rahul anjali

They met at a party, Rahul and Anjali. She was 15, he was 16. He accidentally spilled his drink on her saree. She laughed about it and reassured him that it was an old saree and now he had given her an excuse to buy another one.

At the time, Rahul had just decided to enter the army and had decided to humour his mother and spend his last few months, as a civilian, attending important parties, teas, events, and maybe look for potential brides. 

Anjali, meanwhile, had just spent the last two years in mourning, for her mother who had died giving birth to her sister. As such, she had been notably absent from formal affairs. The party was her father’s way of introducing her to the noble circles, of getting acquainted with the many men and women who were important members of the elven society. 

Rahul expected to have a boring time. He expected to feel awkward and dumb talking to people who never failed to compare him to his more eloquent twin. 

Anjali expected to have a stressful but socially correct time. She expected to be stared at by others for being an orc. She expected gossip and whispering about her appearance. She expected men and women talking to her only to comment on how ‘civilized’ she was and how she was ‘rather pleasant for a barbarian’. 

He was amazed by how kind she was. How patient and gentle she was. How she didn’t make him feel stupid for not being as smart as his brothers, or as well spoken or graceful as everyone else in the room. She in turn found his honesty, his strange…lack of awareness of certain social etiquette oddly endearing. True, his loudness and rowdy manner did startle her at first but she soon realized he meant no harm, that he was simply a sweet boy, who was incredibly caring about others. 

He liked the way her eyes looked when she laughed. She liked the sound of his voice, how-despite it being loud-it was never harsh and always genuine. 

He left that party wanting to see Anjali again, wanting to get to know her more. Anjali left that party thinking he was very kind, and that there needed to be more people like him. 


“While shooting for Rohit’s film in Bulgaria, we were chatting about how we have no idea how all our films have worked. We just do our jobs naturally. We didn’t know Raj and Simran, Rahul and Anjali or Rizwan and Mandira would go on to become that big. We keep things simple. When we are on the set, we never have a conversation about how important we are as an on-screen couple and that we have to recreate that magic..” - Shah Rukh Khan

It’s interesting how you can measure your own character growth based on your changing views/opinions on some Bollywood movies over the years.  Like, why did Anjali chose Rahul over Aman? As a girl I was all like “fuck yeah, so cute” now I’m just like “Girl you were his second choice, Aman is flawless, WTF.” As a girl I was like “Ew why did Nandini chose Vanraj over Sameer, Sameer is so much cuter” in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam , but now I’m like “You go girl!”  It’s fucked, but awesome.