Three pieces for our #TearsNouveau series completed! More on the way.

#TearsNouveau is the name of a collection of pin-ups featuring the cartoon Divas we grew up with in the 80’s and 90’s, depicted in an Art Nouveau inspired style. Some may be more obscure than others, but all pack a graceful nostalgic punch!

Cheetara from Thundercats

SteelHeart from Silverhawks

Octavia from Tigersharks


So far….Wanda and Billy are done. On to Jean-Paul. 

There are purposefully unattended sections to them. That’s because Daredevil will be using that space; so no need to put the time in.

As much as I’m  enjoying learning illustrator, I’m really looking forward to finishing.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Rage Gear Studios, brings JERRICO RABBIT, to the stage! Why don’t you do right and show him some love! :D

Jerrico is the latest addition to our Rager Boyz series.
His tattoo is a depiction of his wife, Regina Rabbit; or as he calls her: Honey Bunny.

Will JAZ and The Hard-light Projections make it to NYC? 
It’s up to you! Let’s make NYC’s first LGBTQ Comic Con happen!
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freemaofficial: #regram @ragegearstudios LOVE THIS! 💙💜 Awesome fanart– Thank you!! #Neets! #Amanita @sense8