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Could you do some Phil deepthroating Dan for the first time and Dan starts crying because he's afraid he's choking with Phil coming down his throat because of how much Dan's hiccuping? Honestly, I'd give my life for this shit.

“Pleaseee?” Dan whined, pouting and rocking where he sat cross legged on Phil’s bed.

“Dan, I don’t think that’s-”

Dan interrupted him by pouncing on him, pinning him and pushing him backwards on the bed. “Do you not want me or something…?”

Phil could feel his face flush, but he rolled his eyes at his hyper boyfriend.

“I do, Dan, of course I do but I-”

“Then what’s the problem!” Dan trailed his fingers down Phil’s stomach, placing a messy kiss on his jaw. “Don’t you want my mouth on your cock?” He asked, softly.

Phil sucked in a sharp breath. “Baby-” he choked. “I do, I really really do, but I… I tend to get a bit… excited.”

Dan smirked, playing with Phil’s button teasingly, straddling his hips.

“Well good, that’s the point.”

Phil took a shaky breath, allowing Dan to unbutton his jeans and begin to push them down his hips, revealing the clear tent in his boxers from all this. Dan grinned wickedly.

Dan had been trying to get this from Phil for ages, and now that they were finally alone together, in Phil’s room, he was gonna pin him down. No escaping this time.

Dan was a giant cockslut, and Phil’s dick was… fuck.

“I don’t wanna hurt you,” Phil whined breathily, playing with Dan’s hair as he slid down Phil’s stomach.

“You won’t.” Dan frowned. “How would you hurt me?”

Phil swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing, and bit his lip. “I told you, I get a bit excited…”

Dan crawled back up the bed, pressing his nose to Phil’s. “Choke me,” he whispered. “Fuck my throat, don’t care. Wanna get you off.”

Phil let a shuddery gasp fall from his lips, and he nodded, no words coming to mind.

“Tap my hip twice if you want to stop,” he finally muttered, and now Dan nodded.

He went back down, brushing his hands down Phil’s stomach and making him shiver. Dan’s lip quivered with anticipation.

He slowly rubbed at the head of the bulge in Phil’s boxers, looking up to watch his reaction. He didn’t regret it when Phil groaned, a soft, strangled noise, gripping Dan’s hair tightly.

Dan grinned, dipping down to kiss his tip; mouthing him slowly and teasingly.

Light huffs of frustration and arousal were leaving Phil’s mouth in bursts, and he squirmed under Dan’s touch. It felt nice to have him be the one like this; it was usually Dan whimpering at the slightest touch from the older.

“Dan,” Phil whined, tugging at his hair, and Dan nodded.

He tugged at the waistband of the older boy’s boxers, pulling them off over his erection. As soon as they were past his knees, Dan went to work. He took Phil’s head into his mouth, swirling his tongue and flicking over the tip like he had practiced so many times for this exact moment.

Phil moaned loudly, throwing his head back, shifting his legs.

Dan couldn’t help himself anymore; he sunk down on his cock, his mouth enveloping Phil’s shaft and taking it to the hilt. He only lasted a few seconds before he was pulling back, sputtering and gasping for breath.

Phil gasped sharply, tugging on Dan’s hair and pulling him back down, desperate for more. Dan obliged, swallowing around his cock and licking everywhere he could reach.

“Fuck, Dan,” Phil cursed, his voice strained and broken, and Dan’s dick twitched in his jeans. He moaned around Phil, and Phil instinctively bucked his hips.

Dan choked, a muffled gagging noise humming against Phil’s cock as it hit the back of his throat. He could feel his face going red, but fuck this was hot, and Phil was clearly enjoying it.

Dan blinked up at him, rutting slightly against the bed, watching Phil grip the sheets beneath him.

“D-Dan, n-need-”

Dan pulled off with a pop, his eyes glinting.

“Fuck my mouth.”

Before Phil could respond Dan flipped them, so Phil was hovering over his face, and Dan sucked on his tip.

Phil groaned, his thighs shaking, but he hesitated. “Dan, I’ll hurt you.”

“I don’t care,” Dan breathed, trying to pull Phil’s hips down. “I’ll be fine. I’ll stop you if I need it. Two taps, remember?”

Phil pressed his lips together, and slowly nodded, shifting his hips so his cock was perfectly over Dan’s mouth.

Phil thrust slowly at first, not reaching the back of Dan’s throat, and Dan responded eagerly; licking and sucking at every part of him he could reach. Phil trembled with need, and finally gave in, snapping his hips.

Dan gagged, a wet, whiny noise that made Phil groan and do it again.

Dan gripped Phil’s hips, digging his nails into the flesh as Phil thrust again and again. He could feel his face going very red, and his breathing was ragged and short, getting hardly any time to get the oxygen he needed.

But still, he was insanely aroused by the fact that Phil was using him like this, using his mouth as a toy. Just something to get him off.

Dan whimpered around Phil’s shaft, his lips stretched to the maximum. He felt tears being squeezed out of his eyes, and he couldn’t breathe, but he would never make Phil stop. He was making such delicious noises from above him, fucking into Dan’s mouth greedily, gripping the pillow at his head.

Dan gagged wetly, barely aware of the tears now streaming down his face. His mind was fuzzy, all of his senses focused on Phil. He clawed at Phil’s hips desperately, rutting his hips against nothing. He squeezed his eyes shut, choking, and he hiccuped.

Phil groaned, snapping his hips hard, and Dan whimpered, hiccuping again.

“Fuckfuckfuck,” Phil cursed breathlessly. “Holy shit, Dan, baby, so good.”

Dan hummed, hiccuping a third time and making a noise that sounded like a suction cup. Now he couldn’t stop hiccuping, squirming under Phil, choked sobs emerging, conflicted between escaping the thing blocking his air and leaning into it.

Without warning Phil came down his throat, pulling back to finish on his lips. Dan gratefully licked it up, gasping for breath, his face regaining color.

“Shit,” Phil cursed again, sitting up and reaching forward to touch Dan’s face, drawing his thumb over his bottom lip. “Are you okay? Shit, you’re gonna have bruises on your lips, god I’m so sorry-”

“Phil,” Dan interrupted, his voice raspy and quiet. Phil’s eyes widened. “It’s fine. I asked for it. I’m…” he smiled sleepily. “I’m glad that now everyone can see I’m yours.” He was stifled by a yawn, blinking at his boyfriend.

“Alright baby,” Phil whispered, still somewhat concerned. “I’m guessing you’re staying the night…?”

Dan didn’t answer, falling backwards on his bed, falling asleep immediately.

keith is a really bad nail biter. it’s always been a habit of his, ever since he was little.

he’s always biting them, when he’s bored. when he’s anxious. when he’s scared. they’re ragged and short. and sometimes he bites them until there isn’t really a nail left and his fingers will bleed. 

the dull ache distracts him.

when they start dating, lance doesn’t say anything, but notices how keith always has his fingers curled into his palm, tucked into his arms, or hidden in pockets. during diplomatic meetings his hands always found their way back to his mouth, biting lightly on the dark fabric of their paladin armor.

one night he offers to paint his nails for him. keith is in the middle of biting the skin off around his finger and rips his fingers from his mouth, looking at lance in shock

lance stutters a bit and says “i had the steadiest hand out of all of my siblings, its only natural that i was the nail painter!”

they find themselves in lances room, sitting with their legs crossed on the floor, keith’s (calloused, small, scarred, chubby, cute) hands in lance’s lap. they’re both quiet as lance softly and carefully runs the little brush up and down what’s left of keith’s nails, making sure he doesn’t hurt the small cuts along his fingers.

when he’s done he sits back and watches as keith admires his work, arms stretching in front of him and fingers splayed out. the light blue suits him he thinks.

“oh, uh, thanks..”

he says

“dont be afraid to ask me again. i kinda liked this.” he says, watching keith stand up, fingers immediately going to chip the nail polish.

“i will.” he says, and walks out cradling his hands to his chest.

keith finds himself in lance’s room almost every other day to have him paint his nails.

keith apologizes every time he goes back for messing them up. lance reassures him he doesn’t mind.

because in actuality, he doesn’t.

Stealing Sweaters (Part 10)

harry the oblivious idiot, i love that lol

If you’re new to the series start here! Links to the other parts on the bottom.

Harry sighed and looked through his trunk again, in case he had missed something the first three times he had looked but no such luck. All his hoodies were gone. He stood, letting his trunk fall closed with a clunk and went over to his bed, pulling up the sheets and looking underneath. He hadn’t worn any of them for ages not since things had started to go bad with Draco. He winced at the thought and the ache lodged firmly in his chest tightened.

“Lost something?”

Harry looked over at Neville, “My hoodies.” he frowned faintly, “but it’s fine. I’ll just wear one of my knit jumpers.”

Neville tipped his wand up, the fine mist that had been spraying over his plants stopped. He murmured and incantation and looped his wand over the little collection of plant, encasing them in a bubble like a miniature greenhouse. “Why not just steal one of Malfoy’s?” he suggested, “He’s always stealing yours after all.”

Harry grimaced, looking over at Draco’s empty bed, “No. We’re not… on good terms.”

Neville’s eyebrows rose slightly in surprise, “You two had a fight? Well, I’m sure you’ll work it out.” He looked over his plants again and gave a little nod before turning away, “Do you want anything from the kitchens?”

Harry shook his head, smiling weakly, “No thanks.”

Neville left and Harry realized he was still staring at Draco’s bed and pulled his eyes away. He stopped though when he noticed a green jumper laying over the end of Draco’s bed. It was darker than Slytherin green and was finely woven, unlike his jumpers from Molly.

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Haunting Me (Chap. 8)

Haunting Me: Y/N is a normal young adult living in New York, but little does she know that she’s a reincarnation of the long lost Bucky Barnes’ fiance from the 1940′s. What happens when she runs into Steve in 2012? Most importantly, what happens when she runs into The Winter Soldier?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x POC Reader

A/N: I’m sorry for the million year wait, guys! Hopefully the twist at the end makes up for it! I hope you guys like it! - D. 

Warnings: Violence. Kidnapping. Hostage situation. Angsty as heck. Memories of abuse. (If you’re uncomfortable with any of these, keep scrolling.)

