Level 3 Raid Bosses: Arcanine (CP: 17832), Alakazam (CP: 22646), Machamp (CP: 18144), Gengar (CP: 19768), Vaporeon (CP: 16996), Jolteon (CP: 22646), Flareon (CP: 21155)
  • Level 4 Raid Bosses: Venusaur (CP: 26921), Charizard (CP: 28485), Blastoise (CP: 24162), Lapras (CP: 21768), Rhydon (CP: 30512), Snorlax (CP: 25419), Dragonite (CP: 25840), Blissey (CP: 27420), Tyranitar (CP: 34707)
  • Level 5 Raids are currently unavailable in Pokemon Go. There’s a good reason for that: Level 5 Raid Bosses are all Legendary Pokemon. 


List of Pokémon that are Raid Bosses in Pokémon GO

Raid Battles occur when a Boss Pokémon takes over a Gym. Your goal is to defeat this powerful Pokémon. If you and your fellow Trainers are successful, you’ll be rewarded with special items and a chance at catching that Pokémon.

Raids are divided into 5 levels, which can be seen when a Raid Egg first takes over a gym. Although you won’t know which Raid Boss is taking over a gym until the Raid Egg hatches, seeing the Raid Level will help you determine how tough the upcoming battle will be.

Below you can find a list of the Raid Bosses that have appear so far. It’s possible that more Raid Bosses could appear soon.

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Chloe Price from Life is Strange :)


Painting with ArtRage 5 for the first time :) Hope you enjoy this simple portrait!

Hot Damn

Requested by @baileys-corner

54- “Stop raiding my drawers!”
5- “Are we gonna cuddle or what?”
18- “Why are you so red, doll?”

You knew it was the perfect chance to get one of his Henley shirts because he was in the shower.
Snickering behind your hand, you sifted through his drawers, grabbing a maroon colored shirt.
You heard the shower go off and you panicked, shutting the drawer loudly, on accident.
“Who’s there?” You heard.
“Shit!” You whispered, turning around quickly, tripping on his rug.
He opened the door, seeing you sprawled out on his floor and his favorite shirt in your hand.
“What the hell?” He said. “Stop raiding my drawers, Y/N!”
You quickly got up, seeing that he was only in a towel and threw the shirt at him. You turned and tried to leave his room, face blazing. All the days he spent training has really paid off!
He grabbed your arm.
“Hey, why are you stealing my clothing?”
“I… Uh…” You gave him a quick glance over, his sculpted abs were really distracting you.
He rose his eyebrows, smirking.
“They’re so… soft…” You looked down, trying to hide your blush.
Unfortunately he already saw your reddened cheeks.
“Why are you so red, doll?” He gave you a cheeky grin, knowing exactly why you were so nervous.
“I’m sorry, I’ll just go!” You blushed even harder.
He didn’t let go of your arm.
You were stuck in close proximities with the man you’ve been in love with since he joined the Avengers.
He pushed a strand of hair out of your face.
“So, you like my shirts, huh?” He muttered, staring into your eyes.
He held his shirt out that you threw at him.
“You can keep it doll.” His cheeks tinted pink as well. “I bet it would look twice as good on you than it does me.”
You hesitantly took the shirt.
“You sure?” You mumbled.
“Just take it, why do you think I never confronted you when I found out it was you taking my shirts and sweatpants?” He smiled. “You can keep those too, doll. And speaking of clothes, I need to get changed.”
He grabbed his clothes off his dresser.
“Stay here, I’ll be right out.” He closed the bathroom door behind him.
You sat on his bed, in a bit of a shock.
Why wasn’t he angry at you? And why did he want you to keep his clothes?
He came out of the bathroom, with freshly combed hair and a smile upon his lips.
“Are we gonna cuddle or what?” He pulled you into a hug as he sat down next to you.
“Cuddle?” For all the time you have known Bucky, he has not once asked you to cuddle. “Huh?”
“Yeah.” He snaked his arms around your stomach and pulled you down with him as he laid down on his bed. “I like you, Y/N. Can’t you tell?” He whispered in your ear.
You put your hands up to your cheeks, trying to mask your blush.
“Don’t try to hide that adorable blush, doll.”
“I like you too.” You mumbled.
“What did you say?” Bucky grinned, he heard you, but he wanted to tease you.
You turned around to face him, but your faces were just inches apart.
“What, your super soldier ears can’t pick that up?” You teased him back.
“Say it again.”
“I said, I like you too.”
Bucky’s eyes were a soft blue, the softest you’ve ever seen them, as he closed the space between the two of you and locked lips with you. You both were tangled up with each other, you put your hands in his hair and he pulled you closer to him.
You had to take a breath, putting your forehead against his.
“Damn, Buck.” You breathed out. “You don’t know what you could do to someone when you walk out in just a towel.”
He chuckled.
“Next time, I want to see you in nothing but my shirt.”
Your face went to the same shade of red as it was before.
“Then I’ll know.”

