raging erection



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Thirteenth Century Kamakura Times
Silk color design: 192.3 x 75.8 cm
National Museum of Asian Art
       King Kong Chaomao Wang also known as King Kong, King Kong eat food, in the north. Can eat food evil, disaster relief, destroy the evil spirits. King Kong Cha Cha Wang Department of the five king of the king. King Kong sector in the wisdom of the system, the Ming Wang for the north is not empty achievements of the teachings of the wheel. King Kong faltering the king of the shape, the head of the horse Wang bun (that is, the hair on the vertical, like a horse rage, horse mane erected the shape).
      Because it can eat all the evil industry of all beings, so that King Kong Yan mouth; because of its black, so called big black; because it can swallow evil affection, so that King Kong do. Miss the taste of food King Kong, tuning the King Kong, law enforcement King Kong. As a result of God as the main body to repair the King Kong night fork method, its purpose is to get rid of the difficulties, seeking official. In the East secret of many amendments to the law, the Department of the secret law is the secret law.

  • Male students: *wear shirts with half naked girls on them, sag their pants, wear wife beaters, wears shirts with curse words on them*
  • Teachers: k
  • Female students: *shows their shoulders, wears jeans that are ripped above the knee, wears a skirt*
  • Teachers: I'm sorry you're gonna have to go home because the slight bit of shoulder or leg that you showed gave our 30+ year old teachers raging erections, you're gonna have to go home :/
Soaking through

The wanting is so strong
I want u
I want to share with you
I want to ask about your body & how its doing
I want you to tell me your balls are swollen & your dick is hard
Every morning
I want you to tell me you feel it every day
You rub yourself, rub your aching balls
And they swell & sit high
& ache for me to touch
And lick…
Feel your dick get so hard it hurts
You can feel the tip pushing thru
You cant hide your raging, throbbing erection
You have to sit down, you have to breathe
Youre straining not to cum in your pants
You want me to see it
You want to show it to me, watch it flex & throb
You want me to gasp
And feel my juices start to flow & drool at the sight of your tight, bulging pants
You want me to yearn to reach out & touch it
You want me to rub it through the fabric
Feeling myself burning to straddle you & sit on
Your hard cock
Your huge erection
Caused by me
Youre making me wet
The harder you get
The more your balls tingle
The more you strain
The more you want to rub, to give your aching balls some kind of relief
You want to push up behind me
Push your raging dick onto my ass
Fuck me through my clothes
Make me feel how hard you want me
How badly you want to fuck me
Force yourself on me
Place your dick on me
And push
See how hard & fast you can rub
Anywhere, on my ass, my leg, my hip
See where you can enter
See what entryway you can push your dick into
& feel a tight enveloping
That thrash of ecstasy all around your rock-hard dick
Feel it overtake you as you lose your breath & your mind
Want to release on me, want to claim me as your own
Want to shove wildly in me & cum…
All over me, cover me in your hot seed

Dirty Justin One shot

(Y/N) pov

I squeezed my eyes shut as light moans left my lips. I knew that I wouldn’t have to be so quiet to the fact that I turned on the washing machine to block out any noise. I still laid there in the cramped room in hopes that daddy doesn’t find me touching myself again.

I pressed onto my bottom lip as the vibrations helped me furfill my need. I really really needed to fill daddy inside of me. He’s been away for so long I would of lost my mind. Just the thought of his raging hard erection standing there almost in a mock. Daddy loves to tease the hell out of me.

He almost never let me finish off. Only when I was good but how could I be? He was very impatient and so so demanding. He took care of me though. He knew how to really make me lose my mind. Just like now. I laid onto the cold tile laundry room floor gripping onto the vibrator for dear life as my mind had accidently wondered to Daddy.

He always gave me this intense look when I lied to him. I never mean to but his punishments was just as severe as his strokes. I could feel my climax coming at this point. I tried so so hard to not make any noise but I needed to be filled. I needed him to fill me up once again even if it was just for a second.

Just as I was feeling my edge the door opened. I stood up stiff as my wide eyes found Daddy’s tense gaze. “J-Justin?"I asked knowing me calling him by his name only made him angry. His right eyebrow rose as he crossed his arms. I took the vibrator out of my soaked undies and gave him an innocent look.

Like I said before. He almost never lets me climax. "I don’t recall giving you permission to touch yourself."He speaks in a harsh tone. His brown orbs only darken at the sight of how soaked I was. I don’t reply. How could I? His muscles bulding out of his rolled up sleeves. I wouldn’t be lying if I said it turned me on even more.