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Bucky’s tired blue eyes focused on the small alarm clock on your nightstand, watching as the numbers slowly flickered on and off.

2:00 PM.

Looking back down at the smart phone in his hand, he felt his brows furrowing with worry. You had mentioned to him that your class would end somewhere around one fifteen, yet you were nowhere to be found. He recalled you explaining that sometimes you’d have to stay an extra five minutes to pack up your easel and set up your work to dry, but even now as he sat on your bed, he began to feel so damn uneasy.

She’s fine. He thought to himself as he stood from the bed and began pacing around your small apartment. Standing in your living room, he glanced back down at the phone in his hand, debating on whether to shoot you another text despite having done so already many times. It just wasn’t like you to not respond to him. He had text you earlier a few seconds after you had stepped outside, asking where the cereal was and you had responded almost instantly. But now, all he got was absence.

He tried watching some movies, specifically the ones you had on your bookshelf just for him. The one about the ogre and donkey nearly had him punching a hole through the screen and of course, the one featuring a dinosaur theme park had his anxiety levels through the roof. No matter how hard he tried to distract himself, that dreadful feeling was still there.

With a distressed sigh, Bucky rested his head against the back of the couch in your living room, staring at his reflection through the darkened television screen. He was probably overreacting reacting, he knew that, but still…something just felt off for some reason he couldn’t put his finger on. Maybe, just maybe, you were running late. It happens, hell, even Steve ran late during mission briefings. He looked down at the phone, feeling it buzzing rapidly in his hand. The sound alone nearly made him jump out of his skin, but as soon as his eyes focused on Steve’s name, he immediately pressed answer.


Buck!” Steve panted, his breaths coming out in short, ragged huffs. From what Bucky instantly recognized the background noise which heavily resembled the usual New York City rush. Typical Steve.

“Damn it, Steve,” Bucky groaned, sitting forward. “Did Tony kick you out of the tower again?”

As funny as it sounded, it was a regular occurrence. There had been plenty of times Steve had pressed all the wrong buttons when it came to Tony, resulting in the latter throwing Steve out of the tower for a couple of days. Bucky smirked as he remembered the way Tony shouted at Steve after he’d lost a very intense game of monopoly. Those two had the hots for each other, Bucky was sure of it. They just needed to get that sexual tension out.  

“Shmidt had a daughter and she- wait what? Oh, come on! That was two weeks ago!”

Immediately, Bucky’s eyes widened as he processed his friend’s words and he slowly stood from his spot on the couch. With slow, heavy steps, he made his way towards the balcony and gazed out into the city, his heart thumping wildly in his chest. “Steve,” he breathed, his voice shaking slightly. “What did you just say?”

“I said the game was mine fair and squa-”

“Steve!” Immediately the blond ceased his rambling, much to Bucky’s relief. This was urgent.

“Fury called an emergency meeting about two hours ago,” He explained. “Turns out Schmidt has a daughter.”

Bucky gripped the railing tightly, his metal fingers dug into the metallic bar as he desperately tried to calm himself down. Shmidt had a daughter. Flesh and blood with the same mentality as his, but no matter how many times the words rang through his mind, it just didn’t make the slightest bit of sense. What happened in Germany took place over seventy years ago. If he were to somehow have a child, she’d have to be over seventy years old by now. He highly doubted an old lady could cause much damage. But then again, they lived in a world where demi-gods and super soldiers existed, so anything was possible.

Slowly, he began to piece things together.

“A daughter,” Bucky spoke, feeling his chest tightening. Steve hummed in agreement. “Jesus Christ, he had a daughter.”

“Buck,” he replied. “Y/N hasn’t been answering her phone either. Has she called you?”

The sound of metal scraping against metal filled your ears, pulling you out of your slumber and forcing you into consciousness once again. Your eyes fluttered open, trying their best to adjust to the darkened room you were being held in. Your brain fought to register where on earth you were, but failed miserably as soon as you realized you weren’t in your apartment, or even in Stark Tower.

You were in some kind of building. 

At least that’s what you thought. The sound of water was everywhere, filling the entire area with the sound and by looking around at what little light you had, you were in a wide space. The only source of light was coming from above, where the many vents provided small openings for the sun. But the smell -Jesus- you’d have to drench yourself in soap when you got home. If you’d even make it home, that is.

You shivered, realizing that somehow, you had lost your jacket and currently had to face the autumn temperatures in just a plain shirt. You closed your eyes once again, mentally scolding yourself for not wearing layers like Bucky had suggested. You opened your eyes once again and peered up above, hoping to be met with at least one good sight today. But much to your dismay, you were met with the sight of your wrists cuffed to a pipe. Well that’s just peachy.

The sound of metal scraping against metal shook you from your thoughts, causing your heart to thump wildly in your chest as you tried to pinpoint it’s origin, but due to the constant echoing, you couldn’t figure it out for the life of you. 

“Well, well, well,” the soft, feminine voice rung through your ears, snapping your attention away from your wrists. “So you’re the famous Y/N Y/L/N?” 

You watched as the redheaded woman stepped out from the shadows, revealing her heavily scarred face, one that you couldn’t bring yourself to look away from no matter how much your brain screamed at you to. Deep gashes covered her forehead and cheeks, and god, her eyes are what you found most unsettling. Two crimson colored eyes stared back at you, full of something you couldn’t quite put your finger on. An odd mixture of playfulness and hatred, which you knew all to well may have been aimed at you. 

She placed one foot in front of the other, slowly making her way towards you before crouching down, inches away. You swallowed loudly, feeling your body tremble with anxiety. Who the fuck was this woman? And why was she after you? 

“Who are you?” You blurted, your eyes never leaving her crimson ones. The longer you stared, the more you felt yourself growing anxious. 

“Oh, come on, Y/N,” She cocked her head to the side, her thin, red lips curling into a mischievous grin. One that brought a wave of nausea down your body. “You don’t see the family resemblance?” 

You frowned, blinking up at her with a look of pure confusion. She looked like a complete psychopath, one that you highly doubted that you’ve seen before. She grinned wider, her large teeth lining together perfectly. 

“Uh oh, they didn’t tell you much about him, did they?” she asked. You blinked over at her dumbly, earning a small, nasally laugh from her. 

“My name is Sin,” She spoke, her eyes burning directly into yours as she stood, glaring down at you. “But you’ve probably heard of my father, Red Skull.”

Immediately, your mind was full of a million thoughts at once. Shmidt had a daughter. A very psychotic daughter that was prone to kidnapping random women off the street. You knew damn well who her father was and what he did, but you had no idea what it had to do with you. From what you understood, the bad blood was between her and Steve, not you. You let out a loud gulp before looking back into her eyes. 

“What do you want from me?” You expected the words to have some kind of tact, but with each word, your voice shook with fear. 

Sin let out a snarky laugh, one that you had no idea could come from a woman and it shook you to your core. 

“What I want is simple,” She replied.You furrowed your brows. Nothing was simple with this woman, you knew that for sure. She was a fucking mess.

 “I want them to suffer the loss of a loved one. I want you dead.

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” Bucky asked as he peered over Natasha’s shoulder as she typed rapidly onto the laptop. Nat rolled her eyes and ignored him, typing faster and keeping her eyes glued to the screen despite the older man’s constant fidgeting. 

“How long is this going to take you?” He asked, leaning in closer, a bit too close for her liking, yet her green eyes never left the screen. Bucky squinted at the small words and numbers, before looking at Nat once again. With a frustrated sigh, she slammed the laptop closed and stood from the couch before making her way into your bedroom. 

Bucky glanced over at Steve and Sam, who were both preoccupied going through the large stack of classified files they may or may not have stolen from SHIELD. It was risky, but desperate times called for desperate measures. Even if those measures ended up getting them all prison time. Bucky didn’t mind a few years behind bars, he just needed you home safe and he was willing to do whatever it took to get you back. 

“Will somebody please explain why we’re still here?” He snapped, running his hands through his hair. “Why aren’t we out there searching for Y/N? She could be in pain, or worse.

Sam let out a loud snort as he looked through the current file in his hand, not bothering to even look up from his work. Steve, however, gave his friend a pitiful look, one that Bucky had seen plenty of times when he voiced his concerns. God, Steve was such a dad sometimes. 

“We’re doing all we can, Buck, it’s gonna take some time.” Steve assured him. “We just need to find some kind of information on this so called Sin.” 

With a defeated sigh, Bucky made his way over to the couch and plopped down on the cushions. This is far from how he imagined this going. 

“You know,” Sam murmured under his breath. “You could get off your lazy ass and help, Tin Man.” 

Bucky’s head snapped in his direction, his eyes narrowing in disbelief. “You wanna run that by me again, Birdbrain?” He spat, standing up from the couch. Sam rolled his eyes and continued to stack file upon file onto the table. 

“I said,” He spoke louder, earning a frustrated sigh from Steve, who rubbed his temples with his fingers. “Instead of sitting on your ass and whining like a pre-teen girl, you could make yourself useful and look, too!”

Bucky gritted his teeth before rushing towards Sam, who stood from his seat quickly and crossed his arms over his chest. Before the prior could do any damage, Steve stepped between the two men and placed his hands on their shoulders, shaking them. 

“Now hold on a second-”


Immediately, the entire room fell silent and the three men turned around to face Nat as she quickly made her way towards the table, setting down the laptop with a triumphant smile. 

“There!” She placed her finger onto the screen. Everyone leaned in close, their eyes widening in surprise as they realized you were closer than they thought. In fact, you were no more than twenty minutes away. 

“No fucking way,” Sam whispered. 

“They’re at the Statue of Liberty?” Bucky questioned, looking over at Nat with a perplexed expression. One which she snorted at before shaking her head and muttering “men” under her breath. 

“No,” she informed. “They’re under it.” 

Your heart thumped wildly in your chest as you stared down at the pitch black abyss beneath you. This was it. This was your end. You were sure of it. It was at least a hundred foot drop onto nothing but pure concrete. Instant death. 

“My, my, my,” Sin cackled as she tugged on the rope, momentarily forcing your feet off the shoulder of Lady Liberty. “Is Ms. Y/L/N afraid of heights?” 

You let out a shriek as you were lifted into the air, wrapping your fingers around the rope that was tied tightly around your wrists. You ignored the burning sensation each time it dug into your skin, far too focused on the hundred foot drop to notice. 

