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There was an attempt at pokemon variations / subspecies.

Arctic, with thicker fur and a it more fat. A special breed for contests, pure electric bloodlines to achieve a more curly/soft and colorful coat. And finally a mountain variation, when raichu/pikachu mates with other rodent-like pokemon like bunnelby, watchhog, zigzagoon etc and develop a set of bigger claws for the terrain.

Heeeeeey there tumblr! Sorry for my absence! Took a bit of a break this weekend to relax and spend time with ma boy XD. Unfortunately, I had a ton of homework when I got back… I’ll never catch up now *dies*

Needless to say we played a lot of Pokemon while I was away, which reminded me of those unofficial teams Mystery Ben gave the gang haha. I wanted to use this as a bit of a warm up sketch but ended up… coloring it…? Somehow?… I’m not much of a painter :T But, am I the only one who realized Arthur has 2 nuzzlers on his team? Sounds like an inevitable death by cuddles

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