democrats and republicans- please read

Thank you Barack Obama for healing my sore throat with your magestic healing powers.
Oh wait, that wasn’t him, that was the Ricola company.
Thank you Barack Obama for personally killing Osama Bin Laden.
Oh wait, that wasn’t him, that was the Navy Seals.
Thank you Barack Obama for spending nearly 11 trillion dollars within 4 years, which is more money spent than every single other president before him’s spending combined. And thank you for having policies that have caused the slowest economic stimulation within the past 60 years. And thank you for having only 3 people at the Benghazi Embassy, where people were burning American flags, to protect our Ambassador (if you can count, that’s a total of only 4 Americans, who were placed smack dab in the middle of some blood-thirsty Muslims, who then went on to murder the 4 people). Thank you for then lying to the American people, covering for the Muslims and apologizing on behalf of America, by saying the next day that the attack wasn’t an act of terror, even though emails that have been displayed from the night before clearly showed that you knew it was indeed a terror attack, and it only took you 13 days to finally come out and say it. And lastly, thank you Barack Obama for ultimately raising the unemployment rate nearly 3%, raising gas prices nearly $2 since you took office, decreasing home values by 12%, increasing the national debt by almost 50%, increasing national spending higher than its been since WWII, and growing the number of Americans depending on government food stamps by nearly 15 million people.

Lolololol I clicked on that troll’s blog because I was ~~**that bored**~~, and someone said I only attacked his spelling because I couldn’t attack the substance of the argument.

Let’s just disregard that I tore his initial argument to pieces and he refused to accept that.