raging ruby


Freeing Red Rage

While the Crystal Gems were clearing out the Beta Kindergarten of Jasper’s captured, corrupted gems from their cages, Steven finds Red Rage, a semi-corrupted Ruby. She was captured by Jasper, who trapped in a cell of her own in the weathered kindergarten.

The situation made the already distrustful Ruby even more wary of strangers.

Steven convinces the agitated Ruby to accept his help and, after bubbling every gem monster they could find, the Crystal Gems leave the emptied Beta Kindergarten with Red Rage in tow.

(Commissioned by @hyperhare88! Many thanks!)

Barbarian Week: Barbaric Magic Items!

These are some new homebrew magic items that work especially well for the barbarians in your D&D group! Happy barbarian week, everyone! (I tried to stay away from straight-up weapons, opting for things that either work off of a barbarian’s rage ability, play to a barbarian’s strengths, or give more HP rather than AC)

Cleaving Weapon

Rare, any slashing weapon

Such weapons have a thick blade, almost like a guillotine. They are outfitted with heavy duty iron chains grafted to the blade and hooked onto the haft or hilt. After killing an enemy with a Cleaving Weapon, you can make an additional free melee attack with it against an adjacent enemy at a -5 penalty to attack.

Greater Cleaving Weapon

Very Rare, any slashing weapon

After killing an enemy with a Greater Cleaving Weapon, you can make an additional free melee attack with it against an adjacent enemy at a -2 penalty to attack.

Karmic Weapon

Very Rare, any melee weapon, requires attunement

This weapon usually has a hand guard with wicked bone spines jutting out of it. Its hilt or haft is wrapped with stingray skin leather. Whenever a creature successfully lands a melee attack against you, if that creature is in your threatened area, you may use your reaction to make a melee attack against that creature with your Karmic Weapon.

Mask of Focused Fury

Uncommon, head, requires attunement by a barbarian

This mask is a magically treated elk skull. It does not have antlers but streams of fire jet out of the two spots where antlers would normally go, and only while the wearer is raging. While enraged, if you are attuned to this mask and are subjected to a WIS saving throw, you may end your rage early using your reaction to gain a bonus on the saving throw equal to your proficiency modifier. Once you use this item, it cannot be used again until you finish a long rest.

Helm of the Mad Gods

Very Rare, head, requires attunement by a barbarian

This spangenhelm looks to be magically shaped several strips of metal twisted together. The rivets seem to shift like metallic eyes. While raging, roll an additional damage die whenever you roll for damage. The target of each of your attacks is determined randomly. Only creatures within a radius equal to your movement speed centered on you are eligible to be attacked, and you will move if necessary to attempt to attack such creatures. If there is only one creature within this range you have a 25% chance to attack at imaginary enemies, completely ignoring other creatures for that round. This does not end your rage prematurely.

Torc of Restoration

Rare, arm, requires attunement by a barbarian

This armband of woven gold can be used once a day as a bonus action to remove a condition currently afflicting you or else heal you for 4d4+4 HP. Using this ability expends one daily use of your rage.

Sash of Ceaseless Furor

Uncommon, waist, requires attunement

This woolen cloth belt is red with an orange pattern that looks like dragon scales. You may use this sash to enter a barbarian rage for one minute once per day as a free action. If you are a barbarian, this rage lasts for two minutes instead and expends a use of your rage as normal.

Maul of Havoc

Rare, any martial bludgeoning weapon, requires attunement by a barbarian

Most Mauls of Havoc are blessed by Kord and are made of a heavy metal with his holy symbol somewhere prominent on the business end. The weapon always proves to be a lot heavier than it looks. It is actually testing its potential wielders, becoming lighter for those that can successfully lift it. This weapon is treated as a +1 magic weapon. You can expend a daily use of your rage ability to deal a bonus 6d10 force damage when attacking an unattended, nonmagical object.

Oil of Blunting Blows

Rare, oil

This thick paste is an ocher color with green flecks in it. It smells strongly of troll sweat. When you apply this oil to your skin, a process taking about one minute, you gain 30 temporary hit points that fade after two hours or after you have taken over 30 damage.

Harness of the Boar

Very Rare, torso, requires attunement by a barbarian

These mystic leather straps and belts are inscribed with pictographs from some lost civilization. While wearing the harness, if you are reduced to zero HP during a rage, you continue to fight. However, you must attack the nearest creature each round, even if it is an ally. If there is more than one possible target, you must roll randomly. You continue to roll a Death saving throw each round as you normally would while at 0 HP. If you stabilize, you gain one level of exhaustion and fall unconscious.

Rings of Shared Temper

Rare, finger, requires attunement by two creatures.

