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Anakin: wouldn’t it be a shame :) if the chancellor were to :) :) oh I dunno :) :) :) fall on my lightsaber :) :) :) 23 times on the Senate floor


I’m suddenly just so amused when I remember that Koujaku’s primary job is, of all things, a hairdresser. 

I mean, you’ve got this tall, ripped dude, he’s covered in scars and tattoos, he carries around this ridiculously large sword, he’s a fucking gang leader and he’s got this crazy-ass backstory that involves him becoming a literal ragemonster and murdering the fuck out of a large number of people–what could someone this tough possibly do for a living? Maybe he’s a rough-and-tumble yakuza? Nah, even with the whole gang leader thing he hates yakuza. And I mean, let’s be real here, Benishigure is

not to most intimidating team

Is he some kind of hitman? Some sort of weird modern samurai thing? That would explain the huge sword.

But nah. He’s a fucking hairdresser. He just wants to shampoo you up and make you nice and pretty. That’s it. Everything else is mostly just Tragic Backstory™ and aesthetic.

I love Koujaku so fucking much

you know what makes me angry? the fact that Eren Jaeger has undergone so much suffering and loss in his fifteen years, held himself together only by his black/white/good/evil morality and strength of character, fueled his will to overcome his weaknesses, wanted more than anything to see the world and protect his friends, come to terms with a massively violent and destructive power in fewer than three months, experienced backbreaking betrayal, witnessed the deaths of his comrades a dozen times over, taken upon himself so much blame for things he could not control, accepted the weight of humanity onto his inexperienced and possibly physically incapable shoulders because everyone expects him to pull off the impossible and master a side he only just learned of himself, all while having no control over his circumstances and no idea why he of all people gets a second chance after being eaten by a titan–and yet still receives hate for being a “stupid” “ragemonster” “dull” “flat” main character

Restoration - Chryse - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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“It won’t ever be the same as it was.”
“Of course it won’t be the same. But it might be even better.”


This is the very first S4 fic I have attempted to read, and it is marvelous.

I’m just gonna quote my own comment here: 

“This is the closest I’ve come to being able to even consider the disaster of S4, and something like what you’ve embarked on here may give me the framework I need to rework this trauma into something that I am able to coexist with.’

“I was chased, lasered at and my batplane was shot down by a face-lasering, big ass, ragemonster straight out of my nightmares. And was just now saved by a freaking demigoddess from being completely obliterated, yes clark I’m completely fine I did not pee a little bit in my suit during this not at all, what you on about.”

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Lol your tag comment about how short rumbelle is sparked my curiosity so I decided to look up heights. Both Belle and Rumple are v short (and cute) so where did Gideon get the towering ragemonster look from? Black Fairy is 5'7" and Peter Pan is 5'9" so that leaves Moe, who is...6'2", taller than Gideon! Which explains some things. (For perspective, Gideon is 4" taller than his father and 10" taller than his mother.)

Well, I’m glad Moe is good for something :-). Thanks for looking up the heights!

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Moe looks twice as tall as Rumple here– perspective!

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Top of Gideon’s head can’t fit in the frame

But keep in mind this family has an inverse height/deadliness relationship: the smaller the French/Stiltskin family member is, the more fierce they are– never forget Colette French took down three ogres in her rage. All the French/Stiltskins punch above their weight/height class.

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Hold my book while I take down three giant monsters, kthxbye

Jak 2 AU where the experiments left Jak in his dark form at all times, essentially turning him into a feral child/ragemonster.

When Daxter comes to spring Jak from prison he ends up getting taken as a hostage by his old buddy as they break out together, all the while Daxter’s screaming Hey!  Let me go, my friend’s in there, I gotta get him back!

And when they make it out of the prison and duck into the alleyway while the heat dies down, Daxter gets all up in Jak’s face about ruining his one chance of getting him back, while Jak just stares at him all quizzical like.  Then Dax has had enough and yells at him like, Hey!  I’m talking to you here, are you listening?!  I need to get back in there and find my best friend!  And Jak just picks him up and puts Daxter on his shoulder—his left shoulder, just where Daxter used to sit back on their adventure in Sandover, and just sorta lets out a happy grumble-purr or something while the pieces click together in Daxter’s head as he stares at his best friend in absolute horror.

