ragged ridge

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43 and 58. Crying over your other jon x sansa piece right now.


58) things you were afraid to say

She wants to tell him that nothing feels right when he’s not near.

Sansa steadies her shaking hand by biting her fingernails into her palms. There is little pain, but it’s bracing all the same; it’s an ache that grounds her, rather than the ache that torments her throughout the days she spends with him.

And now it’s well past nightfall and here she is at his chamber door, ready to open the wound and let it burn.

Jon answers on the first tap of her knuckles, as if he’d known she was there and had just been waiting for her to ask for him. His brow furrows in a concern he can’t help whenever he looks at her to find her eyes as troubled as they are now.

“Are you all right?” he asks, his voice gruff with exhaustion and what Sansa hopes is something more, something that only she can elicit within him. She can’t put a name to what that something might be, but she thinks she hears it when they’re alone together and it’s the only thing that she’s learned to pray for again.

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