My “Coven Project” is complete but I started a new project, a bigger project, it’s called “Coven Nouveau” and it’s in an Art Nouveau style, the process is at the 60% but I can give you a little preview: Zoe Benson <3


“COVEN PROJECT” by rai93betto

My project is finally done! I just want to talk about the first and the last image, the first image with all the characters is the last that I made and all the characters have a different colour based on their actions, Fiona is black like her soul, LaLaurie is red as blood, the Voodoo Queen is green like reptiles, Cordelia is camouflaged with the background because is weak (for now), Kyle, Zoe and Madison are blue/violet for the “party scene” and because I think there will be a triangle, Misty Day and Nan are light yellow because they are pure, Queenie is brown because… it’s the colour of chocolate! (I don’t know who’s the last figure but the Minotaur is white because is like a dead body on the street). I want to talk also about the last image just for a reason: the scales of the snake, they made me MAD!

Tomorrow I’ll publish my “Coven Nouveau” project, and it will be very very bigger (you can see a preview here), you’ve just to wait (I need to finish the last image), watch the “Boy Parts” episode and stay tuned on my Tumblr.