Sin watched you struggle, smiling wickedly as you kicked your legs and screamed in horror, before releasing the rope just enough for your feet to touch the ground once again. So far, her mind games were taking a toll onto you. You knew she was crazy, but this? This was batshit crazy, far beyond anything you’d ever seen. 

You had no idea how she even got the rope up here in the first place. It hooked over one of the spikes on Lady Liberty’s crown, before dropping onto her shoulder. And the worst part, she planned to record the entire thing and send it to Bucky. Sweet revenge, as she called it. But to you, it was pure insanity. This woman was beyond fucked up. 

“You know, Y/N,” She began, her eyes taking in your panicked self with a sick fascination. “My mother always said that some girls have a movie star face. Kind of like Audrey Hepburn or Dorothy Dandridge,” 

You felt the tears pooling in your eyes as you stared over at her as she talked, silently begging this to be nothing more than a giant nightmare, for you to magically wake up in the comfort of your bed and the security of Bucky’s arms. 

“And you,” she affirmed, lifting the phone in her hand and aiming the camera directly at you. “You’re one of those girls!” With a tap of her finger, she pressed record, much to your horror. The last thing you wanted was for Bucky to witness your end, especially at the hands of one of his enemies. 

With a final, defeated sigh, you closed your eyes. 

You prayed that somehow, Bucky would be able to make it through this. You knew he was strong, far stronger than he knew he was, but if the worst case scenario played out and you didn’t make it through this, he’d be broken. You hoped with everything you had in you, that he would make it through this. 

Before you could think, the sound of wind whooshing past you caused your eyes to shoot open in confusion. 

“Ya know, lady.” A voice said from above you. “Tonight was my Aunt’s birthday dinner! I think you owe an apology to the both of us!” 

You followed the voice, your eyes peering above you. The sound you let out was somewhere between a cry of relief and a snort. Sin let out a snarl before tugging on the rope harshly, causing your feet to lift off the ground once again. 

“C’mon now, lady.” the mysterious man in red sighed as he cocked his head to the side. 

“I’ve got homework, too!”

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Wicked - Bucky x Reader


Summary: You were injured during a mission two weeks ago and put to much preassure on your healing wounds, doing more damage than you thought possible. Bucky fears he will loose you.

Warnings: Mild profanity (very mild), death, blood (?)

Words: 2,400+

A/N: I changed from my last post and I now write as “she/her” instead of “me/I” as I like the sound of it better! Please tell me what you think!

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Out of every, possible event, she hated Tony’s “celebration parties” the most. They could have gone one a stealth mission and gone unnoticed to the world, yet he would throw a party for their victory and people would show up clueless, desperate to mingle with the mighty Avengers. It was pathetic, if she had a say in it, both from Tony’s part and the guests, but there was little she could do about it apart from not attending the party itself. She usually ended up working in some form instead, either training or doing paperwork. This particular time, training sounded more needed.

They had came back from their mission a two weeks prior and she had spent those weeks resting. God knows she needed that time off but her body couldn’t rest for long before it began to crawl with anticipation for any kind of action. Whatever action she could get from training would have to suffice. She entered the gym, which was eerily empty of course as everyone was having a grand ole’ time a couple of floors above. She didn’t have to worry about any machines she wanted to use being occupied however or having to hold back grunts and brutal expressions, which was a nice change.

She got on the treadmill, wanting to warm up a little with a two mile jog or something along those lines. She increased the steepness and put the speed on medium and created a steady rhythm in her movement. It was calming, feeling her body in synch with what seemed like the world. Her mind drifted from reality and to not, back and forth. She went over a few work-related things in her head that she had to remember, thought about that trip to the Caribbean she had wanted to go on for years. Before she knew it, the timer went off, indicating that her two miles were up. She climbed down the treadmill, her mussel warm and ready to continue working out. The only problem, she could feel the stitches hurting.

After their mission which was to hunt down a group of people who had gathered way too much chitauri technology for both their good as well as everyone else’s, she had gotten a little roughed up. Some guy might have stabbed her with a blade made out of chitauri metal. She was sick for five days with alien-fever, or whtever, whilst Bruce’s serum worked its wonders slowly, and the damn guy who stabbed her managed to pierce the bottom of her left lung of course. It had been painful to breathe the first week but after that it had became easier, and if she rested any longer, she would loose her mind.

She got onto the bench press, grabbing the weight that was still resting on it which was decent enough. She clutched her hands around the iron bar and took a few, steady breaths before raising it above her head. Her mussels tensed as she began to heave the bar up and down, sweat beginning to form at her hairline. She could feel the burn beginning to build up in her arms and she smiled, feeling like she was returning to her normal self again. Training was a big part of her life. Seeing as she had no powers or intense background story, training was all she had to remain qualified for the team.


She could practically hear it.

The weight fell behind her head and tumbled onto the floor as she rolled to the side, falling to the ground with a loud and abnormally painful thud. Her hand clutched over her ribs where blood had already started drenching her white shirt. Her breaths became more shallow and extremely more difficult to take. No doubt, blood was beginning to fill up her left lung. She tried to sit up at least, but a wave of pain shot through her body, making her head involuntarily fall back against the floor. She attempted to put pressure on the wound that had split open as she felt more blood run down the side of her chest. That hurt more than anything however and a strained cry left her lips. Her throat felt dry but gradually the test of iron became more prominent. She tried to swallow it down and winced at how painful that was too, feeling numb from the pain that she kept going through.

“F-Friday?” She called out, hoping Tony hadn’t muted her for the evening, if that was even something he could do.

How can I assist, Ms. Y/L/N?

Oh thank god. “I need h-help… I’m bleeding I- I can’t… I can’t breathe.” Her chest was practically jumping up and down from the short and ragged breaths her body allowed her to take.

Contacting all team members.” She informed much to her relief. A few seconds passed of silence however which I she didn’t necessarily like. “I am unable to reach most of the team but I was able to contact Mr. Barnes.”

That would have to be good enough.

She remained as much pressure to the wound as she could but panicked as she felt blood reach her elbow. She glanced down, feeling faint at the size of the puddle which had formed around her. She was loosing blood, fast, and Tony’s damn party was ruining everything.

The door to the gym bursted open within barely thirty seconds and Bucky emerged in the doorframe, his chest heaving up and down rapidly and fear taking over him as he saw her laying on the floor. He was frozen in place for a few seconds, eyes blown wide.

“Oh god…” He rushed to her side, kneeling in the blood and removing her hand over the wound, whimpering at the sight before covering it with his own. She cried out in pain again as he put more pressure on it than she had herself, her heart rapidly beating at the increased pain which was unbearable. “I- I don’t know what to do!”

She met Bucky’s ice cold eyes, unable to focus properly as the faintness became stronger. “I don’t know e-either…” She admitted with a forced smile, revealing her blood stained teeth to Bucky who whimpered again.

Bucky looked down to her face as She lazily glanced up to the ceiling. He could see how dazed she was, how hard it was for her to breathe. Every fiber in his body wanted to do something but none of the options that came to his mind sounded any good, but he didn’t have much choice. “Listen, Y/N. I’m going to pick you up now, okay? I need you to keep pressure on that wound for me. Can you do that? Y/N?”

He tried to contact her which became more difficult by the second. She managed to nod however and placed her bloody hand over his before he pulled away. He put his metal arm under her back and his flesh one under her thighs, as steadily as possible raising her off the ground and feeling his heart rip at the weak sounds that left her lips from the torture she was under. He carried her out of the gym and his hearing listened to nothing but her breathing which he could swear became shorter and shorter.

“You with me?” He questioned as they reached the elevator, the doors opening up as they approached. She hummed quietly which was as good of an answer as he was going to get. He told Friday to take them to the others. He really couldn’t care that there would be a hundred guests on that floor. Y/N was far too hurt for him to care about some random people seeing her half dead in his arms, her blood covering both herself and him. As the elevator slowed down and they reached the party deck, it felt as of time slowed down too. Bucky felt adrenaline rush through his system as the doors open and the crowded room came before him.

“Steve!” Bucky screamed as loud as he physically could, the entire floor becoming dead silent by his thundering shout before erupting with yelps and gasps of shock. Tony was the closest and dropped the drink in his hand, the glass shattering and its pieces blending with the champagne. Bucky fell to his knees and placed Y/N on the floor, his jaw clenching as he saw how pale her skin was.

“I didn’t know what to do.” Bucky stated as Tony knelt on the other side of her limp body, beginning to look over her injuries. Steve was pushing through the crowd towards them and soon reached them, his mouth dropping upon seeing Y/N and all the blood on both her and Bucky. Tony raised her t-shirt to her chest, seeing the wound which had opened right up.

“Her stitches have been ripped. We need to get her to surgery, now! Where’s Banner?” “I’m right here.” He just came to the scene and Natasha and Thor were not far behind. Clint, Sam and Rhodes glanced back to her with worry from time to time but had all mutually understood that the guests couldn’t be left alone. The three of them created a small barrier and kept reassuring the guests that everything was alright, although it was far from.

“Bu-” She tried to say Bucky’s name but her voice betrayed her. “I-” Her breathing became alarmingly shallow and rapid, fear filling her eyes as she could tell herself that she was slipping.

“No…” Bucky said, a year rolling down his cheek as he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth and bit down. Everyone around him were in panic, hurrying for the things she needed, trying to save her. He just watched her as her face stilled and her chest fell flat against the floor, the life running out of her eyes until they were still as stone, staring right into his. “No…”

He pulled her into his arms, not listening to Tony or Bruce or even Steve. He pressed his lips against her forehead, rocking back and forth in panic as she laid there, dead.

He sat by the hospital bed where they had put her, eyes stinging red and his fingers fidgeting with the fabric of the hospital bed. He rocked back and forth subtly, anxious beyond compare. God, he had feelings for that women and he never even got the chance to tell her.

“It should be wearing off.” He said impatiently, watching Y/N’s pale face which appeared so lifeless he almost couldn’t look at her. Her pale lips were still stained red from her blood and it looked as if she would never wake up.

“It is.” Bruce tried his best to sound reassuring, and he did a good job, but Bucky didn’t care. He listened to the beeping of the heart monitor and studied her body like a hawk would its prey. Every movement he detected, every rise and fall of her chest. He noticed how her closed eyes tightened and how she sighed more deeply.