This pair of rings come clasped together. They each look like two pieces of Arborean wood woven together, either grown that way or through magical means. While two creatures are each wearing one of these two rings and are attuned to them, they empathically share their strongest emotions. One wearer can make an Insight check against the other’s CHA check to determine how the other is feeling at any given moment. Strong emotions may not require a check at the discretion of the DM. Most notably, when a barbarian attuned to one ring enters a rage while another creature is wearing and attuned to the other ring, that creature also enters a rage. The creature may attempt a DC 16 WIS saving throw to resist the effect.

Vest of the Owlbear

Very Rare, torso, requires attunement

This thick vest has large feathers on the openings for the arms and head and is fitted with bone clasps. A creature wearing this owlbear leather vest has their maximum hit point total increased by 15. Once per day, the wearer can cast Enhance Ability on themselves, choosing Bear’s Endurance.

Blade of the Falling Star

Legendary, requires attunement

This sword is a wide, rectangular blade with a thick barbed point facing the enemy. Upon it is engraved the epic tale of a celestial that fell from the heavens to the material plane to offer their guidance in times of dire need. When you speak the celestial’s name, it shimmers a baby blue. This weapon is treated as a +2 greatsword. A creature attuned to this weapon deals +2d4 Radiant damage on attacks with the weapon while they have less than half of their maximum hit point total.

Emblem of Fire

Very Rare, chest, requires attunement by a barbarian

This golden brooch is emblazoned with rubies cut to look like fire. When you enter a rage, the rubies glow hot and red. You may use a bonus action to cast Fire Shield on yourself.

Gauntlets of Titangrip

Rare, hands, requires attunement

These hefty mitts are made of a secret gray dwarven iron and are carved with runes on the backhand and palms. The knuckles are embellished with stout talons. When you grapple a creature that is at least one size category larger than you, they cannot choose to automatically escape your grapple. When grappling a creature that is equal to your size category, you gain +2 to the roll.

That Damned Cape of Hers

Hiya all! I’ve had this fic idea rattling around my head for a while now and finally managed to get it out. Its another White Rose piece, and I hope you guys like it!

I’d also like to give another shout out to @weissrose as my inspiration for writing this. His amazing RWBY fanfics are awesome and the highlight of my day. 

Anyways, this fic is featured around the idea that there were four times Weiss could distinctly remember hating Ruby’s cape, and one time she couldn’t.

Enjoy! :D

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Steven Universe: Blue Diamond [ISTJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by mysterylover123 & thedarkmonarch


Introverted Sensing (Si): In 5000 years, Blue Diamond has never gotten over the death of Pink, and returns to the precise spot where she died to reminisce on what happened before the earth is destroyed. Blue is perennially living in the past, stuck in going over this one moment she can’t move past; this contrasts her sharply with Yellow Diamond (INTJ), who is always looking forward, always concentrating on the future. She keeps around all the reminders of Pink Diamond, including the Rose Quartz gems, the Human Zoo, and even seems to have trouble letting go of the Earth, where Pink met her demise. Blue is also a traditionalist; she follows the orders and ideals laid out by Gem society, ordering Ruby to be shattered for violating those rules. During ‘Rose’s’ trial, she insists that ‘Rose’ relate every detail of her shattering of Pink Diamond, and corrects he when she is wrong. She seems to go along with the Diamond goals of destroying and conquering planets because it’s her duty or what’s expected of her, rather than because of a true commitment to the long-term goal, or inner desire for it (mysterylover123)

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Blue Diamond is very much a take-control gem. She is the one to oversee home world’s occupation of earth. To which, Blue Diamond controls her subordinates with an iron fist. She has no patience for nonsense or anything less than perfection from her subordinates (thedarkmonarch.) When Blue is not with the few people she forms a trusting, emotional bond with (Yellow, Greg, Blue Pearl), she adopts a cold, demanding, authoritative attitude. Her Te shows itself around her servants or any other gems/beings she does not consider her equals. She struggles to comprehend the nature of the earth (“How could a being as fragile as a human survive, and a being as powerful as a diamond perish?”); how, indeed, could something so objectively powerful be destroyed? But Blue does not seek to analyze or descover these whys and wherefores. Simply, she wishes to take action, to do what needs to be done while she can (mysterylover123).

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Blue’s emotions are pretty obvious during her season 4 onwards story arcs; however, as mentioned above, she only opens up and shows her inner emotions to a selected handful of beings with whom she feels comfortable. She forms a sudden, strong emotional bond with Greg over their shared loss, despite him being a human and knowing very little about him. She still holds on to her love for Pink, even when Pink is long perished. Her morality, of course, is hard to detect in any form since she’s a despotic overlord, but she does seem to have objections to not giving ‘Rose’ a fair trial (which may be due to her private need for vengeance rather than morality) (mysterylover123). Blue Diamond’s emotional range is limited to extreme rage at those who she feels wronged by. This is evident when she rages at Ruby for letting the rebels escape and smash her crystal (thedarkmonarch)

