On Patrol

Title: On Patrol

Author: Ragi

Word count: 129k

Contains: Fluff, Humour, Angst, Slow Burn, Romance


Officer Jeon has his eyes on Mr. Adorable.

Officer Min has a strange neighbor he can’t seem to keep out of his life.

Captain Kim finds comfort in his son’s homeroom teacher.

Well, cops need some loving too, right?

Bonus sequel: On Patrol: Season Two

Hey everyone, Immy here! I figured that it was about time to make this because it’s been quite the journey these past months and I’ve hit a big milestone! I’m pretty speechless right now. This experience on Tumblr and in the BTS fandom has brought me some of the greatest friends I’ve had in a long time and has given me the ability to really express my creativity! I started off as this little jikook blog and over time I didn’t expect to grow and experience all these amazing moments with you all! Its been almost a year since I’ve started actively posting on this blog. Thank you so much to all of you that follow me, I’ve really enjoyed writing for you and making gifs and I hope spread more of that Jikook love in the future! 

Listen below are all of the amazing blogs I follow! You guys make my dash amazing, keep it up❤️. Without further ado~

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⭐ Minjoon Gay Club AU - Moodboard⭐ (34/?)

Based on It’s Just Kissing, Not Rocket Science by Ragi

Jimin is in some desperate need to learn how to be sexy so he can stop all his boyfriends from cheating on him, and he can’t think of a better teacher than Kim Namjoon, a notorious heart-breaker and the owner of the biggest gay bar in Korea.

Requested by anonymous / @ragific dear, here’s some love to you!! ♥

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anonymous asked:

aye rec us some fanfic any ot7 pairing it doesnt matter im on summer break and i need some good fic (if you dont have any, ask ur followers to contribute a bitch is desperate)

ill give you all the ones i’ve bookmarked! uhh but im really inconsistent with bookmarking so I’ve most definitely forgotten a bunch

Constraint by Harlot (jikook, 40k)

Rap Monster by dom_joonie (namgi,13k)

Golden Boy by GinForInk (namkook, 85k)

Kiss With a Fist (taekook, 122k) and Gangsters Don’t Cry (vmon, 26k) by @byeolguk aka cat aka the soft™ n innocent™ 💦💦

Six to Nine (We’ll Play the Game) by gunhee (namgi, 22k)

Let’s Not Hurt Anymore by exfatamorgana (namjin, 87k)

On Patrol by @ragific aka sarahhhh ily (jikook, namjin, yoonseok, 129k)

Stop My Heart by wowoashley (taekook, 104k)

House of Cards (this shit is a fucking godly novel ass fic) by sugamins (taejikook, 394k)

Look Here by bazooka (minjoon, 23k)

Beta Tau Sigma by bazooka (namjin, yoonmin, 123k)

I Will Help You Climb by fitzgarbage (namjin, 73k)

so that should keep u busy lol idk why all my fics are hella fucking long but there u are!

Coming Home

Author: loveanimes1996 (yours truly)

Warnings: none

Genre: Fluff 

Pairing: Jimin/Jungkook or Jikook

Rating: General


“Yah Jeon Jungkook! Do you know what time it is right now?!” A shrill voice screamed through his phone and straight into his ear.

Jungkook pulled the phone away from his ear to look at the time.

“Almost 2AM.”

“Yes, and that’s almost 3 hours after the time we agreed you and Jimin need to be back by. Now get your ass, and Jimin’s, back home before I start coming up with creative ways to kill the two of you.”


Or, in which Hoseok is stressed and deserves better, Jungkook is a brat and helpless(ly in love), Jimin is blissfully unaware and absolutely drunk, and a home doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical place.

Length: Oneshot

Word Count:1865

Status: Complete

Link: Coming Home

This is a small birthday gift for the wonderful @ragific (or Ragi on AO3). Happy birthday Ragi, hope you like this and hopefully, it lives up to your expectations (even if I told you to not have any…) It’s my first time officially writing Jikook so yeah… Praying it’s okay :P

anonymous asked:

have you read "it's just kissing, not rocket science" by ragi? it's really good and it's minjoon ;;;;

WHAT @ragific why didn’t I know you wrote minjoon omgggg. On my way to go read that 😂!


gI’m gonna do this before I forget :) I just want to say THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, to all the amazing writers of his wonderful fandom. I have enjoyed your creations multiple times and still you manage to surprise me every day with your creativity!