“Y/N?” His hand clutched hers, avoiding the clasp around her finger with a long wire from it. He watched as her eyes groggily opened and a smile spread across his face, tears welling in his eyes that he couldn’t care less about if she noticed.

Everyone could feel the electricity between the two of them, even Vision who had little to no grasp of the concept of love. Everyone could see it but the two of them it seemed. They were honest to themselves, at least. Bucky knew how he felt for her and she knew how she felt for him, but they were blind when it came to seeing one another. When she had been stabilized, everyone had left her be as they knew Bucky would want to be alone with her until the second she woke up. It didn’t matter if it would have taken a week. Bucky would have stayed awake every minute incase she ever needed him. It was a mystery how Y/N couldn’t see that and it was a miracle that Bucky hadn’t been able to see the pure admiration in Y/N’s eyes every time they spoke to one another. The two of them took the saying of “love is blind” to a new level.

“Hey…” He continued to smile as her eyes met his, his flesh thumb moving back and forth softly over her hand. “You left us there for a moment.”

She sighed again, trying to gather herself as the sedatives and painkillers were still dozing her off. “You did?” Her eyebrows knitted together in confusion, looking for affirmation in Bruce who stood behind Bucky.

“We did.” Bruce confirmed.

“You want to know something cool though? Or something I know you’ll find cool, at least?” Bucky wanted to lighten the mood as he knew that’s what she wanted. He watched the curiosity begin to eat at her as he dragged out the moment.

“Just tell me!” She said impatiently, her normal character detectable.

“Thor had to use his hammer to jumpstart your heart.” He grinned and she gasped, lips parting and eyebrows raising.

“No. Fucking. Way.”

“I’m not kidding. We didn’t have time to get a proper defibrillator, so Thor improvised.”

“Ha… Wicked.” She let out an airy laugh, smiling. “One of you better have that on film. I swear, that’s going on my resume… Y/N, trained in hand to hand combat with the Avengers, electrocuted by freaking Mjölnir and still alive.”

Both Bruce and Bucky laughed when the door to the hospital-like room opened up.

“There she is!” Natasha emitted as she and Steve entered the room. She carried a bouquet of white tulips in her hand, knowing they were Y/N’s favorite. “How’s our idiotic friend, who though training after being stabbed in the lung was a good idea?”

Y/N flipped Natasha off, laughing before pain took over her features, her hand instinctively moving to her chest. “God that hurts.”

“I’m putting you on a three week rest this time. No lifting weights, you hear me? No training.” Bruce warned her and she saluted, confirming that she had indeed heard. Bucky watched as she slowly began to recover and act as herself again and it brought warmth to the old man’s heart. He had watched her die, watched her heart stop, yet only moments after waking up, she was back to normal.

Maybe it was the fighting spirit in her, or the pure joy she always carried around, but there was something about that girl that set her apart from everyone else in the best of ways.

I Have This Kink - Part Two

Pairing: Stiles x reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1937

Author’s Note: So, I hope you guys enjoy this because I honestly don’t know how I feel about it lol. Thanks to @mf-despair-queen and @dumbass-stilinski for looking this over for me. You guys da best.

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“Monkey Rag” (2013) Joanna Davidovich, Nate Foster and Darren Tate

… look at this animation!!

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connorxevan, okay so evan and connor are dating but connor still tries to ya know commit suicide and evan goes to visit him in the hospital and all that, pls give me angst

Here we go!! Um,,,, its painful to write angst for these boys not going to lie. They deserve all the happiness in the world!!!!!! Protect them!!!!!!

(just a note i kinda had them lowkey not be out to anyone? Like only zoe knows that the two are dating) (also i couldn’t resist making jared a side character)


It was Zoe who called him. Evan had missed the first call. His phone was on silent, and was face down because Evan was reading. When he had finished the chapter, Evan picked up his phone. There was a missed call from her from about 10 minutes ago, but before he could call back, she called again. Panic started to slowly rise within Evan, but he pushed it down as he answered the call.

“H-” He started but Zoe cut him off.

“Connor is in the hospital,” Her voice was rushed, and out of breath like she was running somewhere.

“W-what?” It was like someone had punched him, all of the breath in his lungs was gone.

“He tried to kill himself-” Zoe let out a sob. “Evan, he’s in the hospital. Get here as soon as you can.”

Evan didn’t know how he ended up at Jared’s front door, but all he knew was that Jared had a car, and Jared wasn’t two inches away from a panic attack so he could drive. Evan pounded on the door again, barely registering the pain in his fist.

The door whipped open revealing an annoyed looking Jared.

“What the fuck do you want, Hansen?” Then Jared seemed to notice the tears that was currently running down his face. “Evan? What is wrong?”

“C-can you drive m-me?” Evan knew he was stuttering but he could do nothing to control it. His whole body was shaking.

“Where?” Jared had already grabbed his keys and stepped outside. Evan followed him, and climbed into the car.

“The hospital.”

“The fuck? Evan what is going on?” Jared started the car and pulled out of the drive way.

“Connor is in t-there.” Evan’s voice cracked, and he pinched the inside of his left arm.

“Shit man.” Jared went quiet. “Is he like your boyfriend or something?” Evan felt too tired to lie about it anymore.



The rest of the car ride was silent.

At the hospital, Jared made sure that Evan got to the Murphy family. Zoe stood up as he rushed in, and hugged Evan tightly. Evan hugged back, trying to stabilize his breathing.

“You can go to see him. He’s sleeping right now.” Zoe whispered, her voice weak. “Room 201.”

Jared stood awkwardly as Evan pulled apart from the embrace.

“I can just stay here, call your mom and if you need a ride home…” He trailed off. Evan nodded at him, not trusting his voice.

Room 201 wasn’t that far away, he only had to turn 2 corners. The door was slightly open, and from the window in the door Evan could see his boyfriend sleeping on the bed. He looked slightly paler than usual, but other than that it looked like he was just sleeping. Evan very slowly opened the door, but it still creaked loudly. Connor shifted, and sleepily opened his eyes.

As Evan stepped into the room, all it took was one look at Connor for Evan to break down again. His face crumbled, and he sort of stumbled towards the hospital bed. Connor looked at him, silent.

“I missed the first call.” Evan spoke finally, the few walls that he had left breaking. Connor moved over in the bed, making room for Evan. Evan climbed in, and placed his hand on Connor’s cheek. He was crying again. Connor crinkled his eyebrows, and bit his lip.

“I’m sorry.” Connor started, but Evan shook his head.

“Don’t- just, please.” Connor wasn’t crying but Evan was, his breath coming in ragged short whispers.

Connor pulled Evan close, and kissed him on the forehead.

They could make it through this.

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Prompt: Lena calling Kara, Daddy, and it triggers Kara taking her right there in the hallway of her apartment and not even bothering to take her inside.

Rated M for sMut!!

This is the prompt that started it all.

Making this fic for some of my more dirty tumblr prompts! so it may turn into a multi-chap if I feel inspired!

Love Me Harder

Read it on AO3-  http://archiveofourown.org/works/9935561

Lena has always had a rather … eclectic social media following.

There were those fans who follow her because she’s a Luthor and they expect her to follow in her brother’s footsteps. They’re her least favorite type of fan- all anti-alien and anti-Supergirl; and she makes a point to block them as soon as they show themselves. She doesn’t need that sort of negativity, and neither does Kara. Plus, any sort of contact that reminds her of Lex makes her a little sick to her stomach.

Then there are the fans that have a sort of morbid curiosity about her. Those that are just waiting for her to fall from grace. It’s like her life is a real life reality show that people can’t help but watch.

She opens her Instagram page, eyes widening when she sees the ridiculous amount of notifications.

Ahh, yes - she had added a picture of her and Kara the other day, and there was nothing her fans loved more than a good couple pic.

It isn’t even that ground breading of a picture, they’re eating ice cream for Pete’s sake. But something about the way Kara’s hand is settled possessively around her waist must set people off, because her inbox is full dirty comments, one in particular catching her eye.

“Tell me Lena Luthor doesn’t call Kara Danvers daddy in bed.“

She’s in so much shock that she doesn’t even hear Kara creep up behind her.

“Daddy? Why are they calling me daddy?”

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Imagine Merle having enough of you being utterly oblivious to his feelings for you

(Just a little fluffy request for Merle :3 I’ve been having some writer’s block lately but listening to music and thinking about Merle helped me get through it xD Sorry if it’s short but I tried my best! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Laying in his tent, Merle stared at the starry sky through it’s see-through roof and couldn’t stop smiling.

He thought to himself over several nights before as to why he felt so happy at the end of a tiring day but soon enough came to an obvious conclusion, you.

You were the reason that made his heart feel so full and at ease during a time of chaos and crisis. He knew it was your wit and kindness that would make him get out of breath at the thought of you and just couldn’t believe you were making him feel like a little boy with a crush all over again.

He liked your fearlessness, the way you had no problem putting him in his place with the contrast of your gentleness whenever he got himself in danger, it all made him weak for you.

Your eyes and lips as you’d look at him was enough to make him fantasize about you, truly nearly everything about you he wanted for himself.

The only problem, he thought and it made him frown a little, was that you were utterly oblivious when it came to his flirting, even worse any kind of signal from him didn’t seem to affect you at all.

Each time he’d look over at you, his genuine smile would come out, multiple times a day it would happen, he thought you would knew from that gesture but apparently not at all.

He’d also keep staying by your side and talking to you, thinking you should feel it from the way he would act around you but nothing but still you didn’t seem to notice anything.

Even everyone else around had seem to pick up on him and oddly enough, they seem to accept it and let it all happen seeing all his true efforts to be kind and loving to you, but you’d just laugh him off or treat him like any other of your friends, and that wasn’t at all the result his heart wanted.

At this point, he was so frustrated and so hung up on you, he let out a loud sigh, frowning, and was crossing his arms tightly to grip onto his sleeping bag to himself.

He grumbled over it and it started to bother Daryl that was laying just right beside him. He sighed as well and turned over, half awake and asleep.

“What again? Aren’t you supposed to sleep already?”

“Nothing, Darylina! Mind your own business!”

