This might be the greatest screenshot I’ve ever taken in any game ever.

We were in the middle of molten core, when the instance servers for argent dawn crashed. It ended up dropping everyone through the world below alterac mountains, with this as the result. It wasn’t just our raid either, it was the entire server.

Absolutely hysterical. Never forget the corpse tornado.


Destiny poster series capturing the final moments of each raid. Don’t forget to find these in the Bungie Day Contest and give them a vote!

Atheon -
Crota -
Oryx -



Sorry for posting this in irrelevant tags but they have a new plan.
STAY off the tags
DO NOT follow any new people or follow back.

Once again, I am sorry. I want everyone to stay safe.


Trench Clubs, WW1

One distinctive part of trench warfare, made possible by its static nature, was the night raid. These sorties across no-man’s-land to capture enemy soldiers or map out their positions required efficient and silent weapons, prompting the production of many variants of these rather medieval tools behind the frontline by craftsmen or regular soldiers, limited only by the materials available to them.
The simpler designs were barely more than lead-weighted clubs, but there were commonly outfitted with boots’ hobnails, barbed wire, heavy metal cogs, and all sorts of salvaged parts to make them more deadly. Some examples came to resemble flails, either with springs for a main shaft or the usual chains that wouldn’t have been an odd sight five centuries earlier.

Things to keep in mind during the "raid"

1. It’s not even all of 4chan, it’s /b/. Like 95% of that site’s horrible reputation comes from the idiots on /b/. Aside from the porn boards, the rest of the site is pretty tame.

2. /b/ actively raids other 4chan boards. They’re hiveminded immature idiots, so as soon as one of them says something along the lines of “hey, why don’t we raid [board]?”, then a bunch of other idiots will agree and then they spam for a while until they get bored or banned.

3. It is for this reason (and others) that /b/ is hated by pretty much everyone else on that site.

4. I’s likely that it’s not even that many people participating in the raid. The signal boosts on tumblr make it seem like there are hundreds of 4channers actively raiding the site, but in reality, that number is probably much less.

5. I sincerely doubt they are planning on hacking accounts. That takes effort and planning, and since most /b/ raids are a bunch of loosely organized morons spamming porn or gore, it’s highly unlikely they’ll get to that point.

6. The best strategy is to ignore them. Report them for breaking rules or doing anything illegal, but don’t fan the flames any more. /b/ is a hornet’s nest of awful, and they are provoked by the stupidest shit and will keep on trolling and spamming if they think it will get them a response.

7. Do not engage, just wait it out. They will get bored eventually. Tumblr has a tendency to make things seem much worse than they actually are, which is something they feed off of. Just pay attention and block/report when necessary.

8. Trying to raid or troll /b/ is like pissing in an ocean of piss. Next to nothing shocks or upsets them.