A Warrior's Life

TITLE: A Warrior’s Life


AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine Viking Loki coming to your village, raiding and pillaging, before deciding there is something about you that intrigues him and deciding to take you back to Asgard with him. There, you are forced to learn a new life and language, and though you hate what has happened to you, you learn that Loki is not as bad as you think. 

RATING: Mature. 

Maebh was forced to sit on the deck of the odd boat; she studied it as it cut through the waves with great ease. It had a wide flat bottom and had intricate carvings of beasts she could only imagine were harboured in nightmares, rising up on both ends of the ship. She looked behind her and watched as her homeland became a smaller and smaller mass in the distance, until finally, it disappeared, causing her to wonder if she would ever see it again. Biting her lips she forced the tears to remain at bay. The onyx haired man kept looking at her with a sadness in his eyes as though he understood what she was feeling, though if he truly did, then surely he would have just left her be.

She had been terrified when she saw how many of the strange men had arrived to her land. They were fearsome creatures, each seemingly as brutal as the next. There were one or two that had made suggestions that did not require knowledge of their language to understand. She had to resist the urge to sink her teeth into the hand of the man that had touched her hair at the village, and all of her being made her want to steer clear of the thin yellow-haired man at the boats. But the man who held the ropes had forced her into their company and it made her equal parts petrified and angry. She knew what they were capable of by what one of them had done to Síofra, she was painfully aware that she could be destined for the same fate.

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Redditor Uberwolf_ points out something that I have overlooked. Not all reprised raids will be available straight out the gate when Age of Triumph launches. Here is his/her explanation:

Hi DTG, I know, I know, a lot of people think all the raids are coming out tomorrow, but sadly this is not the case, trust me I wish it was but it is not.

Bungie SPECIFICALLY said that on the first week, only Crota will be available, then the next week VoG will be available and featured, but you will still be able to play Crota too, just not featured, so on and so forth.

Sorry to burst any of your bubbles, but I’d much rather disappoint you now with the truth, then let you be disappointed with the lies tomorrow.

So here are the release dates for update raids:

Crota’s End: March 28th

Vault of Glass : April 4th

King’s Fall : April 11th

Wrath of the Machine: April 18th

edit: 52:20 onwards from here

Deej : “We begin with Crota, then Vault of glass, then on the third week we come in and play Kings Fall, and then Wrath of the Machine”

“So if you look here, we’re in a setting where the 390 version of Kings Fall hasn’t been unlocked yet”

edit 2:

“The first week of Age of Triumph will send players to the Moon for Crota’s End, while Vault of Glass fans will have to wait until week two. King’s Fall will be featured third, followed by Wrath of the Machine. As each 390 Light version goes live, it will remain playable (without challenges) even when it’s not the weekly featured raid. Every raid will now offer armor with an ornament slot; the gear from Wrath of the Machine, which already had one slot, will now have two.”

And an additional comment from Redditor RiseofBacon:

How it works

Week 1 - CE at 390 w/Featured

Week 2 - VoG at 390 w/Featured, CE also available at 390

Week 3 - KF at 390 w/Featured, CE & VoG available at 390

Week 4 - WoTM Featured and all Raids active at 390

Week 5 & Afterwards - Featured Raid & ALL Raids at 390



I’m….. Actually crying…. I arrived at this raid with 5 minutes left only 4 players participating. Needless to say we didn’t win…. I’ll never be in such a populated place with a legendary raid happening ever again.. I’ll never get the legendaries….