Tales From The Hotel Dumort

This was inspired by Tales From The Shadowhunter Academy, except it surrounds the Hotel Dumort and exists in the “Shadowhunters” universe. I might do a collection or I might just leave it at one. I guess it just depends on what you all think and what kind of inspiration I have, so yeah, please let me know what you think.

           Raphael Santiago didn’t cry. This was more than just the façade he put up of being the toughest vampire around. It was simply that, as the years stretched on and eternity closed in around him, there weren’t many things that could get that rise out of him. After all, the last time he’d cried had been when he’d learned that his mother had passed away, and with her, the last of his humanity. What could compare to that?

           The other vampires at the Hotel Dumort often speculated about what made Rahael Santiago so cold. Occasionally they’d tell him stories about tragedies they’d stumbled upon while they were still mundanes, force him to sit down and watch sad movies, maybe even breakdown crying in front of him. What they didn’t understand was that Raphael didn’t try to be cold. It wasn’t his goal to distance himself from those around him, those he cared about and yearned to protect. There was a part of Raphael that, no matter how hard he tried, couldn’t remember what it meant to be human, to truly be touched by beauty or moved by sadness. He was a corpse of his former self.

           There were few amongst their clan who understood this, who could see the ghost of mundane Raphael Santiago flash across his eyes, who could illicit that rare laugh or genuine smile. Lily did her best, insisting that Raphael take her with him when he set out on a mission. She’d accompanied him to kidnap the mundane for that very reason. She wanted to be there for him, to prove to him that not all relationships faded and not all vampires were like Camille.

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