Jak?  Is that you?

And then the rest of the game is mostly stealth-based with a focus on getting in and out of places unseen/with no living witnesses as they try to get the gang back together, stop the Baron, kill the Metal Heads and find a way to get Jak back to normal.

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sorry to be that one, but...tuckington?

You were not the only one, I promise, and also BAM. (More under the cut)


Look, they find weird shit, okay? Time travel. Getting pregnant with Alien Jesus. Ragemonster AI. Computer programs in people’s heads. Purple flying machines. He’s over it. Nothing is ever gonna strike Tucker as strange, ever again.

So the Portal isn’t a strange thing. Looking into it and seeing himself standing on the other side, that isn’t weird either. Except, it’s not him. This Tucker, he’s got black accents on his aqua armor. His hair’s shorter, cropped close to his head (a military haircut, even if he doesn’t want to admit it). He looks pissed off, angrily staring out a viewport of a ship or something.

He looks…hard. Angry. Professional. Like a douchebag.

“Is that you?” Wash asks from his side. “I almost didn’t recognize you. You look…different.”

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I’m not Tumblr’s model minority.

And it does have one, with excruciating irony. It’s basically the polar opposite of the American “model minority” (and if you don’t know what that is, get googling).

As neurotypical white (northern European Caucasian) heterosexual cisgender men are the kyriarchal enemy, you may fall under no more than two of those categories. The more obscure, ill-documented, and tenuously legitimate the self-applied labels, the better. Bipolar white gay cismale just isn’t good enough for The Discourse.

You must care about all topics at all times in equal measures, and you cannot give less than 100% to each of them. Burnout is unacceptable. Reblog more or Tumblr will revoke your “woke” status.

You must be angry 24/7. Joking is not allowed unless it’s something mean-spirited about the majority. No relaxing. Relaxation is apathy. Apathy is a tool of oppression. Stop oppressing yourself and get mad.

You must not have interests that have been deemed problematic. All your faves must meet the same minority quota requirements. If your favourite celebrity called someone a bitch once in 1983, you must immediately sever all ties. This is a subclause of caring 100% of the time, because if you like something or someone that’s problematic then you’re a traitor who doesn’t actually care at all.

You must be an expert on your ethnicity’s culture, especially pre-19th Century, unless you’re white/NEC in which case you must agree that you have no culture. It’s important to keep the spirit of 1746 alive, otherwise you have no idea what your roots are.

You must explain, label, and document everything, always. If anyone can come up to you post and go “aahhh…khhhhh….aahh excyuuse me, I believe you mean SOME Latvian architects, khhhh, you see this ONE was from BELARUS” then your whole post is invalid and you are one with the oppressors. 

You must live in a hugbox. You must support fellow minority folk no matter what shit they’re pulling, unless they’ve violated the above rules in which case their Super Cool Special Rare People Club card gets revoked and you’re obliged to rip into them. You’re obligated to treat transracials, sapiosexuals, creepypastakin, FTMTFs, and 15yo self-diagnosed high functioning sociopaths with Superwholock handles like fully legitimate things, or else you’re a “gatekeeper” IE literally Fascist Satan.

And I just. I’m sorry, I’m too fucking tired for it. I have too little patience for bullshit and too few fucks to give to be the dedicated ragemonster that deep Tumblr SJ expects. I don’t need this site’s collective approval as a “good minority.” I’m not gonna truck out my bloodline for points like a fucking show dog, I’m not gonna put my fucking pronouns on my profile, and I’m not gonna quantify this post to death to mollify asterisk-chasers.

You do you, Tumblr, but the respectability politics are bullshit here like they’re bullshit in meatspace. Fuck, at least they don’t get you killed online I suppose.