He was just so annoyed by your ignorance he let it sip out to his younger brother, again. It happened so often, Daryl would usually just turn back to his side and go back to sleep, letting his brother wait in the night by himself but this time he had enough as well.

He couldn’t stand this endless desperation coming from him and wasn’t going to let it go either.

“No! Not until you get your shit together…Damn it Merle…Are really that into Y/N…”

Merle got quiet, thinking about his words and tried to be nonchalant about it but came out rather adamant about his feelings for you.

“What kind of question is that…Of course I am…She’s the only one that gets me…The only one that makes me laugh and gets me hard at the same time!”

Daryl groaned in disgust to those words and said, “Obviously not…”

At those words, Merle glared over at Daryl, pouting in disgust to what he just said. The younger man shrugged and got cozier in his sleeping bag.

“Look I didn’t mean it to piss you off…I was just saying Y/N…Is the type of girl you need to be direct with…”

Merle’s face went sour and he scoffed, listening to his brother speaking.

“What do you know about girls Darylina…If anything I-”

“Well I know Y/N…”

At that Merle shut his mouth up and realized that he wasn’t wrong at all. You and Daryl hung out together so much he couldn’t deny he got envious of your friendship at some point.

“And from the way she takes things…you gotta be blunt with her! So stop messing around and trying to get her to ask you first…You ain’t that special! If you want her then go get her! Now let me sleep in peace…”

They both looked away from one another and finally Merle understood he was at an end. He was going to have to make himself weak for you and hopefully get you to understand him.


The sun shined through your tent and lazily you started to get prepared for the day. Quickly, you changed yourself into some other clothes and started packing in order to start moving forward for the day.

You felt sudden and sharp thuds rumbling through the ground and wonder as to whose footsteps could be so heavy at such an early morning.

A short and ragged breath could be heard on the outside, and you felt like you knew who it was. You got closer to your zipped door but suddenly, Merle spoke.

“Y/N?! You awake?!”

His tone and was sharp and direct, sounding as if he had a problem against you. He was tapping his toe and starting to feel his stomach forming a knot.

He was nervous as hell, he was acting out out of impulse again but this time it was for something serious and he could feel it eating at him. The thought of you rejecting him or laughing him off and making fun of him, actually scared him.

He knew if you would turn him away it would break him apart and that feeling was already starting to form within him.

It stunned you to hear him so early in the morning, considering he’d usually wake up in the afternoon once everyone was packed and ready.

You let out your surprise and stuttered at the unexpected request.

“Oh…Merle?! Euh…Yeah! Yeah, i’m awake why…”

“C-Can you come out? And meet me…It’s important…”

Your brows furrowed at the word “important” and couldn’t deny that your curiosity had been more than piqued. Quickly, you tried to shove everything in your bag.

“S-sure…Just hold-”

“No! Now…Please I need to get this damn thing off my chest…”

He was getting sweaty and not from the morning heat or anything, it was out of pure nervousness. Wiping his sweat off his forehead, he rested his hands on his waist, still trying to look imposing for your sake.

The sound of the tent’s zipper opening up, only seemed to echo loudly at that moment and made him swallow the lump in his throat, upon realizing how close he was going to get to his little moment.

His heart was racing and as your head peered out, he felt like running out of air. He turned away to calm himself down, closing his eyes and whispering under his breath to reassure himself.

“It’s alright…It’s ok…It’ll be all good…If she ain’t want you, Merle, it’s fine! I don’t need her…”

Too busy to even notice you, he jumped at the feeling of your warm hand tapping his shoulder.

“Oh Lord! Y/N, you scared me shitless here! What the hell?!”

You wanted to burst in laughter to have startled him so easily but held it in as much as you could for his dignity.

“Sorry about that…So what was it that you wanted to “get off your chest”“

As you talked, he completely zoned out, staring at you and hearing your soft voice, had amazed him and the simple fact of being the first to see you so early in the morning was enough to make his heart flutter.

It wasn’t something he ever felt and he knew he wouldn’t be to find it anywhere else but by your side. He quickly turned away from you, hiding his embarrassment and biting his damn tongue before to prepare himself for what he was going to say.

“Just follow me…”

He couldn’t bring himself to tell you right there with everyone that could hear him being so soft, still he had a reputation to maintain he thought so it was better to talk to you in private.

It really threw you off to hear him ask for to talk in private but nonetheless you trailed behind him as he moved forward.


He walked into the woods at a steady yet fast pace, in hopes to get there as soon as he could.

Once the calming breeze could be heard, he stopped himself and took a few deep breaths. He turned to look at you and ended up bumping into you as you had followed him so closely.

His reflex made him catch you right before anything could happen and just like that, you both stared at each other in the eyes.

He was about to faint at that point and he just was fighting through his words to find the right things to say, only to remind himself of how clueless you were to him.

That thought made his desire for you to know his feelings for you even stronger and suddenly his nervousness subsided, his grip on you tightened and he pulled you even closer to him.

Glaring down at you, he let himself loose.

“You…I gave you so many damn hints so you can notice…But you ain’t ever…Why didn’t you?!”

Confusion struck you again and truly wondered as to what was happening, why was he holding you so tight, why was he his close and why did he had to look so damn hot, you thought.

From your angle, you could see the inside of his shirt and couldn’t stop blushing and looking away but still your eyes came back on him. It truly mad you question yourself on whether you liked him strictly as a friend or wanted more.

As you looked up at him, he shook his head, repeating his question.

“Why didn’t you ever?! I mean I really only got you on my mind here?! Is that hard to notice?!”

He was starting to get red, his lips were quivering in uncertainty and he truly looked defeated and lost. He looked less and less like a sex beast and started to resemble a disappointed kid.

It honestly made you smile and let out a chuckle to see him that way over something about you not noticing him? Really, you weren’t paying much attention to his words and his whole body and presence were all way too distracting so up close.

He gripped you even tighter and was growling out of frustration at this point. You were laughing again and

“I’m serious…Can’t you read my damn eyes! I’m practically being a bitch for you! Showing off how I like you! Why don’t you feel it? I mean my face is so obvious! It can’t be anymore obvious than this! Are you even listening?!”

He gave you a slight shake and you just stared at him stunned from what he just admitted. You were speechless, how couldn’t you have figured it out, you thought.

He was being somewhat obvious enough the more you reflected on his past actions but still no words. It exasperated him and his gaze softened, thinking for certain his heart was a few moments from being broken into pieces.

He gave a last try to his determination and he loosened his grip, pulling back slightly and looking at you worried.

“Are you gonna keep acting this clueless? Just laugh it over? Is this what you’re gonna do every day?”

He shook you slightly, desperately wanting an answer from you and let out his last hopes for you to return the feelings.

“Please do something…Or at least say something…This is dumb to say…But my goddamn heart is about to explode…I can’t stop loving you…I’m serious…I really am…”

He looked down to his feet as his hands trembled while holding you. He was getting fearful at this point, he had never confessed such deep stuff that made him look like an utter wuss to anyone.

He didn’t knew what to say or do apart from sulk if anything went wrong. He kept repeating under his breath, “I’m serious, I’m serious…” over and over and at that point you couldn’t ignore him anymore.

You knew you had to say and do something to ease his heart. It would be a lie if you told him you didn’t like him, otherwise you would’ve flat out reject him the moment he’d invite you this far, so you smiled.

Slowly, you moved your hands up to cup his cheeks and bring his gaze back to you. It startled him and once again his heart was beating a thousand mile an hour.

He couldn’t properly process what was going on but whatever it was, he just didn’t want you to let go of him yet. He noticed your smile, with you like this and so close, for a good moment he felt the time stop.

He felt you stroking his cheeks and closed his eyes as he let out a relieved sigh to feel your softness and warmth so close. At your chuckle, his eyes fluttered opened to meet your gaze.

“Ok…I get it Merle…I get it now…You like me…You like me a lot and worked hard to get me to notice you…But me being me didn’t realize it until you had to bring me here to explain it all…and now you’re tired and want to know how I feel about you…”

He took a deep inhale and breathe out, nodding carefully after listening to you. He felt your footsteps inching closer along with your whole self and wonder as to what you had in mind.

“Then let me blunt about it…”

At that, he felt your lips pressing onto his and quickly your tongue delving into his mouth, kissing him as sloppily as you could.

At that, a satisfied and hungry growl came out of him, making him wrap his arms around you and practically picking you up to hold in his arms.

Finally, his work payed off and he was not about to let his well deserved reward run away, as he’d suddenly lay you down onto the dirt, straddling you and smirking at you.

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Gone to the Gym: Part 2
I’m not the author of the first part, just so everyone knows. Since that person hasn’t submitted more, and I’ve seen some people asking for it, I decided to just… yknow, write my own. Here you go.

          Your friend drives a bit erratically, speeding down the main road through town and turning onto a side street as soon as he can. You saw at least one more woman clutch at her gut as you guys drove by, but when you turned back to look at her, she wasn’t bloating up like the others. A coincidence?

           With trepidation your eyes steer sideways at your buddy’s powerful arms latched onto the wheel. Occasional muscle spasms cause his arms to ripple. Fuck, his hands look huge. He catches you looking at him, but you’re both used to that—everybody looks at him; he’s impossible to miss.

           “What. The fuck. Was that?” he spits as he pulls to the side of the road.

          “I don’t know man.” You press your lips together. “It was like… I dunno. Something out of a movie. Or a shitty sitcom.”

           “Were they fuckin’…” he covers his face with his hands. His fingers run back through his hair. “Were they all pregnant?”

           “It looked like it. Y’see their tits?” you ask.

           “Actually I was not looking at their giant boobies I am a gay faggot I hate boobies,” he monotones. “Of course I saw their fuckin’ tits.” He bumps a fist into your shoulder, rolling his eyes.

          “Well we gotta get you home, get on the Internet, figure this shit out,” you mutter. Your midriff swoops with the thrill of adrenaline. “Spontaneous human reproduction.”

           “You legit think it had something to do with me?” he asks. “Like… there’s not…”

          You glower at him, causing his sentence to face. “There is like. Literally. Nothing else. What else could’ve caused that?”

           “Well how do you know it was fuckin’ ME though?” he snaps.

