@sixpenceee i don’t usually make posts but when I visited a local Antique Mall in Oviedo, Florida and saw these items throughout the store I instantly thought “that’s some sixpenceee shit.” In addition, the creepy teddy bear kind of gave me the most paranormal vibes. It was the only item i actually touched to get better lighting for the picture. I feel like it didn’t like being touched. Now that I just left the store, I should have bought it! Who knows what would have happened once I got home with it?

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I'm so sorry that I made you and your gf uncomfortable. I just fangirl about other couples on tumblr because it reminds me that it's possible to have a non hetero relationship and be happy bc I don't have any real queer relationships visible to me outside of tumblr. I know it's pathetic and stupid. But I didn't mean it in a gross way at all. I won't do it again and I will stay away from your blog. I wish you success with your comic and everything.

thanks for clearing that up! i have had people come at me in what seemed like similar approaches with very not… good… intentions, it can be pretty difficult to read intentions online. i’ve received sexual harassment from fans on a few occasions and i was afraid that this was something similar and i don’t want my girlfriend to ever have to deal with that just because she’s dating me. she doesn’t deserve that.

it’s okay to be excited but i think you were putting us up on a bit of a pedestal. we’re just nerds who like each other and are dating. if you saw two girls on the street who were dating, would you ask for pictures of them together? that is where the weirdness lays, i think.

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Hey! I just saw your post about your financial situation, and I wanted to let you know that you should also try contacting/applying for a scholarship from the Point Foundation. They fund LGBTQ students, especially students whose parents/caretakers won't pay for their education because the student is LGBT. Good luck, and I wish you all the best!

I am applying for one this fall as it’s too late to apply for one for last semester. Thank you for giving me information and all the support!

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Hey, sorry if this is really annoying, but I absolutely love your gifs and I was wondering how you make them. You mentioned Photoshop in one of your posts--is that what you use? I can't seem to find a program for Mac to make one from videos instead of images. I really want to make pretty Utena gifs too~! Thanks so much.

yes i do use photoshop. first i screencap whatever episode or movie i want to .gif i used this tutorial to take automatic screencaps using vlc media player. then it really depends on how experienced you are with photoshop but after you get the hang of it it’s fairly simple. you load all the images into layers then bring up your animation window and click ‘make frames from layers’ do a lil tweaking and save. the hardest part is keeping things under the 1000mb file limit tumblr has for images. I would write a tutorial but as you can probably already tell i’m a bit long-winded and i tend to over-explain things and i think it would confuse you more so instead i’ll try to point you in the right direction.

here is a master resource post i use which could have some tutorials.

here and here - making animations from video using photoshop.

and this is pretty much how i make my .gifs

I hope that can get you started :) and i don’t think you or anyone else are annoying for sending me messages.