Snake in the eye ~

I’ve been playing a lot of Life is Feudal recently in the Twitch Dybnasty RP server with some amazing live streamer. Another of my favorite streamer called Crom1957 was playing Sigurd Ragnarsson (friend of Grim Grey that I drew the other day)  and I just had to draw him too <3 Amazing person and amazing character! It took me about 9hrs to draw that one x_x I also streamed it (link to my channel bellow)

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Aslaug with her first son - he’s incredibly cute! :3
Many people hate her, I know it very well. However I find her character inexplicably interesting and I hope that during the second seanson it will developed properly. Probably I sympathize with her ​​because she’s a prophetess and I have the feeling that she will have the same fate as the poor Cassandra.

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Requested by @bullet-for-my-max

Ragnar watched you as somebody bore his sword through your back. You screamed, dropped your sword and fell to the ground. Ragnar couldnt believe his eyes. He stopped dead in one’s tracks. His eyes were filled with tears. “No…no that can’t be…”, he thought. “NOOO!”, he screamed and ran straight to the man who killed you.

Ivar the Boneless Imagine

Requested: Something featuring Ivar and the reader, something involving Ivar playing mind games with the reader. 

He’d invited me to dinner at the head of Kattegat where he introduced me to his mother and brothers and asked if I would like to go down to the water front and lie under the stars. Then the next day, he’d completely ignored me and didn’t bother talking to me when we would cross paths. After that eventful day, he’d apologized and asked if I’d accompany him to the hunting lodge. When we were there, he was so sweet and we talked all night, then he was really cold towards me for ages. He’s asked me to meet him by the water front again tonight.
When I get to the water front, the sun had gone and the moon shimmered on the surface of the water. I saw him down further on the sand, lying on his back and looking at the stars. I sigh, and brace myself for what’s going to happen. Perhaps he’ll be nice, but who knows what he’s going to be like tomorrow.
“You wanted to meet me.” I say, standing over him.
He opens his eyes and reaches for my hand. “Lie with me.”
I take my hand away from him and frown. “I do not want to lie with you.”
He struggles to sit, but manages after all. “Why?”
“Because I do not know what you are going to be like in the morning.” I admit. “You’re very mean sometimes.”
“Can I tell you something?” He asks. “But, can you sit down?”
I roll my eyes and sit down on the sand. He puts an arm around my shoulders and moves closer to me. “I must admit that what I’ve been doing hasn’t been nice. But, there is a reason for it.”
“Tell me that reason, then.”
He ponders for a bit, before he takes a handful of sand in his free hand and throws it towards the water. “I do not know how to tell you my feelings.”
I don’t say anything. Just created a small mountain with the sand.
“I like you. And when I would invite you around and take you to the hunting lodge, I really enjoyed it. But Mother kept saying things and then my brothers would laugh at me, and then I would not talk to you.”
I nod along with what he saying. “So, you let your brothers and your mother tease you out of being with me?”
He groans. “Yes.”
“Well, you can make up your mind right now.  I am not going to be with you again if you do not speak to me tomorrow.”
“I promise I will talk to you tomorrow.” He says. “And, I have something else to say.”
“I put sand in your hair when you sat down.”
“Ivar!” I slap him on the leg and shake my head, knowing that I’m going to have sand in my hair for days.

Feel like home.  (Ivar Ragnarson x Fem!Reader.)

Words: 481.

Warning: Fluff ? 

Athor note: They are so short right now… I’m so sorry. I hope you will like it anyway. :) 

Originally posted by historyvikings

You didn’t disliked the fact that Ivar was courting you. The crippled man was quite a charming one. Of course, we wasn’t the most patient man alive, but he wasn’t violent to you. Smiling seemed to be his favorite thing around you.

You were beautiful: (H/C) hair, (E/C) eyes. Your hips and your breast were practically an attraction, giving birth would be an easy thing for you, and feeding your kids too. You had seen many boys came to ask you father the right to court you, but Ivar was the only one who had that chance. Lucky bastard.

