Photo Caption: Armed police breaking into the attic of a residential home in Ferguson via a rooftop.

Heavily Armed Ferguson Police Raids Home, Releases Residents Without Charge

Three people taken from their home in a dawn raid and questioned over the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, told the Guardian on Thursday that they were released without being charged.

Lamont Underwood, Iresha Turner and Martez Little said they were the trio seen handcuffed by St Louis County officers and taken from a house on Dade Avenue as part of the early-morning swoop by heavily armed police.

Turner said that she and her six-year-old son had the red laser sights of police rifles trained on their chests as they emerged into their garden under orders from the officers, who arrived in military-style vehicles.

Underwood and Turner said they had been milling around the demonstration outside the Ferguson police headquarters when shots rang out on Wednesday night. But they denied having anything to do with the shooting and said they came under suspicion after speeding away from the scene as many others did.

The release of the trio came as police confirmed they had yet to make any arrests in connection with an investigation into what they have described as an “ambush” outside Ferguson police station.

Experts have speculated that the distance the bullets were fired from - around 125 yards - suggests the responsible who shot the officers may be a trained or skilled user of firearms.

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