          “Ok, fine, I don’t!” you shrug. “How else can you explain it though? Buncha chicks just start blowing up pregnant, everywhere you go? As soon as you get close to them?” A chill trickles through you. “What if like… what if this happens everywhere you go? How are you gonna go anywhere?”

          “I don’t know.” He slaps the steering wheel in frustration and starts driving again. “Let’s just… we’ll go back to my place and figure this shit out.”

           The two of you keep exchanging suspicious, nervous little glances as he drives. Your best bro is a horny motherfucker for sure, all the time ‘accidentally’ displaying prominent public boners to any nearby women who caused them. He bites his lower lip; the tent in his shorts is brushing against the bottom of his steering wheel. His beefy muscles have stopped growing but are still making their presence very well known as each little movement causes a tiny-but-audible creaking noise from the fabric of his protesting t-shirt.

           You can almost smell his arousal.

          He parks and the two of you sprint to his apartment building. He punches his keycode in and leads the way past the lobby. Your heart sinks and your gut clenches when you see another resident, a woman, coming down the hallway towards you both.

           “Shit,” your friend mutters under his breath. You both rush up a set of stairs—it’s not the way to his apartment, but it’s better than running straight into her. You double back when she’s clear. He locks his front door when you’re both safely inside.

           He goes to the bathroom and you head straight for his bedroom—his computer’s still on and you bring up a search engine. The room contains a medley of scents, from cologne to body odor and a deep underlying aroma of what can only be very regular sex. The term “unexplained pregnancies” leads you to Planned Parenthood and other medical-type sites, “rapid pregnancies” leads you to bad fanfiction and fetish art and “sudden pregnancies” ends up on a motherhood forum. Your chest and throat burn slightly when you let out a small belch and swallow back some bile. You head back out to where you dropped your gym bag and grab a drink of water.

           When you head back to his bedroom, he’s leaning over the computer chair reading the results of your searches. He turns back to you, broad shoulders hunched almost shamefully. “Dude what if it is me.”

          “Ok look.” You put your hands up. “I’m not… I’m not gonna just blame you, but like… where’s the precedent for this shit? Has anything like this ever happened before?”

           “Ok what if we tested it out?” he asked. It’s startling to see such a large, confident guy like him anxiously folding his arms and avoiding your gaze. “Like, uh… what if we just… like, you spot for me, find a girl, and I’ll slowly get closer, and then if she starts lookin’ pregnant, I’ll back off and we’ll see what happens… yeah?”

           “How about we, uh…” you burp again. That nauseous feeling is back. Worse this time. You drink some more water and force that burning feeling back down your esophagus. “How about…”

           His eyes lock onto you, wide and fearful. “Dude. Holy. Fucking. Shit. Dude.” His rippling arms hang limp at his sides.

You wince as a terrifying pressure immediately starts to bloom in your lower gut, like a gaseous cramp that refuses to leave. “Fuck!” you grunt as you curl in on yourself. A substantial impact forces you to violently thrust your hips forward, and if either of you were unsure about it before, there’s no doubt that your normally flat, toned, MALE abdomen is beginning to look downright plump.

           You stare down at yourself in disbelief. Slowly you look up at your bro.

           “… Did I get you pregnant?” he asks in a tiny, weak voice. His eyes do not leave your slightly-swollen belly.

          You’re too stunned, too paralyzed with fear and shock, to even nod or shake your head or open your mouth to answer. Instead, when your mouth opens involuntarily, a burst of vomit falls out.

           Normally he’d probably punch you for barfing on his floor. “Holy shit,” he whispers.

          He snaps into action when you look like you’re about to hurl again, and almost carries you into the bathroom as you dry-heave. You don’t make it to the toilet, instead puking in the sink. He turns the faucet on to wash away your vomit and then you head for the toilet. A few more dry heaves and you seem to be empty, but you continue retching for about a minute after.

           Finally you turn your head to stare at him.

          “You’re. A dude.” His hands are clutching his temples incredulously. “You’re not even a chick. You’re a dude. What. The fuck.” Every so often, his normally smooth baritone cracks like a teenager.

          You let out a slightly pained grunt as your stomach bloats forth about another inch around. You hike your shirt up and stare down at yourself, then at your reflection in the mirror over his sink. Your skin is flushed and warm. You swallow. Your breaths come ragged and short.

          He moves a little closer, on your left. You’re not even really looking at him until you feel one of his big hands place itself on the side of your bulging tummy.

           Something seems to punch you from the inside, and in seconds your belly bloats from “two months” to “five.” It looks like a sports ball being filled by an automatic air pump. You pride yourself on your strong, speedy legs, but they turn to wet noodles at his touch, at the feel of your gut swelling months in seconds, and you almost collapse. He wraps his arms around you and helps keep you stable.

           “I gotcha, I gotcha,” he whispers.

           “I can’t. I can’t. How. Why,” you manage to squeak out. Your eyes jump from your stomach to your reflection’s.

           “I dunno. Fuck I don’t. Know.”

          Gently, he reaches around you—you are encircled in a wall of muscles and an almost content, safe feeling blooms in your chest. But then he places his hands on your bump again and you positively explode with growth. The elastic waistband on your track pants folds down to get out of the way. Your shirt stretches tight, then springs up away from your bulging, burgeoning belly.

           “FUCKING STOP, YOU’RE MAKING IT WORSE!” you snap at him, jerking away to get free.

          His arms lock around you though, and pull you back, squeezing you to his chest. There’s no escaping his powerful grasp—he outweighs you by almost a hundred pounds—but it’s a gentle embrace and rather than feeling angry or scared or pained with a new burst of growth… you feel safe again. Something feels simply right about the whole scenario. You don’t know why you moan when you feel him nuzzling the side of your face, but you do—that noise definitely came out of your mouth. The firm dome in front of you zings with a pleasurable sort of jumbling as his hands begin to rub the smooth, tight surface. At the small of your back, a rather stiff protrusion slides up your spine.

           “What… are… you… doing…” you whimper.

          “I don’t know. I don’t fuckin’ know.” The vibrations of his manly voice rumble against your back. All around you are thick slabs of solid, rippling strength, feverishly hot and sleek. One of his fingers hooks into your waistband and slowly tugs your track pants down. He buries his face in your hair and inhales.

           When you look again into the mirror, your reflection’s eyes are sedate and unreadable.

Request!Jongdae (18+)

Can you please do a smut fic with Jondae? (like bondage and stuff…) Please? I feel super awkward asking, but he is my ultimate and it’s hard to find good fics with him. <3 p.s I love your blog!! - Anon MX

You fumble with your hands nervously, toying with your lip nervously while you watch Jongdae unpack the gift you got him for his birthday. You hear the sound of him swallowing, eyeing his adam’s apple as it bops up and down with the sound. You hesitate to ask but step forward to reach out to him. 

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Has anyone else noticed that Morro is wearing really short ragged shorts

for all those of you who thought he was wearing pants


no he’s not

those are the same color as his face okay he is not wearing full length pants

I’m not okay anymore

so of course I had to draw him and mess with his outfit and give him knee-high six-inch heeled boots to go with his short shorts and interesting leg straps which I made even worse and I pulled his hair back and gave him like 45 piercings and 

please stop me

stop me now

what have I done

too late now

@garmacondrai @eyeofthewolfe @meet-some-friends-of-mine @magicquill42 @an-actual-elementale tagging several people who may or may not enjoy this/be disturbed by this/laugh hysterically for like ten minutes like I did when I realized this

Vital signs [1/1]

Heyo. This is for @katie-dub‘s hub prompt: CS+ cold+bed-sharing (but I’m pretty sure I added an extra trope in there. Huh. How ‘bout that.) Also, Katie wrote an awesome-sauce story which you can find here and @mahstatins wrote pain which you can find here. I highly recommend you read those and yell at them. Since I was there when this was going down, I thought it only proper that I add my contribution. So…here ye are. 

Words: 1k. 

Summary: An itty bit after Emma is saved from the ice cave. Post-4x02. 

Killian’s hand caresses her cheek, the lingering cold sending a stab of fear to his heart. They had managed to save her from that blasted ice cave, but he fears the damage has been done, Emma showing little signs of improvement. Storybrooke passes by in a blur as David speeds down the streets, and he catches the Prince’s concerned gaze in the small mirror, the look of panic in the lines around his eyes, which he tries to offset by the determined set to his chin. 

Elsa sits quietly at the front, hands wringing nervously in her lap, head bowed in guilt. Whatever victory she had felt at getting both Emma and her out of the ice cave has ebbed. He catches her  casting nervous glances back to Emma, her icy blue eyes filled with remorse. He wishes he has something that could reassure the newcomer; in truth, he’s afraid of what will happen should Emma-


No, he’s not going to think about that now.

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anonymous asked:

naughty plot suggestion here... since their bond through the contract is hella strong, some kind of telephatic stimulation/sex must be awesome between them (maybe... ciel discovering that 'little weakeness' and starts to mentally 'torture' sebastian with extreme arousal to the point of causing him a mindblowing orgasm, specially in a very awkward situation, e.g., peeling potatoes in the kitchen with the other servants around or serving tea to ciel's guests, etc etc ^^ )? thank u so much <3 <3

Thanks for the prompt anon :) sorry it took so long and I hope this is ok, i’m not so good at third person but I though I’d give it a try.

Sebastian’s first mistake had been inadvertently telling his Master about the extent of their connection.

It had been at the market place, bustling with the crowds of a Sunday morning when the Demon had feared that the young Earl might become lost in the vast sea of people. “There is no need to call for me aloud, My Lord” he had said. “I can hear you just fine if you direct the words to me in your mind”.

The slow smile that had spread across Ciel’s face had been positively evil. “Is that so?”

Life for the butler became much harder after that day. Ciel would test the limits of their contract, projecting his thoughts loudly and watching Sebastian’s face with amusement, for that had been Sebastian’s second mistake. Reacting to it.

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Side to Side {Yoongi One Shot}

Originally posted by scartic

A/N: I have returned! And y’all thought I wasn’t gonna write anymore. Well, school is almost done, and I have many ideas reeling in my head. Also…istg this started out as fluff, but I figured I’d take a crack at smut, so I’m really nervous how this turned out. I’d like to add that also kinda has a soundtrack (I was inspired by many songs, so if you want to know them, let me know)

Genre: smut? (idek if it’s that good though) 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 2294

Bzzzt. I turned my head towards my bedside table, where the origin of the buzz came from, confused as to who would text me at this time. Granted it is 11 am, but it’s a Wednesday. Most of my friends should be working at this time..or sleeping, considering it was summer break. I reached for my phone, picked it up, and saw that it was Yoongi.

