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Mermaid moodboard : Norse Mermaids

Born from the fiercest and most violent waves, those mermaids call themselves daughters of Rán. They wander around the seas under Aegir’s protection, to sink fleets by summoning waves and currents with their mermaid Galdr and drown sailors and warriors. They rip their souls from their bodies and place them in Ran’s net to fill her hall and when Ragnarok will come, the warriors will fight as well as warriors fallen and gone to Valhalla and Folkvangr. When they rip souls, their skin turns white and their eyes black. It is said that when a mermaid rip one’s soul from his body, the pain he feels is ten time worse than being burned and skinned alive. They are the most dangerous creatures of the sea and are feared even by the Valkyries who are their worst enemies.

Okay but what if there’s a big battle going on and holy crap Ragnarok is coming and they have to split up and Blitz and Hearth are getting kind of emotional so before they have to leave each other they kiss goodbye and Magnus didn’t know they were together up until this point, but his only reaction is to think, “People literally called them my mom and dad for months, you really think I would have noticed it sooner.”

  • Aries: Thor, God of thunder and the sky, kinda stupid quick to anger
  • Taurus: Loki, God of Tricks and mischief, is Jotun, tricky and sly
  • Gemini: Hel the one who sees over the dead, One side is a hag and the other is a beautiful lady, quirky and contrasting (child of loki)
  • Cancer: Frey, God of summer and sunshine, emotional and sometimes distant
  • Leo: Freya, Goddess of love and sex, flamboyant and fiery
  • Virgo: Frigg, Wife of Odin and the only goddess that can compare to her in a matter of nobility is Freya. Noble and pure nature
  • Libra: Jörmungandr, The world serpent who wraps itself around the world. Fights with Thor sometimes. Reserved but powerful (child of loki)
  • Scorpio: Fenir The Fenris Wolf. The one who will escape his bonds and eat Odin when Ragnarok comes. Cannot be contained and has immense power (child of loki)
  • Sagittarius: Slepnir, Odins eight legged horse. Resilient and prideful. (child of loki)
  • Capricorn: Odin the all father. Chieftain of the gods. Strong independent and stubborn.
  • Aquarius: Ægir the sea God/Jotun. Ruler of the sea with his wife Ran he watches over the warriors who die at sea. Unpredictable and tricky
  • Pisces: Sif, Goddess of earth, fertility and harvest and is the wife of Thor. Day dreamy and kind.
Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016) Review

Oh look, Sam Neill, he’s still alive! Haven’t seen much of him since the mess that was ‘Jurassic Park III’. How you been man? How are the kids? Apparently not so good, as he plays one grumpy sod in this film, I tell ya!

Plot: A national manhunt is ordered for a rebellious kid and his foster uncle who go missing in the wild New Zealand bush.

The best way to describe this film is ‘odd’. The one film in 2016 that was weirder that this movie was ‘Swiss Army Man’, however I can’t help find similarities in their themes. I do prefer ‘Swiss Army Man’, but this movie is still very enjoyable, and it puts director Taika Waititi in a good spotlight for the upcoming superhero flick ‘Thor: Ragnarok’.

The thing that makes ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’ so good is not just because it’s such a feel good movie, but also how Waititi incorporates very unique dry humour into the scenes which put you as an audience member into a position where you don’t know if you should laugh or not, but you end up laughing your head off. Most of the film revolves around this fat kid and a grumpy old man with their two pet dogs, as they travel across the woods of New Zealand hiding from the local police, and in a weird way they become a sort of country sensation, as they get a lot of fans and people trying to find them to take selfies and whatnot. Yeah, it’s a pretty weird film concept to say the least, and usually I’d say this kind of thing won’t work out for a film, but somehow it does.

What helps a lot are the two lead performances, with Sam Neill possibly having his great comeback, as I don’t think he’s given as good of a performance as he did since the first ‘Jurassic Park’ film. He plays this broken man who has lost everything that he had loved and is now stuck with this kid, and at first his instinct is to get rid of him, but then they begin to develop this friendship which makes them partners in crime. The kid is played by newcomer (ish) Julian Dennison, and I have no idea how this kid was able to keep a straight face after saying some of his lines. Talk about a good kid actor! There’s also a couple of funny cameos, most notable one by the director Waititi himself as this church minister.

