Between November 7th and 9th, the prestigious Hawaiki Nui Va'a open sea canoe race took place between the islands of Huahine, Raiatea, Taha'a and Bora Bora. 

3 days of intense competition between 86 six-men canoes (V6) covering 130 km. The conclusion to months of intensive training. A spectacular race which takes place in one of the most beautiful places, with exotic mountains, blue lagoons and sky as a backdrop.

One of the most popular events in French Polynesia, a celebration of tradition. Alongside this magnificent race a party atmosphere dominates. Spectators gather from all over Polynesia to cheer the teams and follow the race on hundreds of speedboats, fishing boats, jet kis or catamarans. All meet at the finish line in Matira beach in to  Bora Bora to cheer and welcome the winners with leis and water splashing to the sound of drums and Tahitian music. One could call it the biggest Polynesian party.

Lava hitting water in Hawaii.

Credit to the photographer, Raiatea Arcuri who provided the following caption:

The 61G lava flow in Kalapana, Hawaii finally hit the ocean on 2016-07-26! It was an amazing experience to capture the first sunrise. I was in awe how beautiful it was! This was quite tricky to capture and it was my first lava seascape photo. The wind direction changed at sunrise causing the steam plume to blow towards me. There were only a few moments when it calmed that it revealed the river of lava.