“Well well well…what a surprise” I noted sarcastically. I unlocked my phone to read his message.

Yoongi: Bring your earphones and iPod.

You: What?

Yoongi: I’m outside, hurry up.

What the hell? Surely he isn’t outside.

I didn’t know if he was telling the truth or not, so I decided to get up out of my bed and walk towards my bedroom window. The moment I moved my curtain to the side and peeked out, there he was. Standing on my front lawn, his back to my window.

“Are you serious?” I scoffed. I stood in disbelief not knowing what to do, until he turned around, looked up, and gave me a smug smile. He raised his wrist and tapped it, signaling for me to get a move on. “Shit…I gotta get ready.” I rushed all around my room in my pajama shorts and tank top, figuring out what to wear. I ran to my drawer to grab a random pair of underwear and bra, not caring if they matched, and hurriedly changed into them.

Bzzt. My bedside table vibrated again. I ran over to check my phone.

Yoongi: Love the pair..

You: huh?

Yoongi: Purple and white lace for the top, pink polka dots for the bottom. ;)

I looked down and realized he perfectly described my bra and underwear, and typed angrily into my phone


Yoongi: Hey…you left your curtain wide open for your neighborhood to see. I’m just enjoying the show. Besides, it’s not like that’s the first time I’ve seen that bra and underwear.

I shot my head up and saw that I did leave the curtain open, all because Yoongi decided to show up without a notice. I ran to the window, and yanked the curtains closed.

Curious as to see how hot it was outside, I checked the weather on my phone.

“Great, 100 degrees. Shorts it is then.” I murmured.

I grabbed my favorite pair of shorts, and ran around my room looking for a shirt when I spotted a white oversized tee. “I shouldn’t be too hot wearing this” I said holding the shirt up in the air. I ran to my closet and grabbed the first pair of shoes I saw, scrambled for socks, grabbed my phone and rushed to the restroom to put on my make up.

Bzzt bzzt. I felt the phone vibrate in my hand.  

Yoongi: Aww..what a shame, I was really enjoying the show.

Yoongi: Also, time is money.

“Oh shut the fuck up” I hissed.

I put on my makeup, and bolted down my stairs. I ran around the living room, looking for my iPod, earphones, and charger. Once I spotted them on the coffee table, I grabbed them and made my way to the front door. A blast of hot air welcomed me to the outside world.

“What the hell Yoong!” I walked towards him. “It’s Wednesday morning! Why?”

He looked at me unbothered, “What were you doing?”

What was I doing? Why does that matter? Why did he have to drag me out of bed? “Nothing, bu-” 

“Exactly.” he interrupted. “You were free, so why not?”

“You could have texted.” I eyed him down, hoping he would see my point.

“I did.”


And like the savage he was, Yoongi started roasting me on how I waste my time in bed, have no life, don’t go out.. “Either way, you still would’ve been doing nothing”

I rolled my eyes. “ANYWAYS…why do I need all this?” I gestured to my iPod and earphones. Yoongi shooked his head. “Rule #1: No talking. Not even a sound, a peep..nothing.” I looked at him mysteriously. No talking? What does he have in mind? What are we going to do? Yoongi took my iPod out of my hands, pulled out an earphone splitter from his pocket and plugged the splitter into my iPod, and his and my earphones into the splitter.

“Rule #2: No choosing songs from the playlist. Let them all shuffle.” he added.

“Rule #3: Just go with it. And rule #4: If any of these are violated, unless needed, there will be consequences. Think of this as a friendly competition. A tally will be kept as to who broke the most rules.”

I looked at Yoongi questioningly  “What kind of consequences?”

“The usual.” He smirked and began walking.

The usual typically meant that one person has to do what the other wants for the rest of the day. While some days we don’t go too far, there are days where one is just screaming for the other to stop…or actually, to keep going.

I’ve had this iPod since I was 12. This means Yoongi is going to hear just about everything from then until now. And what can I say, there have been many phases: My kiddy pop phase, my indie phase, oh god…my emo phase. At least the majority of the music is danceable. The moment Yoongi taps the shuffle button, my heart drops.

Wait a minute! Oh shit! I haven’t heard this song in forever. The upbeat electronic feel, this totally came out when I was 13. My heartbeat begins to pick up with the energy and we start walking towards an unknown destination. As the song is playing, I’m really enjoying myself. Popping my shoulders, making flowing movements as we walk. I notice that even Yoongi is hooked on the beat a little. I wouldn’t blame him, this song is just so good.

I continue dancing down the streets and not caring about the looks I’m receiving from other pedestrians. Yoongi however, doesn’t seem to be bothered about my head rolls, arm movements, or even small body rolls.

As we continue walking, one of my favorite uplifting, optimistic song comes on. While it’s not an energetic pop song as the last one, nor does it have heavy electronic uses in it, this song is more acoustic and authentic in sound. No matter what mood I’m in, whenever I listen to this song I’m instantly happy.  

“OH, ANNA SUN, O ANNA SUN” I yelled. The immense happiness I feel hearing this song makes me feel like a young kid again. And while Yoongi isn’t really feeling the song, I think he’s too busy watching me enjoy the song. Trying to hide a smile, but ultimately breaks when I get close in his face and “WE GOT NO MONEY BUT WE GOT HEA AH AH ART!” I sang out of tune and moved my head left to right to left in sync.

“You’ve just broken a rule” Yoongi cocked his eyebrow, and smirked.

“WAIT! You said talking! NOT SINGING!” I refuse to be ordered around by Yoongi. The last time it happened…well, let’s just say I was left unsatisfied 3 times. There is no way in hell that that’s happening again.

Yoongi kept quiet at my protests, and raised his index finger to indicate the first rule, then puts it to his lips. Essentially telling me, to shut up.

By the time the song ends, we reach a bus stop. Why the bus stop, I thought. I mean…he knows how to drive. Until it occurred to me that every Wednesdays, the bus fare is reduced to ten cents. These are days that people typically ditch their cars and take public transportation. We waited no longer than 5 minutes for the bus to arrive. And boy was it packed. When we walked in, Yoongi and I squeezed between the crowd in the bus and settled between two parallel stainless steel bars that were there for support.

Yoongi decided to stand behind me. His arms coming around me to hold onto the bars in front of him, while I held onto the same ones as him. Our hands inches away from each other. It wasn’t until then that I realized the feel of the song that was playing. It was slow, sensual, and heavy. While it did have a feel of weightlessness to it.

I couldn’t breathe. The number of people in the bus…well, it was shocking how we could all fit. One small hand movement and you’d basically be groping someone. Perhaps that’s why Yoongi stood behind me. But still…my back to his front. The proximity between us: tight. The atmosphere: electric. I don’t know if it’s because Yoongi is standing so close to me, or that the two of us are hidden in plain sight that I start to feel daring. I smiled a wicked smile when an idea came to mind; Time to have some fun.

By the next song, just like its predecessor, it was slow, sensual, and heavy. But, instead of weightlessness, this song had a bounce to it. A bounce that I know I could dance to just by moving my lower body, and hips. I took this opportunity to finally tease Yoongi. I slowly backed into him and stuck my ass out for him to feel.

I started slow. Moving my hips from left to right to left, then a smooth and quick roll upwards. I followed the beat, having it instruct me on what to do. Hips swaying, sharply moving back and forth. Out of nowhere, I began moving my hips in a circular motion, making sure that every time I moved, my ass would grind on him. Side to side, left to right, back and forth, up and down. Slow, but steady.

I can feel his breathing hitch a little, especially when I would work my way up. As I backed my ass up into him, I could feel him getting hard. It didn’t help him that I was wearing my shortest shorts either because every time I stuck my ass out even more it felt like he was fucking me in the ass.

By the end of the song, he was more than turned on. I knew that if I continued, there would be no chance in hell that he would last. While other passengers were completely oblivious to what I was doing, Yoongi obviously wasn’t. I could feel him breathing behind me, on me. The soft hot air coming out of his plump lips. The very lips he uses to kiss me. Kiss my neck, my nipples…

His breathing was short and ragged. Yoongi was desperately trying to hide the fact that he was so turned on.

If we weren’t in public, at this time, Yoongi would have already gotten all my clothes off and have me then. Fucking me, hard and fast. He would nip at my neck as he was doing so. Kissing that sweet spot, undoing the tight knot that was starting to build within me. The feel of him kissing me is so realistic. His tongue putting light pressure, while also swirling around. Sucking at my skin that was starting to become sensitive.  Lost in the music and my own thoughts,  I didn’t realize that Yoongi nipping at my neck until I shot my eyes open and remembered where we were.  

Yoongi knew that if he were to continue, I would moan at any moment. “Rule #1: No talking, not even a sound.” Nope. Not again. I will not break this rule. I will not. Two can play this game. Time to up the ante. I decided to slow down even more that what I was originally moving to. Making sure that he felt every single movement.  When I grinded up against him, I made sure that he was able to feel his dick straining against my ass. And rather than hearing a sound from me, it came from Yoongi. YES! I BROKE HIM.

“If you don’t stop this, you’ll regret it.” He muttered in my ear. I leaned my head back onto his shoulder and turned to his ear, “Don’t forget rules #1 and 3” I whispered and continued grinding into him. While it did start off as teasing Yoongi, I couldn’t help but think of all the things Yoongi would do to me.

Fuck me until I was just a mess. Slap my ass and ram into it like there was no tomorrow. Eating me out, or just simply make me cum by sucking my oversensitive nipples. At this point, I could feel my underwear getting soaked. Yoongi pulled me out of my thoughts the moment he let go of one of the steel bars and grabbed me by the waist. He closed any space that there was between us, and pushed himself more into me, and that’s when I let out a small moan.

“Shhh…people will hear” Yoongi responded. Probably happy that he was able to get a sound out of me. At this point, it was the two of us moving along to the music. Both going at it. Slow, gradual, and heavy. My mind was reeling at his intoxicating motions. The moment I was going to push myself into him, Yoongi opened up the space between us and turned to push the button to signal the bus driver to stop.  