I’m trying to think of a fault for this film but I simply can’t. The pacing is good, the story is entertaining, there’s a lot of comedy as well as thought provoking dramatic elements, and all in all a very odd but in a weird way beautiful film. There are also a couple of songs that are very catchy and now I can’t get them out of my head, which is annoying!! But in conclusion, I have now full confidence in Taika Waititi directing ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, and I really hope that brings that weird dry humour to the table for that movie.

Overall score: 8/10

At first I thought that Ragnar via the show wouldn’t make it into Valhalla becuase he gave up. He wants to die but knows that it won’t be by battle which is how Odin’s Valkyries select you. But during Aelle’s humiliation, Ragnar NEVER SCREAMS. Do you know what happens when your tortured and never scream? You get to go to Valhalla. Aelle is basically giving Ragnar the Anglo-Saxon version of the Blood Eagle - the ritual in which your ribs and lungs are cut out of your back and broken until they resemble the wings of an eagle and if you suffer with your mouth closed and gripped in pain, Odin will take you. If you scream, the only place for you will be with Hela in the underworld. If he’s lucky Freya will fight that he be brought Folkvangar with her because he was cunning as well as brute. Either way, Ragnar gets fight when Ragnarok comes and that’s pretty awesome.

Nearby is Valhalla, vast and gold-bright. And every day, Odin chooses slain men to join him. They arm themselves and fight in the courtyard. They kill one another; but every night they rise again, and ride back to the hall, and feast. The roof is made out of shields. The rafters are spears. Coats of mail litter the benches. A wolf stands at the Western door and an eagle hovers above it.
It has five hundred and forty doors, and when Ragnarok comes, eight hundred warriors will march out of each door, shoulder to shoulder.

Loki’s parlour trick. It’s MISCHIEF TIME! ;)

I honestly can’t wait for Thor: Ragnarok to come out. The BTS photos all look so good and Taika Waititi is a great director. I doubt the horned helmet will be featured in this movie, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

You know when it’s 6 in the morning and your anxiety is popping and you’re procrastinating finishing your fierrochase fanfic (my first ever ^^) and the world is burning and people are waking up and you’re just waiting for Ragnarok to come so you can Die

  • Me: *sees Ragnarok rumors all over dash*
  • Me: *sticks head in sand like an ostrich*
  • Me: Rumors? What rumors? Boy, it sure is a shame we haven't heard anything about Thor 3 yet. Ah well, that way it'll be a surprise.

Tom Hiddleston comes clean from his favourite school activity (and it involves Loki)

the mcu fandom are truly something else, they’ll scream about how much they want more female characters and characters of colour but when they are miraculously included do you know what happens?????

  • harass one of the three women on the cast to the point you’re constantly sending hate tweets
  • actively hate on sharon carter as if she’s an actual devil when in fact she’s an angel who you hate for getting in the way of your dumb ship
  • ignore characters of colour e.g SAM WILSON AKA ONE OF STEVE BEST FRIENDS
  • don’t give the black actors on the cast the time of day unless its to do with their white faves (every single one literally, don cheadle, anthony mackie AND CHADWICK)

god help us all when thor ragnarok comes out, because this fandom are going to be unbearable when it comes to tessa & her character sadly


The dark winter is coming, I have seen it in my dreams

Dark skies, frozen lands, the glaciers creeping toward us

Ragnarok, the serpent swallowed sun

The wolf Fenrir breaks his bonds and seals their fate, the gods

Thor battles the world serpent and meets his final doom

The dark winter is coming I have seen it in visions

Steam rises and flames grow as the sky grows ever darker

Ragnarok, the fire red raging sky

Odin one eyed all father falls in battle

all is lost, all is lost, the gods have perished, all is lost

๑ Samsaran ๑

’“keggǫld, skálmǫld skildir ro klofnir

vindǫld, vargǫld áðr verǫld steypiz.

Mun engi maðrǫðrom þyrma.

Axe age, wind age, wolf age

Brothers will fight and kill each other

No man will have mercy on another.”

– Völuspá, The Poetic Edda verse 41