H*28: Problematic Asian American Youtube Stars (feat. Lucy)

This week for H*28, Chuks and Kari are joined by ragstoreverie (Lucy) to discuss Asian-American Media. In the last few years, especially the rise of YouTube stars, Asian American media has boomed with Wong Fu Productions, Fung Brothers, KevJumba, JK Films/David So, Jabbawockeez, and many more. They play an important role in the community–needed representation and control of production, for example–but they are not without their problems. For asks this week, we answer an ask from Sarah about access to social justice movement, butchrobot about developed/developing nation terminology, and 2goldensnitches about fighting with family members over the Gaza-Israel conflict.

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ragstoreverie said: not sure if intention behind question is good or just trolling. o__O


Lmao yeahhhh the language is so disgusting. Even if it were a well meaning, question, though, I would still disagree with the notion that people should have to give up their traditional ways of life just because their lifestyles don’t fit Western notions of “success” and “modernity.” Like that is just horrible. But yeah… as soon as I hit “least developed” and then “primitive” in that ask I was done.

H* 32: Code Switching & Talking to White People (ft. Lucy)

What is code switching and what’s it like navigating white spaces in America as a black man and Asian American woman from very different backgrounds? What are the types of bodies which have more or less ability to move through white spaces and how do we codeswitch without constantly centering whiteness and an implicit desire to comfort white people? Chuks along with special return guest Lucy (ragstoreverie) - Kari is out for the week- address these questions and more on this week’s episode of Hyphenated on “Code Switching & Talking to White People”

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ragstoreverie replied to your post: I just found your blog, and i’ve just finished reading it. I love it. But i just feel like you think that these sort of things don’t apply on white women (i know that it’s not at all in the same way as asians or black girls is being treated) but i can’t count the times black men, or arabs have been behaving exactly like in the texts you publish here, against me, a 20 y/o white girl. Black men seem to be wanting to eaher talk about my “white, pink pussy” or even sing about it. Arabs mostly -

i feel her, but i don’t think she realizes men also want to rape and scream names at WOC. & she’s stereotyping arab women based on what she’s heard from arab men (i think). this is a messy rant, she should learn a thing or 2 about intersectionality.

Yeah, the ask is really confusing for me too, and I think, as you pointed out, the understanding of intersectionality is fundamentally off base. As ichumato put really well, the sexualization and oppression of white women IS different with their white privilege, but it is not an intersectional experience (in terms of race and gender). Hopefully the anon checks out the link I embedded in my response that elaborates on the formal definition of intersectionality.

Thanks for adding on!

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HYPHENATED* Podcast Monthly Recap

HYPHENATED* is a weekly social justice podcast by  Chuks and Kari. After an early summer hiatus we are back and have just passed our 30th episode mark! If you missed any of the episodes from the past few weeks you can find them below, thanks again for the support everyone!

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