rai banda

anonymous asked:

i'm in need for some new music so i was wandering if you could recommend a few songs that you dig:) i adore your blog and hope you have a lovely day!

Thank you! Have a nice day too!

Lately I’ve been listening to Retumba (Mula), When The Sun Hits (Slowdive), Kan Mahala (Mahala Rai Banda), País Tropical (Jorge Ben Jor), Venus as a Boy (Björk), Losing My Religion (REM), Habib Galbi (A-Wa), Love (Lana Del Rey), Siki Siki Baba (Kocani Orkestar), Anbae Anbae (Hariharan). 

This is my Spotify, if you’re looking for more - I’ve got a few new playlists up.