Name: Sylvechu

Category: the Intertwining Pokemon

Type: Electric/Fairy

Height: 2′06

Weight: 64lbs

Sylvechu, like their Sylveon heritage, are very sweet and loving Pokemon. They wrap their ribbon-like feelers around their trainers to show love and compassion. However, these Pokemon are very strict on how they look, trying their est to not get dirty. Sylvechu don’t mind getting dirty every once in a while, but they prefer to keep themselves tidy and neat. Trainers who compete in contests are more likely to have this Pokemon than a trainer who battle.

Name: Glacechu

Category: the Snow Mouse Pokemon

Type: Electric/Ice

Height: 2′08

Weight: 67lbs

Body Build: Quadruped, but can walk bipedal

Glacechu are sensitive Pokemon and tend to be easily hurt. It is advised that harsh trainers don’t care for these Pokemon, in fear of them getting frozen to death or even severely electrocuted. However, these Pokemon can be very sweet, it can just be complicated to break the ice with Glacechu. Older trainers love Glacechu due to their gentleness.

Name: Leafchu

Category: the Garden Mouse Pokemon

Type: Grass/Electric

Height: 2′09

Weight: 67lbs

Body Build: Bipedal mostly

Leafchu are very friendly Pokemon and are one of the more popular Eeveechulutions. Farmers and gardeners are particularly fond of this Pokemon, due to its ability to create fresh air, which it gets from its Leafeon genes. It actually is much harder for Leafchu to discharge electricity, since it must dig itself a small hole and bury the tip of its tail into the ground before discharging. But these Pokemon produce so little electricity that it doesn’t constantly have to discharge, making them a great household pet.