EXO’s Reaction to Seeing You Without Makeup


Since appearances aren’t that important to Xiumin, he wouldn’t make it a big deal when you took off your makeup; in fact, he probably wouldn’t notice at first. It wasn’t until you pointed it out that he’d just nod his approval before changing the subject.


When you walked out bare-faced, Chen would seize the opportunity to tease you. “Eww, jagi, you look sick!” he’d laugh. When he saw how unimpressed you were with his jokes, he’d quickly pull you into his arms, peppering your face with kisses and telling you how beautiful you really are.


Nervous about being bare-faced in front of Baekhyun, your anxiety would quickly disappear as you saw the look on his face. “Jagiya~ You look so cute!” he’d say, smiling at you, sincere adoration obvious in his expression. 


Chanyeol would be another who doesn’t even notice that you weren’t wearing makeup until you pointed it out. He’d raise his eyebrows, letting out a small expression of shock, claiming he hadn’t been able to tell the difference because you were so beautiful no matter what.


You wouldn’t say anything about your makeup-free face as you sat down by Lay, wondering if he’d notice. “Jagi…are you wearing makeup?” he’d ask. You’d respond ‘no’, nervous about how he would react. He’d simply smile and kiss your forehead, saying you’re perfect anyway.


It wasn’t often that D.O would express in words how much you meant to him, however he’d take this opportunity to. He’d gently take your face in his hands and tell you how stunning you looked without makeup, making you blush with his intensity. 


Suho would’ve been encouraging you to go bare-faced in the first place. “Jagi, I don’t wear makeup around you much, so you shouldn’t have to around me,” he’d insist. When you did finally take off your makeup, he’d smile happily, kissing all over your face.


Kai would let out a small “Woah!” when you came out without makeup. Initially you thought it was a negative reaction, however you could see he was teasing you. He’d gently kiss your forehead and move on, silently assuring you that you’re beautiful just like this.


Before you could confront him first about it, Sehun would immediately ask why you don’t go out bare-faced more since you look so beautiful. You’d remain quiet, stunned by his enthusiasm, and he’d make sure to throw in a teasing remark: “I mean, nobody’s as perfect as me jagi, but you’re a close second.”