Thing A Day 61

No sssteal Floran fungusss hat!

Though that survivalist’s vest and shorts don’t seem like they fit Rafflesia right – then again Floran have never been known for their high morals.

Anyways, all done! Decided to go with some flat color for this one as compared to the cel-shaded look – it just seemed like it’d work better that way (and I’ve probably been working on this for too long as-is, aside).

Thing A Day 311
Felicia, because… it’s Felicia, I guess. I find it easier to draw my favorite characters when I’m having trouble drawing my own.

I think I got a little too wrapped up in the idea and kinda threw caution to the wind when it came to proportions. I still had a lot of fun with it, at least.

I did a very basic sketch on Tuesday night, but completed the rest  yesterday morning.

(I’d recommend the full view since Tumblr apparently doesn’t like the tones I use.)

This isn’t exactly an idea I haven’t visited before, but it was just too much fun to pass up on.

I know people like bright shiny colors, but I fell in love with halftones a long time ago. I might put up a color version in the future, but I’m happy with how this came out overall, so who knows?


Video Game Valentines - Set Two
(Full set here!)
(Part one on Tumblr here!)

A couple of days ago I had an idea for “tragic video game Valentine’s cards.” The tragic theme didn’t quite stick with all of ‘em, but I wanted to keep a certain aesthetic to it - not sure it’s really minimalist, but it was a whole lot of fun to work on this week.

Send ‘em to your loved (or hated) ones, and check out the full set at my site.