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Car Horn Broken? Use This Video Of A Man Telling Cars To Move Out Of The Way

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theblueempath  asked:

Berserk meme - Emma approaches Lucas, slowly, with her hands up in front of her to be as non-threatening as possible. At the same time, she's trying to sooth his rage with her powers, exposing her mind to his as she imparts calming emotions to subdue his aggressive ones.

The ‘marine’ would have turned to face the empath with an expression of utter fury on his face. His hatred and rage manifesting themselves as a fire brick red color of skin, his eyes glowed with a slightly red-tinged white hot brilliance from an unfathomable amount of rage. Thankfully a horn had not yet started to grow but Emma would have seen an area on his forehead beginning to darken, the place where the horn would have started to sprout forth from.

Her attempts to calm him have an effect for he doesn’t immediately attack her. However her mind would have been assaulted by images of war shaped by the emotions he felt, war unlike anything the empath had ever seen. A momentary flash of a view from orbit of gigantic black typhoon covering a planet’s continent , illuminated from below by a hellish orange glow. Another moment, another scene of destruction, the feeling of a helplessness and loss would have battered Emma like the waves of a Typhoon crashing against a jetty. She would have been able to see what the Covenant had done, the atrocities, the unspeakable horrors inflicted onto humanity at their hands. The overwhelming agony of personal loss and suffering Lucas had buried deep in his heart for so very long would have tear at Emma’s mind like a razor-sharp wind. The unyielding desires Lucas had for vengeance, revenge, and bloodshed onto the Covenant would have felt like being near a very hot fire, which transformed into a feeling of being near a fresh lava flow as the marine started to come closer to her. 

Each of his footsteps cracked the ground around his feet and shook it like how a lightning bolt striking nearby would. Emma would have noticed that the grass near his feet browned and then smoldered under some kind of intense heat, whether it was by fire magic or by the sheer strength of his rage alone. The air would have felt like it was becoming more and more electrified as he drew closer and closer until he stopped a mere three meters from her. 

Emma would have felt something else well up, something that was struggling to float above the emotions that were currently attacking her mind. A feeling of hope, of dedication to duty, an absolutely unyielding force of willpower. The human part of Lucas was still there, still fighting to gain control over the oni part of himself. 

Emma’s calming emotions were starting to calm his own for the intensity of the emotions bombarding her mind were beginning to dull, but the real question would be weather or not Emma could withstand connecting to his mind for much longer. 


Sweet, beautiful youth,

Bull-horned, raging, monstrosity.

Delighting in earthly pleasures,

Bringer of death and calamity.

Sensual destroyer,

A terrifying friend.

Granting life and rebirth,

By embracing the end.

Contradiction in motion,

Constant enigma and mystery.

Stripping men of their masks,

Possessing with ecstasy.

All of these things, yet none,

Shirking definition.

The Great God Dionysus,

So much more than a drinking addiction.


Hey Taylor!! I’m Natalie. I’ll be at your San Diego show tomorrow, August 29th! I’ll be going as a rainbow pegacorn, so look out for a raging girl with a horn on her head on the floor.
see you there (!!!!!!!!!!)
ps. I’m going to cover up the “daydream” on the shirt and make it say “pegacorn”