raging ruby

“You came from Johto? My favorite snack in the world is from your region. It’s something-candy-something, I can’t remember what exactly it’s called…”

“Oh! The Rage Candy Bar?”

“Yeah, that’s it! It’s supposed to be your version of Lava Cookies. But I’ll take those bars any day because they taste so much better! The way they just melt in your mouth…mmm, I’ll never get sick of them. Shame they’re so hard to come by here in Hoenn. You wouldn’t happent o have one with you right now, do you?”

“Well, as a matter of fact…”

“You’re kidding. Holy cow! How much do you want for it?”

“No, no, take it! We have a whole box full of it back home. They’re my dad’s favorite, too, so we made sure we brought a lot over during the move.”

“Hey, thanks so much! You’re officially my favorite person ever. You said you were interviewing people, right? Dude, you can ask me enough questions to write my biography if you have more of these to spare.”

So one thing I noticed about Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship is that even though they were arguing they never insulted each other or tried to hurt each other. Like, they were disagreeing about what to do about Pearl but they weren’t antagonizing each other. In fact, all of Ruby’s rage dissipated when she saw Sapphire crying and when Ruby called herself stupid Sapphire said “I don’t think you’re stupid”. Like you can see they care about each other and love each other even though they’re fighting and it’s just so nice to see a couple where they don’t keep trying to one-up or hurt the other and the fact that it’s a queer relationship just makes it so much better. I just love this show so much.


cries so me and my friend Chrissy (dorkyreindeer) made a Steven Universe AU where literally everything is the same but the characters are replaced with youtubers like we spent 20 mins trying to come up with a list!

so i drew fanart of course, cause i had to, the first thing i drew was Markinet (lmao) and then ariny and dannyipphire??? (im bad at names shut up)

anyways so the list is this:

Markiplier: Garnet
Arin/Danny: Ruby/Sapphire
Pewdiepie: Peridot
Tobuscus: Steven
Rhett/Link: Greg/Rose
Cr1tikal: Buck Dewey
Joel: Jenny
Vinny: Sour Cream
Jontron: Ametheyst
Cryaotic: Connie
Michael: Lars
Gavin: Sadie
JacksFilms: Lapis
Game Theorist: Ronaldo
Vanoss: Sugilite
Minx: Jasper
PBG: Mayor Dewey
Mortem3r: Stevonnie
Nash Grier: Onion
SwimmingBird: Pearl
Bob: Opal
Wade: Uncle Grandpa
JackCepticEye: Malachite


Red with love, I resonate
From my crimson heart
A scarlet emotion spreads
Ruby roses bloom

Red with anger, I unleash
From my crimson blood
A scarlet rage escapes
Ruby roses wither

Red with shame, I hide
From my crimson fear
A scarlet anxiety appears
Ruby roses die

Red with despair, I fathom
From my crimson soul
A scarlet downfall begins
Ruby roses burn

Red with victory, I boast
From my crimson self
A scarlet climb ends
Ruby roses grow

Red with end, I last
From my crimson husk
A scarlet life stops
Ruby roses no more

Can I Make It Up To You?

Garnet walks out of the surf spent and soaking, water rolling off of her in small waves and beading on her brow. She’s been gone all day, bubbling splintered gem bits at the bottom of the ocean. She nearly split when she saw some of the ones that had been forced to fuse.

She couldn’t let homeworld experiment with them anymore, it was – it was fusion! That should be enough of a reason for anyone.

“It was fusion,” Garnet whispers, a small pang of pain nagging at her as she thinks of Pearl. How Pearl deliberately tricked her into fusing, simply because it made her feel stronger. It makes her ache to think that was the only reason; she feels it keenly as Ruby rages, and as Sapphire tempers her flame. She winces almost imperceptibly – to any outsider it would’ve been a facial twitch.

Sand catches between her toes, the small grains making their ephemeral home there as she slopes back up to the small wooden house that abucks the temple. Garnet stands with her hand on the splintering railing for a moment, hesitating before slowly making her way up the stairs. The porch is bathed in moonlight, cool, silver; she, too, is soon enveloped by the glow, if only for a moment.

The first thing the fusion sees when she walks in the door is another glow, a bluish one, projecting from the couch. No, not from the couch, she realises as she steps closer. From Pearl. Or more specifically, her gem. Garnet knows she should wake her up, but something catches her eye that makes her hesitate.

