ragtime roast beefy

My sister and I were sitting at the table earlier and all of a sudden she just bursts out laughing so I ask her what she’s laughing about and she just says “Ragtime Roast Beefy”

Those who don’t get the reference, I recommend you go watch the Wizard People, Dear Reader videos on Youtube. They are hilarious.

Cousin Ragtime Roast Beefy

He (Hagar) points his magical umbrella and starts to say a spell like Don’t-ever-talk-again-Fatty. But then, he’s interrupted by the smacking jowls of Roast Beefyweefs. 

ZAP! goes Hagar with the umbrella, and wah-lah! a curled up cheeto shoots right out of Roast B’s bottom! 

“Woo-hoo!” shouts Harry. “Bout time he burst that cheeto! He’s been trying to birth years! Hahahahah!”