Day 7.


AFTER 7 DAYS OF HELL I AM FINALLY FINISHED WITH THIS WIG. I still need to thin out the bangs a bit and flip the side hair on the outer sides, but I’m probably gonna do that the day of the con.

brb gonna cry in a corner I can’t believe it’s actually finished this wig has consumed my life over the last week

At least I can finally start the dress!


Ragyo Kiryuin preview! …Of course I realized immediately after I took my makeup off that I’d forgot to put on the collar but oh well.  This also does not include the feather boa/cape, but I wanted to be sure to put some preview pics up before Colossalcon!

The wig took forever and a day, but I’m actually really happy with how it turned out.  There were a few things I’d really wanted to accomplish with it: It needed to both light up and look good while turned off.  It also needed to be portable for wearing around a convention.  I find that EL wire tends to not photograph well during the daytime, while LEDs can be too bright if they aren’t diffused.  So I ended up packing a hollow foam space with superbright 5050 LEDs, and then diffusing them with wig fiber laid on top of a plexiglass screen.  The wig runs off of 4 to 8 AA’s and is monstrously bright - the color is hard to see on cameraphones while in darker spaces, but I’m looking to experiment with the voltage to get a more consistent photo range.  I’ll be putting up a wig guide with progress pics after the con too.


Kill La What 2 - Say What Again!