What a View!

Just over 7000 feet in elevation, the Gilmore summit is located on Hwy 28 as you travel to or from Salmon, Idaho. It is near the famous Gilmore Ghost town and little lesser known ragtown, where silver was mined in Idaho in the late 1880s and early 1900s.

Photo: Kevin Storms, Engineering Equipment Operator for BLM-Idaho


Preserving Historic Ragtown

In cooperation with the BLM, historic preservationists from the National Park Service North Cascades Preservation Team completed stabilization work on two log cabins in the historic “Ragtown” site near Salmon, Idaho. “Ragtown” also called “Tent Town,” was a neighborhood of itinerant mine workers and their families scattered over a timbered bench at the west edge of the main lead-silver boomtown of Gilmore, Idaho. Over the course of its occupation, ca. 1910 through the late 1930s, the area was dominated by platform tents, small cobbled shacks built of scrap materials and several log cabins. The name “Ragtown” is purported to derive from the frequent use of rags and other materials stuffed into knot holes and cracks to insulate from the winter’s bite. A large portion of “Ragtown” now rests on public lands managed by the BLM. More stabilization work will be completed later in 2013 to continue preserving this historic gem of Idaho.

-Krista Berumen