The holo-pearl in her dream is on her knees, her fragile upper body folded over on her them, head held in her hands. There are tears dripping onto the ground from between her fingers. Garnet sees a monochrome version of herself standing over her, hands on hips, a furious, disapproving look on her face.

“You are no better than them,” she hears herself say over the quiet whimpers and gasps of the smaller gem. “I never expected this of you, but I s'pose you always were a weak gem. Always a pearl.”

Garnet feels like she’s been destabilised a million times over, feels like she wants to shrink into her respective gems and hide away. She shouldn’t be seeing this.

“I’m so sorry, Garnet, I’m trying!” Looking up again she finds the dream pearl and the sleeping gem next to her speaking in unison. Hot tears are rolling down her flushed teal cheeks, dripping onto the pillow under her head in silence. “I’m trying to find Peridot! I’m trying to make it up to you!”

The hologram flickered and went out, Pearl’s eyelashes fluttering, still in a half dream state. “Not enough – never enough – never will be enough.”

Garnet shook Pearl’s shoulder, kneeling next to the couch. The smaller gem’s eyes opened wide, moving away from the fusion slightly. “Pearl,” Garnet began, her hand still on Pearl’s arm, “I know a lot has passed between us. I’m not saying that what happened was okay, and I’m not saying that I’m not still upset about it. I am. But you need to stop beating yourself up about it. I’m trying to move on, Pearl. You should too.”

Garnet was standing up to leave when Pearl’s hand caught the tips of her fingers, shaking slightly. “Garnet, fusing with you .. wasn’t just about becoming stronger. I felt so confident, I felt so … loved. Loved in a way that I haven’t been familiar with, but always wanted to be. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before, I don’t know why you would care to know now. I’m just a pearl.”

The fusion’s stomach drops. Pearl liked her? How long had she repressed emotions for the dainty sword fighter? Definitely since before Rose died. It had been part of the reason why she couldn’t forgive Pearl for months. Because she thought she had felt that overwhelming love coming from Pearl too, only to be told that she was mistaken.

“Pearl I -” she begins, “you know why you felt that when we were fused. I’ve never been very discreet with my emotions when I share a consciousness with anyone, let alone someone I feel so –” Garnet inhales sharply, taking Pearl’s hands in her own. A small, pained grin graces her lips. She was never good with words. “Can I kiss you?” She asks instead.

“Only if you’re sure,” Pearl replies quietly, tears running down her face. Her eyes shine as she looks at Garnet, star clusters pooling on her bottom lids, spilling over to create the comets racing across her cheeks.

The moment their lips touch is timid, awkward even, just sharing each other’s air for a moment before the fusion cradles Pearl’s cheeks in her maroon hands and fully presses their mouths together. Ever so slowly she pulls away, pressing their foreheads together as they do at the end of their dance, and looks Pearl in the eyes. “You felt loved because you are loved. By Steven and Amethyst … and by me.” Garnet rubs her thumb under Pearl’s eyes, catching the lingering tears there, and presses her lips to Pearl’s once more. Reassurance, love, unadulterated joy. Emotions she hasn’t felt in months, all flowing through her like a current of electricity.

The next morning Amethyst finds Garnet lying on her back on the couch. A blanket is pulled over Pearl, who is dozing with her head tucked into the crook of Garnet’s neck; the fusion’s arm is curled around the smaller gem.

“It’s about time,” She murmurs.

Steven Universe: Blue Diamond [ENTJ]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by thedarkmonarch

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Blue Diamond is very much a take-control gem. She is the one to oversee the homeworld’s occupation of Earth. To which, Blue Diamond controls her subordinates with an iron fist. She has no patience for nonsense or anything less than perfection from her subordinates.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Blue Diamond has a strong desire to understand the future. To accomplish this end, she has Sapphire within her inner circle. She recognizes that certain events will have consequences in the future and holds all of her subordinates to an extreme degree of responsibility.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Blue Diamond is very beautifully dressed. She carries the trappings of aristocracy and has a firm understanding of her surroundings. This puts her in the ideal position to strategize against the rebellion.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Blue Diamond’s emotional range is limited to extreme rage at those who she feels wronged by. This is evident when she rages at Ruby for letting the rebels escape and smash her crystal.