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Blue seeks to assure herself about the future, about the negative possibilities that could occur, by having an actual Sapphire come to her court and give her solid, concrete predictions. She has no reliance on her own intuition or gut feelings; she needs to be reassured that the future will be all right. She is open to the possibilities presented at ‘Rose’s’ trial, to the option that things may not be quite right and that ‘Rose’ isn’t even Rose at all; this contrasts her with Yellow again (Ni-dom). (mysterylover123)

NOTE: RETYPE in light of recent Steven Universe episodes, by user request. Used some of TDM’s original typing to build on the re-type. (mysterylover123)

I think ‘Hit the Diamond’ really put into perspective just how HURT Sapphire was about Pearl’s betrayal in ‘Cry for Help’ and how she acted in ‘Keystone Motel’

In all the previous episodes with Sapphire in them, we see her as this very serious, stoic individual with this permeating sense of calm. With episode’s like ‘The Answer, we see her as a bit more talkative and a bit more happy, but she was still very mellow in those regards.

In Keystone Motel, she was almost literally a block of ice. cold, a tad standoffish. Not really expressive in any sense. It wasn’t until she has her little breakdown that she started to come back to her normal self, letting slip some giggles and laughs because of Ruby cheering her up

Now, in Hit the Diamond, she WAS able to calm Ruby down a lot but she ALSO played along with her. She was giggly and happy and was just having so much fun with Ruby that she was actually DETRIMENTAL to their whole plan. They were such goofy flirts together and Sapphire was just an extremely nice and kind person, not cold or stoic in any way.

So that just SHOWS you how HURT she was in that situation with Pearl. The line ‘Can’t you see? I’m completely engulfed with Rage.’ could have been written off as a joke like ‘haha you have no expression tho’ BUT THATS THE POINT. Her having no expression or emotion IS her version of Rage, and Ruby knew that and that’s why she said ‘Well, it doesn’t FEEL like it!’. Because Ruby can SEE that Sapphire isn’t expressing her discomfort so she KNOWS she’s upset, however, Ruby also knows that Sapphire is very emotive too. So Sapphire pretending like she’s NOT feeling anything is what’s driving Ruby up the wall the entire episode because Ruby KNOWS her, and knows that this isn’t like her.

I dunno, I just found it super interesting that we can now see Sapphire as her true self, not this stoic person to Ruby’s passionate one, but to this happy and kind individual that MATCHES Ruby’s passion just as much, but in a different way


cries so me and my friend Chrissy (dorkyreindeer) made a Steven Universe AU where literally everything is the same but the characters are replaced with youtubers like we spent 20 mins trying to come up with a list!

so i drew fanart of course, cause i had to, the first thing i drew was Markinet (lmao) and then ariny and dannyipphire??? (im bad at names shut up)

anyways so the list is this:

Markiplier: Garnet
Arin/Danny: Ruby/Sapphire
Pewdiepie: Peridot
Tobuscus: Steven
Rhett/Link: Greg/Rose
Cr1tikal: Buck Dewey
Joel: Jenny
Vinny: Sour Cream
Jontron: Ametheyst
Cryaotic: Connie
Michael: Lars
Gavin: Sadie
JacksFilms: Lapis
Game Theorist: Ronaldo
Vanoss: Sugilite
Minx: Jasper
PBG: Mayor Dewey
Mortem3r: Stevonnie
Nash Grier: Onion
SwimmingBird: Pearl
Bob: Opal
Wade: Uncle Grandpa
JackCepticEye: Malachite


(special thanks to @hyperhare88 and @empyrisan for giving me enough confidence to post this gem!!)

Hey guys, here are the first concept drawings of my little Rubysona! She’s a star ruby nicknamed Socks (because you’ll never see her wearing the same pair of socks with her lil heeled boots). After the shattering of Pink Diamond she was one of several ruby soldiers deployed, but her unique gem earned her torture and torment from her team on a daily basis. Because of this strain she was poofed before she could even fight. Her gem laid dormant in the battlefield for thousands of years by choice, only to be discovered very alone and afraid by the Ruby Squad, who eventually adopted her into their squad. She trains every day to be as strong as her teammates, but most importantly she is learning what love means, and that she’s deserved love all along.

Also, she can summon a huge hammer triple her size (she’s smaller than the average ruby), she’s sweet with a sassy side once the shyness disappears, and absolutely 50000000% adores @hyperhare88‘s ruby Red Rage. I learn more about Socks every day, and I look forward to sharing more about her in the future!

[left photo is pre-squad, right photo is post-squad.. this is absolutely the most i’ve ever drawn on a tablet, my technique isn’t perfect but i’m excited to learn and draw more over time!!]


Sorry Ruby, Maids don’t get capes. And Hope players don’t get the color red, either. this was impossible to resist it’s two of my favorite fandoms in one omg

Their god tiers are as follows: Yang, Knight of Rage. Ruby, Maid of Hope. Weiss, Mage of Time. Blake, Thief of Void. This was hella fun but also took too damn long to finish bc omg depleting levels of motivation QAQ