So I just realized that the ones we/I call babies (Rarely, Juliann, Devan, Erin) are turning 17 and this is not okay because now that they are legally adults in Texas we cannot kick them out of our meetings on the basis of them being babies.

I don’t know how I feel about this. My lil’ sis could be learning all of my deep dark secrets.


Dreams are Weird, Friends are Weirder
  • Me:I had a dream that when I went to Italy, I had sex with some dude and came back and was pregnant and then had a kid and then the dude came from Italy and wanted to marry me and I was like lol what.
  • Rahat:that's the best case scenario for that situation, but please don't bring back a forever souvenir.
  • Me:oh my god, a forever souvenir!!