Wikluh Sky & Rahmanee - Do kraja sveta

Bismillahir Rahmanee Raheem, you know when you turn to Allaah to complain or be thankful before anyone else, then you truly consider Allaah as number one! Alhamdullilah. The most amazing part of this is that once you have emptied your heart out to Allaah, then you don’t feel the need to tell anybody else. Subhan'Allaah.
—  Zohra Sarwari
Bismillahir Rahmanee Raheem, subhanAllaah- nothing hurts me more than to see our sisters and brothers slowly walking away from Islaam and yet we decide to shun them instead of helping them. My dearest sisters and brothers we will all be tested by Allaah- be of those who sincerely care about your sisters and brothers, and help them come back to the right path even though they took off the hijab, shaved the beard, or is sinning in public. As believers we do not judge one another nor do we give up on each other, we are there for each other. Also remember than eman fluctuates- goes up and down- one day it may be us who is being tested that way, and who do we want around us? Remember what the Prophet (Sallahe Alhee Wa Sallam) said “Love for your brother what you love for yourself.” (Bukhar and Muslim)
—  Zohra Sarwari