ragg wool


Idiot-Proofing a look (and then still looking like an idiot).

I think an underrated item in #menswear is the bulky ragg wool sweater.

People go gaga over shawl collared cardigans, aran and Norwegian sweaters and  thin cashmere.  They fight about whether turtle necks are cool or douchy, v or crew neck, merino or cashmere.  But left out of this conversation is something like what I’m wearing today, a charcoal ragg wool sweater.

This happens to be vintage Bean (Made in Ireland).  It has a couple tiny embellishments, raglan sleeves (actually more like sleeves on a commando sweater but without the pads), and rolled cuffs; but largely it’s very plain.

This makes it fairly idiot proof.  Because it’s so heavy duty it pulls double duty as a light jacket.  With jeans, flannels or chinos it looks rugged and practical.  Maybe no office ready, but in a casual workplace or running around town it’s my personal favorite.  Shawl collar be damned!

Oh, and if you want to blow up the idiot proof look just throw on a giant fur collared pea coat and you’ll look like Serpico in a hot second.