Very excited for my first ragraid this weekend... Especially when it's with Alice, and when it's POKEMON THEMED.

Little did I know when I booked my train tickets to Nottingham to see Alice that the weekend would involve us going to Cardiff on a party bus to fundraise, all dressed as pokemon… Sounds pretty epic to me. 
Little bit stumped as to what to do for a costume though, all my favourite pokemon are pretty hard to recreate through the medium of fancy dress, especially as I only have two days to do it!
I did want to go as nurse joy but I know I’d never be able to get the costume together in time and I don’t really have the budget to go out and buy a dress and a wig and everything…

However I am super duper excited, although not really looking forward to a lot of the challenges/forfeits that might be coming my way by the sounds of it…. Like drinking dirty pints and eating raw eggs, not sure how much of that my stomach will put up with!

Ragraid.......LEEDS HERE WE COME!!

If any followers are from Leeds come find me and donate to the poppy appeal and help injured soldiers…and also help me not get dick of the day! :D