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Hi, if you’re still taking requests, I would like to request a Sigurd (Vikings) one-shot since I haven’t seen one for him yet. I’m thinking that for the theme the reader and Sigurd are childhood friends, and the reader is one of the few who isn’t intimidated by his snake eye. Sigurd likes her, and when she leans in to admire his eye, he sneaks in a kiss. I hope this isn’t too elaborate, lol. Thanks in advance! :) – Requested by Anon

TITLE:  Snake In The Eye
NOTES/WARNINGS: None, it’s just all so fluffy! :D

You and Sigurd had been friends ever since you could remember. You met him around when you were 4 years old. You were sitting on a log looking over the water when another boy came to sit beside you. “Hello,” he had said, “I’m Sigurd. What is your name?” “Y/N,” you had answered as you looked at him. You had spotted his eye immediately. “Hey what’s with your eye?” you had asked him. “There’s a snake in it,” you had backed away just a little, “An actual snake?” “No silly, it’s just what my mom calls it,” he laughed. “Well I think it’s special,” you had said while you took another closer look. “Hey want to play a game with me?” Sigurd asked. You nodded. “Tag!” he had poked you and ran away. You had run after him and that was the very start of your friendship.

16 years later you were still best friends. There wasn’t a day when you didn’t see each other. You were talking to a guy who lived at the town and bought some of the crops you and your family grew. He was a sweet guy and you knew he had some interest in you. You, on the other hand, didn’t but you were nice to him anyway. He just put a friendly hand on your arm during your conversation as you heard a voice coming from behind you, “Hey, Y/N!”. You looked around and saw Sigurd coming up to you. You smiled at him, always happy to see him.

You gave him a hug and he came to stand beside you. He looked at the guy you were talking to. “Uhm… Thanks for the crops Y/N, I have to go now,” the guy took the two baskets he bought and went on his way. You heard a small chuckle besides you. “Oh you think it’s funny people are still scared of you Sigurd?” you gave him a thump to the arm. “Hmm I don’t mind it as much as I used to,” he replied, “Especially not to scare guys away who want to get something from you other than crops,” he placed a hand around your shoulders. “By Odin Sigurd, how am I ever going to get married if you scare away all the men?” He chuckled again, “Don’t worry Y/N, you’ll find one. Want to go to the beach?” “Sure, let me finish up here first I’ll meet you there.”

When you got to the beach you saw Sigurd skipping stones off the water. You took a rock and threw it next to the one he just skipped. “Hah! Mine got further!” He turned around and smiled. You went to sit on a log just as you did 16 years ago. He came to sit beside you, just as he did 16 years ago. “You know Y/N, I always liked that you might be the only one who isn’t afraid of me. Well, besides my family.” You chuckled, “And I thought you liked people being afraid of you.” “I do now, well at least I don’t mind anymore. It was difficult when I was a kid, making friends.” You patted his hand, “Well you have me don’t you?” He smiled at you, “Yes that’s true.”

“And,” you said, “as I told you on the first day we met, I think it’s special. It’s what makes you, you.” You looked at him. “Plus, I like looking at your eyes, you know that,” you placed a hand on his cheek as you blushed and took a closer look at him. He suddenly leaned in and planted his lips on yours. Your eyes widened a little at this but when you fully realized what was happening you relaxed and kissed him back. You had loved him for about two years now, it became more than the friendship you had. But you didn’t want to ruin this by taking a chance so you put those feelings aside some time ago. Sigurd leaned back and looked at you. “I meant to do this for some time now but didn’t have the guts to do so,” “So how did you know you could do it now?” you asked him. “It became pretty clear when I noticed you weren’t interested in any guy in town. So maybe if you’re still looking for a husband you can stop looking and marry me? We…” You threw your arms around his neck and kissed him again. “Yes Sigurd, yes, a thousand times yes!” And you could feel him smile against your lips.

