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vebtable juice

vebatable juice:




Insufferable Rage

Out Of Control Depression

A School


1. take your VoDKa and REB and put them in a non-stainable container (seperate container for each)

2. let sit in with its own thoughts with no help what so ever, sprinkle the REB with some emotional abuse and isolation, and sprinkle some loneliness on Vodka. let voDKa sit for 17 years and REB for 18.

3. now combine Vodka and REB during the 13-14 year mark in the marination process.

4. during the 16-17 mark in marination add the insufferable rage and out of control depression.

5. finish marination and put voDKa and REB into a blender along with the school.

6. blend until the basement tapes are released

now you have some delicious vebatable juice

Why drum corps?

Frequently I find myself having to answer this question of “Why march drum corps?” Too many times the conversation will go like this, “Oh, you travel across the country? How much do you get paid? I bet you get to see really cool places and stay in nice hotels. Man, that sounds like a nice vacation.” And too many times you have an internal debate about whether you should clear up the confusion or let your grandmother think you’re a rockstar. But the truth is, anybody who has ever done this activity is unequivocally, absolutely, undeniably a rockstar. I had never met a more hard-working and disciplined crowd than when I was first introduced to a drum and bugle corps. Think about it - these people had sacrificed their entire summer, time that they could have spent with their family, friends, and significant others, to do something that they love. There is nothing more inspiring than watching someone accomplish their dreams, no matter if the price tag has $3,000 on it. No matter if that means sleeping on gym floors. Every single person that has marched drum corps has inspired at least one if not thousands of people to do what they love.

The wonderful thing about drum corps is that it brings out the best in you. You learn that you’re smarter, stronger, braver, and more capable than you had ever imagined. You learn that you are kinder than you ever thought you could be. After going through a season of drum corps, you can literally do anything in the whole world. But just as this marching art can bring out the best in you, it can also bring out the worst. You learn that you can be selfish, annoying, aggressive, and incapable of controlling your emotions. For many people, marching a season of drum corps can be the hardest thing they’ve ever done or will ever do. So why do it? Why spend all this time, money, and effort on something that will be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do? Few people you meet in your life will ever be as close as the people you shared a field with. There are few moments in this world that will truly take your breath away - and I mean literally take your breath away - the same way performing in a dome will. The memories you gain by doing this activity will be with you forever and will come back when you least expect it. The reason that keeps me coming back every year is because I was inspired to do what I love. 

Tour thus far

So every single show we have gotten boo’d, but today was the most shocking because we actually got a standing ovation…at crown’s show. I felt amazing today coming off the field because my rifle from the 5th movement, legit got stuck in the ground tip first after we chuck them, even got a picture! Such a good day…oh and we won but no one is safe until August 11th so that isn’t important. 14 days left!!!

Word Clouds for Memes and Inside jokes of your corps on a tee!

This one is made for me (though I think I will revise it a few more times till I am happy with it), and is very compact. I can make them as busy as these, or less so, tailored to your liking. I won’t even ask what they mean, in case it is a secret or inside jokes.

I can also do just one or two sayings instead of the whole cloud.