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A Lesson in "How to Be"

So my moirail and I and some other friends went to San Francisco a while back and I saw this book at Urban Outfitters(?) and I picked it up, because, look at that resemblance.

But then I flipped to the Table of Contents and





And here’s a sample of one of the chapters.

Each chapter has an illustration and all of them are just really cute animals??? I have never needed a book so much in my life.

As the newest member of the FAHC, with such obvious unfettered admiration for his peers, its not hard to see Jeremy as a wannabe, a little fish masquerading as a shark, but it would be foolish to dismiss him out of hand.

Jeremy might not be the tallest guy around but he is easily one of the strongest members of the crew, his physique giving Ryan a run for his money and the ease with which he can heft a minigun making even Michael a little jealous. Not that he need be, Jeremy might be having an affair with the gun but he has little to no experience with explosives and watches with fascination whenever Michael is setting them up. Its the same fascination that has him studying the way Geoff conducts business or watching with rapt attention when Gavin manipulates a client. He’s a skilled enough sniper to step in when needed, packing away boundless energy and enthusiasm in favour of attentive calm, but he never turns down any stray tips Ray might offer. More telling still is is his willingness to accompany Ryan on the least tasteful of his jobs without flinching, sliding into sneering menace on demand before bouncing right back to cheerful the moment its all over. Even Jack, who herself flits between jobs as needed often gains an attentive shadow - her latest endeavour to teach him how to fly a chopper meeting mixed results and a substantial amount of property damage, but Jeremy is nothing if not diligent.

Its a common theme, Jeremy jumping at the chance to tag along on various jobs to study his crew. The man is too imbued with casual confidence for it to be insecurity or personal incompetence; simply the honest desire to learn anything and everything they are willing to teach him. Coming from anyone else such detailed, undisguised scrutiny would probably be cause for suspicion, concern, but its hard to be anything but fond of Jeremy. He’s quick, adaptable, and soaks up knowledge and advice like a sponge. He might not be the most obvious threat but its a dangerous thing to underestimate Jeremy; to forget that his almost disturbing level of genuine friendliness coexists with a capacity for brutal ruthlessness and, above all else, the infamous loyalty of the FAHC. 

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Does anyone get confused on who people are? The Rays all kind of dress similar, specifically FAHC and RL Ray.. Does he ever get dragged into Let's Plays or into a heist plan and nobody realizes it until halfway through or after, or anyone else?

Ray: We may or may not have been wearing the same clothes on purpose.


So I am completely smitten with Eli from Slugterra. :‘3 It’s a pree good show that just started airing on Disney XD and omg, wow, the characters are just so adorable??? Ugh, I can’t handle these cute slugs. Q vQ It’s kind of like Storm Hawks, especially with Eli sharing Aerrow’s voice, but wowie, can you say new fandom or what.