Ubbe Imagine

Requested: Can you do an imagine when Ubbe and the reader have an arranged marriage and see each other for the first time please :)

Remember, request are open and that I had no idea how to write about arranged marriage and it came around in the late 1800s or something, so I couldn’t think of a good reason as to why they would have an arranged marriage. So, sorry it’s shit haha x

Typically around my mothers death, my father would do something impulsive that would cause catastrophe in my family for the next year. My family is small, and consists of me, my dad and my little sister Alva. The moment he walked through the door with a grin on his face, I knew something was wrong and he’d done something impulsive again.
“Y/N, come.” He smiled.
I walk over to him and set down the food that Alva and I had been preparing. “What is it, Father?” I ask as I meet him at the front door.
“I did something, today.”
“Like what?” I ask nervously.
“I sold our land.” He beamed. “For a boat.”
“Where do you need to go with a boat? You have me and Alva.”
“We can go sailing. Me and Alva can go and see the world.”
I frown. “What about me?”
“You are marrying the Kings son. They took our land and you will be married.”

It was the day of the wedding and my father was smiling beside his boat at the dock, with Alva on his shoulders. My heart thumped in my chest as I saw the Kings son standing on the sand with a grimace on his face. I’d tried to get out of it by leaving, but he’d said that Alva would be sad if I wasn’t around, so I decided to stay. It was a blur, and we were in our shared house.
“I am sorry about this.” He says. “We have not properly met. I am Ubbe.”
“When I thought about having a husband, I imagined him being someone I knew. I am Y/N.”
Ubbe sat on the bed. “Perhaps we should get to know each other then?”
I smile. “Sounds great.”


For Anon.

Growing up, you were used to solitude. Your father hated towns, preferring the open embrace of land and sky to the close confines of a settlement, and so you spent most of your life on a tiny farm far from civilisation. Your father taught you to hunt and fish, and you raised goats and chickens in the enclosure outside the farm. On rare occasions, your father would head to Kattegat, the nearest settlement, to sell the eggs and milk you got from your animals, but for the most part, it was just the pair of you, as your mother had died when you were born. It was all right, but you couldn’t help but wonder if your life would ever change.

The change happened one sunny summer morning. Your father had headed off to Kattegat on one of his infrequent trips, and left alone, you went to the edge of the woods to check snares that he had set before leaving. It was as you approached that you first saw him: head bent over the snares, completely oblivious to your approach.

You came up quietly, hand on the knife in your belt. “What do you think you’re doing?” 

He spun around, axe in hand, and the two of you faced off, weapons gripped tightly. “You should put that down. You might hurt yourself.” The half-smirk on his face infuriated you.

“You’re a thief,” you spat. “Those are my father’s snares.”

“Where is your father?”

“Hunting,” you lied. “He will be back soon so you had better leave.”

He glanced around, and then lowered his axe, slipping it back into his belt. “I wasn’t stealing,” he said. “There was a fox caught in your trap, still alive. I gave him a quick death.”

You glanced at his axe, the red rust of blood on it confirming his story. Slightly mollified, you lowered your knife. “All right, but how do I know you weren’t just going to run off with it?”

“I don’t need to steal. My father is the king.”

You scoffed. “And my father is Odin in disguise.”

He folded his arms. “It’s true. His name is Ragnar Lothbrok, king of Kattegat. And I am his son.” Reaching into a pouch, he held out a brass arm ring. “See?”

You took it skeptically, scanning the runes. While you had never had much schooling, you were able to decipher them slowly, and your eyes widened as you read the much-famed name. “You are Ragnar’s son?”

He nodded proudly. “I’m Ubbe.”

“Is it true that your father raided Paris?” You had only heard bits and pieces, fragments that your father had picked up while on his travels, but what you had heard had put you in awe.

He grinned, nodding. “Yes, and next time, I will go with him.”

You held out the arm ring, feeling suddenly abashed. “I’m sorry.”

He shrugged. “You weren’t to know. Do you live out here?”

“Yes, with my father.”

“You should come to Kattegat. My brothers would like you. Your father could be one of our warriors.”

You smiled, a world of possibilities opening up in front of your eyes. “That sounds nice.”

He glanced up at the sky. “I should go. My mother will be wondering where I am.”

He turned to go, but paused. “What’s your name?”

“Y/n,” you said shyly. 

He held out the arm ring. “Keep it. When you come to Kattegat, show that and I will take you to meet my father myself.”

He turned and walked away, vanishing into the trees in a matter of minutes.

The sun was going down, but you did not care. Running your fingers over the smooth metal, you repeated his name. “Ubbe.” Your new friend.

Things had finally changed.