"Princess, what did I say about not replying?"He asks squating so that we were eye level. Why was he so patient? He was only patient when he was going to give the worse of punishment. "I’m sorry Daddy."I quickly find my voice. He makes a tight small smile. He quickly nods and stands back up.

"Go to the room."He demands taking off his tie. My eyebrow raises as I nod and head to our bedroom. He skipped punishment? Is Daddy okay? "Strip."He demands closing our door. I take off his t-shirt and my socks along with my drenched panties and face him.

"You’ve been a really naughty girl lately, Princess."He mentions as he unbuckles his white shirt. "I-I’m sorry, daddy."I apologize taking a seat onto the bed. He kicks off his shoes and goes for his socks. His eyes never leaving mine. Just filling my eyes with such intensity. "I think you actually love disobeying me, princess."He smirks.

His smirks weren’t good, ever. "N-No."I lie only earning a light chuckle. He pulls down his briefs presenting his long thick erection. I lick my lips trying to tear my eyes away but it’s been the crave of the week. I go towards the nightstand and pull out a condom and lube. "Oh, no need for lube, babygirl."He smirks. I look at him with pure shock.

"I-I…"I lick my lips. Yes, I was dripping but I was never actually ever ready for such a shaft in my life. When I said he filled me up, I meant fill me up. "You lie, steal my toys, and go behind my back? I think princess needs a new punishment method."He explains grabbing the condom.

I only did what I could at this moment. I wasn’t as excited. I was alot more that Daddy was letting me reach a new level of fun. He’s going to let me enjoy his shaft fully. "Open up, princess."He steps over. I spread my legs feeling my heart race as his tip is at my entrance. He grips my thighs before sliding in with a little speed. I bit onto my bottom lip as his pelvis made it’s way deep inside me before he pulled out.

I accidently let out a scream of frustration. "D-Daddy, ple-"I stiffen as he rams his pelvis deep inside of me. My eyes slam shut as his pace only quicken. I felt sore as he slammed into me repeatedly leaving me no room to breathe or catch my breath. I let out a loud throaty moan as his thrust felt rather pleasureable.

I clenched onto the sheets we shared as he only placed my legs on his shoulder and slammed into me even more. My moans got louder as I finally felt Daddy deep inside of me. He stopped for a minute my eyes opened and confused, almost irritated.

"Missionary are for religious people. Come ride, Daddy."He smirks laying down. I straddle over him looking into his eyes. I’ve done this before. Riding daddy was my favorite. I sat onto his tip only earning his rough hands at my hips forcing me to go down on him completely. I laid my hands onto his toned chest and rolled my hips counter-clockwise. He lets out a light groan.

I grab ahold of his large hands and hold them over mine connecting our hands before bouncing onto his shaft. He lets out even louder groans as he watches me go up sort of slow feeling my insides cling onto his erection. He lets go of my hands and grabs onto my hips as I move back and forth. His rough large hands slap away at my ass as I ride him in different ways just to drive him even crazier.

I started to bounce once more as I felt my high seeking through. "D-Daddy, I’m going to…-"I moan viciously as I grip onto his chest my nails digging into his flesh. He lets out a loud groan signaling he reached his peak. "No."He lets out stopping me. I stare at him wide eyed as he layed me next to him.

"B-But Daddy."I begged as I watched him pull off his condom. "Good girls cum. You’ve been a naughty one, princess."He explains before pulling me to his chest. I lay there until my breath was caught. See? Daddy almost never lets me finish. Being a good girl is hard. Espically when Daddy leaves for weeks at a time for work.

He places a kiss onto my forehead before light snores left his mouth. Maybe I’ll just go to the restroom? I needed to fill him but I need to finish up. I stood up and walked down the hall to the laundry room. It was pitch black and the washer was off but who cares? He should be out for a while.

I turned on the vibrator and laid down. Just naked and bare I pressed it onto my core closed my eyes shut remembering his satisfaction of a cum. The door opened and revealed Daddy with an impatient look. "I-I needed to cum."I slid back to the washer. He doesn’t say a word just walks up close to me and snatches the vibrator.

"Go to the basement, princess."He demands his tone cold and low. Punishment it was. "Yes, Daddy."I reply and made my way to the basement. Which spanking was I recieving next? The large wodden paddle may just be his next choice. I can’t help that I don’t follow the rules. It’s when you had a Daddy as attractive as him.

Tell me what you guys think. May do more of these one shots for just any situations. You can send me senerio requests if interested in any specific. Also haven’t done dirty in a while so thanks for reading. Any feedback is necessary. :)