We both made our way to the rear exit, got off the bus and continued with the day, praying that no one noticed what happened between us two.

anonymous asked:

Can I please request an MC who is afraid of people who drink/drunk people because of bad experiences in the past and how the RFV + V + Saeran reacts to finding this out? Thank you so much I just followed you a day or two ago and your writing is awesome!!! (* ॑꒳ ॑* )⋆*

I totally feel you on this one anonny, drunk people can be pretty scary so I tried to make this one come across as a more comforting ending! And thank you so much for the kind words, I appreciate them as well as your patience with me!! Thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Yoosung was excited to take you, his first girlfriend, to a party that some of his college friends were having
  • He held you hand and smiled as the two of you walked to your destination, he couldn’t wait to show you off to all of his friends
  • When you got there, Yoosung’s friends welcomed their buddy with some high-fives and hair ruffles
  • You grinned as Yoosung introduced you to his friends, excusing himself to go get you a drink
  • Just as you were about to sit down on the couch, one of Yoosung’s friends was extremely drunk and slung his shoulder around you
  • Yoosung walked back to you only to find you looking truly terrified as you tried to push his friend off of you with shaky hands
  • Before you knew it, Yoosung ripped his friend away from you and the two of you started going back home
  • Your tears and trembling hands made Yoosung ask if his friend truly scared you that much but you denied it, saying that because of a past experience you were frightened by drunk people
  • Yoosung immediately wraps you in a warm hug, kissing all over you face as he apologized for taking you to the party in the first place
  • The two of you spent the rest of the night cuddling and placing little kisses over each other for comfort as Yoosung reassured you that he’d keep you safe
  • “I’m such a lightweight when it comes to alcohol that I don’t even enjoy it. So I promise that I’ll never drink so you don’t have to be scared MC!”


  • Zen had always noticed that ever since the first day he met you, you always seemed somewhat on edge
  • Every time he’d try to cautiously ask what was wrong, you would always nervously dismiss his accusations
  • He didn’t want to ask too much, he knew that the second you needed him he’d be there for you so he left it along, for now
  • Until one night Zen came home late since he was out drinking at the local bar with some of his old biker buddies
  • He was a bit tipsy, but he had a clear enough mind to know right from wrong
  • When he opened the front door, Zen saw you about to greet him until you froze in your tracks, eyes widening
  • Zen was about to give you a hug until you shrieked at him to get away as you ran into the bedroom
  • Confused, Zen slowly opened the door to find you under the blankets and sobbing
  • He was immediately at your side and pulled you into his chest, begging you to tell him what was wrong
  • You shakily explained that because of past events, you were scared of drunk people and noticed that he was a bit tipsy and you became scared
  • Zen quietly hushed you, apologizing for not noticing sooner as he vowed that even though it would take time, he would stop drinking since he’d do anything for you


  • Jaehee smiled as she flipped the ‘closed’ sign to ‘open’ on the cafe’s door
  • It brought her so much joy to know that she finally pursued her dreams but even better was that you were by her side to help her
  • She was even more excited whenever you agreed to work with her at the cafe, although you always seemed to be a little tense working night shifts
  • When another busy day flew by, you and Jaehee were cleaning up the cafe whenever a customer came in
  • Jaehee informed him that the cafe was closed but it seemed that the man was too drunk to listen to her
  • While Jaehee was about to escort the man out, you let out a scared yelp as you scrambled to the back corner of the cafe
  • Once Jaehee gave the man the boot, she went over to find you cowering in the corner, shaking with fear
  • She lowered herself down to you and slowly put her hand on your back as she asked what was wrong
  • You explained through tears that because of past events, those who were drunk made you feel frightened beyond belief
  • She nodded understandably, feeling terrible for not kicking the crap of the drunk man before but she assured you that things would be okay
  • Jaehee enforcers a strict no alcohol policy at the cafe the next and anyone who broke it would face her wrath


  • Jumin tried to always make sure you were comfortable around him, although at times it seemed like he was failing
  • At certain moments you would tense up or suddenly excuse yourself to leave the room, Jumin couldn’t figure out what it was that caused you so much distress
  • He tried asking you what was wrong but he always came off as gruff and awkward and you would dodge the question
  • So Jumin payed no mind to your behavior, opting to help you whenever he saw the chance
  • But for now, Jumin wanted to celebrate with you since he just signed a new successful business deal
  • You told him how proud you were as he smiled back, searching the cabinets for some wine to celebrate with
  • The second Jumin pulled out the drink and offered you some, you vigorously shook your head no and were about to excuse yourself
  • Until Jumin grabbed your wrist to stop you, pleading with you to tell him what was wrong
  • You crumbled into his chest as you told him that you’ve had people in the past hurt you because they were intoxicated with alcohol so you were scared of it
  • Jumin got rid of all alcohol in his home and put out a search warrant against those who harmed you, he wanted to ensure you that you’d always be safe with him around


  • Seven has always looked at you as a kind and confident person who didn’t take any crap from anyone
  • But there were rare times when you seemed to be nervous and Seven was pretty positive he knew what it was
  • Every time he tried to consult you would call him crazy but after tonight, he was sure he could confirm his theory
  • You and Seven were going to your high school reunion where you yet again seemed on edge
  • But Seven gave your hand a squeeze and reassured you that he’d be by your side all night
  • Things were going well until a few of your past classmates offered you some alcohol and when you nervously refused, they called you out
  • They said about how you were strange for never wanting to drink and yet again, tried getting you to consume the alcohol
  • Before you had a panic attack, Seven was at you side and swiftly led you out of the building
  • Once the two of you were in his car, you broke down crying, telling Seven how sorry you were for embarrassing him but you were terrified of alcohol because your uncle use to abuse you while he was intoxicated
  • His jaw clenched when he heard your words, he knew all too well what it was like having an abusive relative
  • Seven quickly drove you home and smothered you with hugs and kisses all night and once you were asleep, he hacked into your uncle’s account and ruined his life, he was going to make sure that you never felt any harm because of alcohol ever again


  • V always wanted to make sure that you were happy and comfortable around him
  • So when there would be times when you felt anxious or upset, V would do whatever it took to help you through it
  • You had always felt safe around V because of his calming presence plus you knew that he wasn’t a heavy drinker
  • He truly wanted to make you happy but he needed some new ideas so he asked Jumin for his advice
  • After talking with his friend, V had a huge grin on his face as he planned an at home romantic dinner for you
  • V opened the door and pulled you in for a hug, which you gladly returned, until you saw the alcohol in his hand
  • You jumped back and hastily excused yourself and went straight to the bedroom
  • V felt his heart break, he had no idea what he did wrong but he was going to fix it
  • He carefully opened the door to find you holding a pillow to your chest and taking ragged, short breaths
  • Immediately, you felt V’s long arms around you as he asked what was wrong
  • You told him that during your past, you’ve had bad experiences with people who have become drunk and you were scared that he was going to be the same
  • V’s arms around you tightened as he buried his face in your hair, promising to never drink any alcohol and to protect you so that you would ever have to feel sad again


  • Saeran would always be grateful for the fact that he could always be honest with you and you’d never judge him for it
  • He was so wrapped up in his own world that he often forgot about your feelings and wellbeing
  • So as an apology, Saeran decided to take you out for dinner one night
  • It wasn’t the fanciest of restaurants but Saeran wasn’t a very fancy fellow himself but you still appreciated his efforts
  • The evening was going fine until your waiter offered the two of you some alcohol, which you anxiously but politely refused
  • But he wasn’t taking no for an answer, shoving the strong drink in your face asking you again if you wanted the drink
  • Saeran could see tears starting to form in your eyes so he grabbed the waiters wrist and twisted it, making the man yelp in pain
  • The two of you quickly left the restaurant as Saeran mumbled an apology for the evenings events but asked why you were so scared of the man
  • Your cheeks tinted pink as you explained that you had a bad experience in your past with a drunk person so anything dealing with alcohol scared you
  • He grabbed your hand and gently squeezed it, Saeran’s small form of affection, as he completely understood where you were coming from since he remembered his own past with his drunken mother
  • Saeran told you not to worry anymore because he would always be by your side and even if he didn’t always show it, he would always protect and love you

The scent of lavender lightly swirled in the bathroom, dimly lit by scarce candles, throwing deep shadows across wet skin.  The plethora of bubbles tickled Alec’s skin as he lightly ran his fingers up and down his lover’s arm, all the way up to his shoulder, then slowly gliding down hard, smooth muscle and following down into the water where his hands rested on his stomach.  The water was warm, the temperature of it surprisingly hadn’t dropped at all since they settled in a while ago.

He closes his eyes and takes in a deep, calming breath, letting his heart settle in the comfort of having Magnus in his arms, finally home again.   He lightly rubs his nose along Magnus’ hairline, down to the back of his neck, and slowly trailing back up.

Alec’s soft breath and light touches sent chills down Magnus’ spine.  He closes his eyes, the light of the candles reflecting orange and red behind his tired lids.  He lets out a soft hum, turning his head to allow Alec more access to his neck, his head rolling on his lover’s shoulder.  

He feels deep, soft open-mouthed kisses being placed along his neck as Alec trails back up to his lightly soaked hair.  Eyes still closed, Magnus turns his head slightly to allow Alec to finally kiss his forehead.  His kiss remains there, arms tightening around his waist for a second before relaxing back into the tub.  He feels the hard muscles of Alec’s stomach settle as he leans back, releasing a soft sigh.

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You Don’t Own Her

chapter 5 of “Little Lost Soul” ~ Negan x selectively mute reader (Y/N)

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Negan x Reader (Y/N)

2400 words

Warnings ~ Negan language, bit of angst (reader is selectively mute)

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She turned, starting to head towards the door.

  “Doll!” I stood up quickly, I needed to stop her before she headed out the door. I knew it would probably be a fucking mistake but I had to prevent her from leaving. I grabbed her arm, as gently as I could, but she still freaked. But her reaction was not at all what I was expecting, she didn’t slap or punch me, she didn’t try to pull away. No, she just froze, as still as a fuckng statue. And began to shake.

  I had fucked up again.

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