Marvel executive: Can you contact Tom? It’s urgent.

Assistant: Which one, Sir?

Marvel executive: Tom H

Assistant: Again, which one?

Marvel executive: The one from the England, duh.



Thor x  Male reader

Fandom: Marvel (Thor/The Avengers)
Fluff with Angst
Requested (by @0bluewolf0 ):
May I ask for Thor x Male reader. Like Reader likes being around Thor because he make Male reader feel smart and needed, and every time Thor is around reader becomes less antisocial than usual, maybe even TOO much.
Talks about insecurites ??? mentions of terrorist groups ???
Word count:
Your Name
Author’s Note:
I really hope that this is what you wanted…

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“Are you even listening?!” Tony’s voice, that was filled with annoyance, the tone he only used when talking to you, almost made you jump up from your seat. You rolled your eyes and looked at him. Tony was standing next to the giant screen that had been showing different pictures of an old warehouse, that SHIELD had identified as a base for a terrorist group. The agents and Avengers around you had been thinking about a strategy to break in there for the last three hours, and you had gotten incredibly bored.

“I am listening, no need to shout at me,” you complained and sank back into your comfortable position, putting your feet back onto the table.

“Y/N, I need you to concentrate on the plan. This is important, everything has to be done right, otherwise someone could get hurt or even worse,” Steve said. You only shot an angry look at him, before spinning around in your chair and standing up.

“You guys can do this mission without me, I’m out,” you yelled over your shoulder before leaving the room filled with confused agents.

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4 years old Peter: You don’t have many friends to play with Mr. Loki

Loki: I guess not.

Baby Peter: I told my teachers you always play with yourself!


Loki: Thanks kid.


Thor: Ragnarok | Avengers Annual Vol. 5 #1 

Loki: Hey Steve, how was your ‘Open Mike Night’?

Steve: Sounded like a lot of fun until I realized I have been invited to an autopsy.

Venom: We only eat people when we’re sad.

Loki: Your medical chart says, you have depression.



Venom: ・◡・

Loki: Venom no!

Why I love Ragnarok:

Marvel: Taika, since you’re new, let’s go over how a Thor movie should go: Thor is the god of thunder

Taika: Right…

Marvel: He uses a hammer.

Taika: Don’t need it.

Marvel: Umm, he has long, Viking-esque hair.

Taika: Chris looks better with short hair.

Marvel: Sure, but Thor wears a long red cape.

Taika: Single shoulder capes are more my aesthetic.

Marvel: Well you’ll have to keep his friends, the Warriors Three…

Taika: They’re already dead.

Marvel: No, well, ok, but his father, Odin…

Taika: Don’t need him.

Marvel: …is the king of Asgard.

Taika: As-what? Get rid of it.

Marvel: And his adopted brother Loki is always the villain.

Taika: That little shit? He’s just an over dramatic theatre nerd.

Marvel: Ugh, well Thor has…two eyes?

Taika: Who needs two eyes?

Marvel: Why did we-

Taika: You love me.