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(1/4)Here’s some Jason: he's a great kid, right? He watches his mouth in school and does really well, his grades are great, but for a while after he moves into the manor, some of the off-handed things people say about him (he's a streetrat etc.) at school and elsewhere start to get to him. He never says anything, just bottles it all up because he's a tough kid and thinks he can just push all that negativity down, & Bruce is happy like "this is so great Jason's doing really well and seems happy,”

(2/4)but after a notably awful day when he’s around 12, & probs a stressful patrol, they get back home & Jason just has a mega SUPREME meltdown that seems completely unannounced. So he’s screaming & crying & Bruce is completely baffled & unsettled by it, like good lord we just released the ragemonster, but then is just heartbroken when J is still falling apart after like 2hrs. & J keeps crying that he wants Alfred but he’s not there for whatever reason and Bruce is mortified

(¾)So by now it’s like 4 in the morning & they’re both exhausted & Bruce is still at a loss because Jason /won’t just tell him what’s wrong how is he supposed to fix it??/ But after each has a brief phone chat with Alfred, Bruce gradually coaxes out what set this all off & all the stress Jason’s been feeling over the past few months with expectations & whatnot, & by this point the poor thing’s so cried out that his eyes are nearly swollen shut and he’s basically asleep on his feet.

(4/4) So Bruce gives him a bath, puts him to bed, & pets his hair until he falls asleep. And after falling asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow, Bruce wakes up in his own bed late the next morning with Jason curled around his arm. They get up past noon & help each other make breakfast; Jason’s eyes are still puffy, but he’s pretty much bounced back to normal. They spend the rest of the afternoon playing catch in the yard and reading together in the library until Alfred gets home.

please protect your baby bruce please please please~~~

Love the idea of Jason always trying to act and be tough. And, as unhealthy a practice as it is, just bottling it all up and being a fierce lil ball of hate and anger and then EXPLODING and just crashing and Bruce is just so gentle with him, even though he has NO clue what he’s doing or how to dad.

baby jason crying. my weakness, ugh. let me hold your chubby little cheeks and wipe your tears starshine~~~

bruce and baby cuddlin’. bruce and jason bonding. jason reading to bruce and bruce helping him with some of the big words. I’m so happy, these are happy tears, happy heart eyes, happy sighing.



I JUST- I might be crazy, I don’t usually think that destiel will actually happen BUT JUST HEAR ME OUT

Dean is off the deep end, he’s totally lost it. He’s become a raging killing machine, just like Cain. I was sitting here wondering, gee, how will they fix that? How will they un-ragemonster Dean?

What happening with Cain? HE GAVE UP THE BLADE FOR LOVE.

“My knights and I, we did horrible things, for centuries. Bringers of chaos and darkness.” -Cain

“Then you met Collete.” -Dean

“She knew who I was, what I was. She loved me unconditionally. She forgave me. She only asked for one thing.” -Cain

To stop.” -Crowley

Notice how Dean knows that it’s Collete who changed Cain, he didn’t have to be told, he understands what it means to have someone who loves him unconditionally, despite the horrors of his time in hell. Is it possible, maybe, just maybe, that love is the only thing that can make Dean give up the blade and save himself from himself?

We’ve already seen how just talking to Cas made Dean go from this

to this

in less than a minute!

So, I KNOW it’s crazy to even think it. I know it can NEVER HAPPEN. BUT WHAT IF IT DID HAPPEN? What if Cas asked Dean to give up the blade, just like Colette asked Cain to give it up for her?

Cas already gave up his army for Dean. Will Dean give up his blade for Cas?

Anyway, assuming this won’t actually happen, there better be some awesome “what if” fic to tide us over the summer.

Oniwanbashu: I can’t say I’ve seen that look on his face like
Oniwanbashu: Ever
Crow: I’m scared. ;;
Crow: But that was the ONE FUCKING THING
Crow: and he even was going to walk away because everybody gets mad everybody lashes out sometimes
Crow: But that was a premeditated *he did the thing*, he *hit you in the back with a chair* when he knew *god damned well what it looked like*.
Crow: He KNEW what you’d do, he KNEW how you’d react, and he KNEW you’d just look like another dumb animal and he’d look like the scrappy little underdog who fended you off.
Crow: Because that’s all you *are* is a big thoughtless ragemonster and now *everybody knows it*.
Crow: YES, YES, YES. >8U

No but seriously, if you think Roman can’t act or emote, look at your life, look at your choices. 

Also god fucking damnit Daniel, out of all the things you could do, you strike him with a chair on the back while he’s down. 
Because you know, clearly that’s not going to open a can of worms.