Keep up the good work <3

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And so many more (I stalk a lot of writers as you can see) this fandom is truly full of talent. I’m sorry if I skipped someone and also thank you to all the writers in twitter as well! 


Random Writing #1

This is a completely random thing I wrote out. I just finished a drama and listening to the ending ost put me in a really angsty mood so here’s my word barf! I had nameless characters at first but then @ragific chose Yoonseok without knowing what she was getting into :^)

Warning: blood, off-screen violence and death. Very angst.

“All this time… you were the only one I’ve ever loved… I know I’m not-” Yoongi gasped as a wave of pain left him trembling. “I know I’m not the most affectionate… or forward with my feelings but please, believe me…” he choked as blood gurgled out of his mouth, leaving it a bloody mess.

“Shhh, I believe you, I believe you. Just-” Hoseok squeezed his eyes together in the hopes of chasing away the tears, even as he felt them escaping. “Don’t talk, the doctor will be here soon. He’ll patch you right up so hang in there until then, okay? Could you do that for me?” He tried injecting some cheerfulness into his voice, doing everything he can to ignore the gaping wound in Yoongi’s abdomen that was bleeding far too much, far too quickly.

He only got a bloody smile for his efforts.

“Go and find Namjoon after this. I know,” Half-lidded eyes searched for terrified ones, continuing only once they were looking back. “I know that he will take care of you well… just promise me,” Yoongi gasped out, suddenly overcome with emotion. “Remember me… Don’t- don’t forget me,” he begged weakly as tears started cascading down his face, the first sign of weakness he’d ever let Hoseok see.

The tearful plea made Hoseok realize that this was actually happening, that he was faced with the possibility of losing the man currently lying in his arms. He felt a sudden surge of fear that chased away all pretences of pretending that things were still alright.

“Please please please you can’t die, you can’t just leave me all by myself,“ Hoseok choked on a sob, unable to bear the mere thought of being left utterly alone. “Don’t you dare die, if you die, I’ll-” he searched wildly for an ultimatum. “I’ll, I’ll forget you! It’ll be like you never existed, I’ll live happily ever after! I’ll do just that so don’t you dare die on me!” he threatened tearfully, desperately clingy onto the shuddering body.

Yoongi smiled as he lifted his free arm slowly, weakly brushing away the tears coursing down Hoseok’s cheek before holding it with all the tenderness he could muster.

“You know what? Things might be… better that way…” Yoongi chuckled wetly, eyes suddenly soft as they gazed into Hoseok’s. He held his gaze for a few second before his eyes started closing.

Hoseok watched, horrified, as the hand that was on his face dropped. He could feel his heart breaking and suddenly, all the resistance left his body and all Hoseok could feel was despair and desperation.

“Nononono you can’t!” Hoseok sobbed harder, hugging the already unmoving body impossibly closer. “I forbid you from leaving me all alone, you promised that you’d come for me, I didn’t even uphold my part of the bargain yet, you can’t just do this to me! I’m a selfish person, you can’t just do this!” he screamed, already half delirious from the pain in his heart. “You said that this would be last thing before we could be together, you can’t just leave me like this!” he sobbed as he felt himself weakening from all the emotions. He buried his face in the crook of Yoongi’s neck, cradling his lover’s body with the energy he had left.

“You can’t just leave me like this… I haven’t even gotten the chance to tell you that I loved you back yet…” he whispered brokenly into Yoongi’s neck, fingers clenched around the latter lax arms as the regret threatened to rip his chest open. He could hear the sirens marking the arrival of the ambulances but things were too late and he knew it.

Wow! I don’t even know what to say! I started posting on this blog back in late late May and I really don’t know how I managed to end up with 1k followers 3 months; this is crazy! Thank you so much to all that follow me, I truly appreciate it and I love every single one of you! Not only that, but this is my 1 year anniversary of being an ARMY! Thanks to BTS and some networks, I’ve made an incredible amount of amazing friends and follow fantastic blogs. Not only that, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to create my own network @busanboys-net ! So let’s begin this follow forever~

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