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Hey Cadets! Wanna be in my presentation?

Ok, that’s overstating it just a tad, but hear me out.

If you draw me a pablo/lil'bat and put it in my submit box by… let’s say April 19th, I will put it on a slide in my powerpoint presentation for my Aquabats year-long research paper. This presentation (and most likely the paper it is based on) will be posted here on tumblr, AND I WILL CREDIT YOU. If you want credit other than your tumblr URL, please put that in the submission.


OK, there aren’t strictly any requirements. Just suggestions.

It would be best if it’s a digital drawing, and transparent. A digital drawing is more important.

The least I need is about 20, but I can probably manage to fit more in.

Also, reblog this. The more people that hear about it the better.


As has been well established by now, I am doing a research paper on The Aquabats. That paper is culminating in a presentation this quarter. That presentation has images. I pulled those images from my Aquabats folder that I have been cobbling together for almost a year. I have to source these images. Stop me if you see where I’m going with this.

I really need you guys to help me on this one. If you don’t, I have to find less-awesome pictures for my presentation.

These are a bunch of Aquabats images (most of which I found on tumblr) and if anyone can give me anything remotely source-like in nature relating to any one of them that would be appreciated.



As of about 8:30 today the yearlong research project that I did, on the Aquabats, was officially done and over with. Pictured above is the outfit I wore for presenting.

So, now that it’s all done, I’m going to post the powerpoint, and probably the research paper, and maybe even an audio post of the presentation words and things.

I dunno. At any rate, I’m done, and everyone got donuts so they won’t care if I screwed up.

The saga of my yearlong research project (and the finished product once I post it) can be found in my Raichel’s Research Adventures tag.

Calling all cadets!

OK, so, I’m doing a yearlong research project for school, and it just so happens to be on the topic of a lovely band of heros called the Aquabats. So, I was wondering if any of you (or all of you, or generally some amount of you) could find links/articles/books/whatever just general sources for researching about the Aquabats. I don’t know if I’ll actually get much out of this, but I thought I’d ask anyway.