Look at the Chick-fil-A example, where Rahm Emanuel and a couple of other mayors in cities where gay rights are favored decided that they were going to punish businesses who didn’t believe in the now conventional view on gay issues which is essentially to treat gay people equally. The owner of Chick-fil-A, as I remember, donated money to anti-gay causes, actually believed in the right of businesses to discriminate –and so people cheered when Rahm Emanuel said ‘As the mayor, I’m going to bar businesses that have views that I dislike from operating.’

And the reason why it’s just so appalling to see people cheering something like that is because maybe that’ll lead to a good result for you in Chicago but how about in Birmingham, Alabama? Or Salt Lake City, Utah? Or other places where people still believe that homosexuality is immoral and that gay people are going to hell and don’t deserve equal rights. There are still a lot of places in the United States where those ideas prevail. So imagine a mayor of one of those places using the power that you’ve just now said that mayors get to use saying ‘You know what? I’m going to bar businesses from operating in my city whose owners give money to pro gay causes. Or who have anti-discrimination policies that treat LGBT employees equally with others.’ I don’t see how you have any basis for objecting to mayors who do that, who punish businesses that have ideas that the mayors dislike and that the majority or population of the city dislike– if you cheer what Rahm Emanuel does.
—  Glenn Greenwald
Illinois governor rejects school funding legislation
Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner on Tuesday blocked hundreds of millions of new state dollars from going to cash-strapped Chicago Public Schools (CPS) by rewriting parts of a state school-funding overhaul bill, potentially imperiling the entire legislation and the flow of state money to all school districts.

“ … His action marks a return to the political gridlock that left Illinois without a complete budget for an unprecedented two-straight fiscal years. … “

“ … The Democratic-controlled legislature gave CPS, which is struggling with escalating pension contributions, a funding boost for pensions and state aid in the bill passed in late May. The governor’s office was not immediately able to say exactly how much money for CPS was cut by the veto action. … “

“ … The $36 billion fiscal 2018 state budget the legislature enacted in July over Rauner’s veto prohibits the flow of $6.7 billion in state money to schools in the absence of a funding overhaul like lawmakers approved. … “

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Something is wrong when a president will do anything to protect every Confederate statue in every city and town, but not one thing to protect those cities and towns from rising sea levels, severe storms and other climate change impacts that threaten municipalities’ very existence.
Chicago To Sue Feds Over Funding Threats To Sanctuary Cities
The city is filing suit on Monday against the Department of Justice, which announced it would withhold millions of dollars in police grant money from so-called sanctuary cities.

Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel is pushing back against the federal government.

On Monday, the city is filing suit against the Department of Justice, which announced it would withhold millions of dollars in police grant money from so-called sanctuary cities.

Emanuel is suing because he says new rules for a federal crime-fighting grant go against the Constitution and the city’s values.

“Chicago will not let our police officers become political pawns in a debate,” Emanuel said.

Last week, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said grant applicants have to share information about undocumented immigrants to federal officials if they want the funding.

But Emanuel said he refuses to choose between immigrant rights and having well-funded community police


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