Hey Deathfrisbee-ers! We've filled our team! :D

Please welcome copacetic-cackleberry to our team. :D That makes fifteen! Remember that registration starts at noon today 9/26 your local time.

ALSO! I’ve created a blog for our team (teamdeathfrisbee). I haven’t done anything to it yet, but if you guys send me your email addresses, i can add you as members of the blog and then any one of us can post directly to it that way we don’t have to keep tagging each other every time we post about Gishwhes.

Team Deathfrisbee is now full :D


There were some last minute changes to our team, but we now have everyone signed up and part of our team on the GISHWHES site!

Final list of team members, below the read more, so if you haven’t added everyone, please do. :D It’ll help if we know each other a bit before we get going.

ALSO, if you haven’t joined yet, we have our own tumblr for talking with each other, Team Deathfrisbee.

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