rah rah art


As you can see, I truly love @hutanna’s beautiful artwork, so when my newest badge (I’m overjoyed with it) arrived in the mail, I took the opportunity to display my entire collection! Anna, you are an amazing artist and as kind as can be! To that Bruno and I say, “grazie”! I look forward to purchasing more and more art from you! 🖤✨🖤 Thanks for fueling my obsession with Bruno!

So, I replayed a certain game recently.. (M&L:SSS)
Here’s some doodles, mostly fanart, but I’ve got some original stuff in there too c:

(I might redraw some of these on my PC later)
(God, Fawful is so fun to draw)

Today’s warm up sketch is a very quick drawing I did of my characters from Drawfee’s show, Drawga.

If you’ve never watched Drawga, it’s a Dungeons and Dragons inspired adventure where we draw out our next moves and the viewers vote on who won the round! Start watching our ongoing adventure here!

I’m really into my characters. Super strong and basically all powerful but not really interested in anything except adventuring with the Ladies Book Club. Not romantic at all but Rah-oxah and Demon Johnny are weirdly adorable.

FFXV Fandom Friday!

Welcome to FFXV Fandom Friday, where I’ll be showcasing three creators in the fandom per week across various platforms! <3 This’ll be the first week I kick this off, so I’ve got a super cool lineup for you all!

If you’re looking for some absolutely awesome watercolour art, Cael’s got it nailed. What I love most about these pieces is the array of warm vibrant colours mixed in with cool counterparts that blend amazingly well! Check out Cael’s pages on the links above!

Next up, and moving briefly into the cosplay side of the fandom, is Yuuma! I stumbled across Yuuma right back when I first entered the fandom, and the above Prompto images re-appeared on my dash recently! I think we can all agree that the cosplay is absolutely spot-on and amazing! That gaze though in the first photo O: So intense! Check out Yuuma’s pages in the links!

And finally, Rah-Bop! Rah-Bop’s art is absolutely beautiful, and they do a great job of depicting creatures from the FFXV universe in amazing detail! - I mean, don’t you just want to hug that baby fluffball? Not only this, but Rah-Bop does some amazing artwork for fanfics that are absolutely jaw-dropping! So make sure to go check out those links!

That’s it for the first FFXV Fandom Friday! Let’s get the word out about artists, cosplayers, and more! Spread some positivity and love in the fandom!