what are we searching for?

Are we searching for another, or ourselves?

Maybe we’re searching for what we’re missing.

Not a person,

Not a feeling,

but a moment.

We’re looking for that moment where someone sees something in our eyes that no one else was ever able to reach.

We’re looking for that moment that makes out blood pump even harder than it ever has.

We’re looking for the moment when a smile subconsciously creeps upon our faces even in our worst days.

We are no longer looking for the feeling of being ‘complete’

We are craving the feeling of being understood.

We want a our facial expressions to be decoded in seconds by a glance of the eye.

We want nothing more but to be understood.

Happy 22nd Birthday to Abel Tesfaye. I know he’s really new to music and such but this guys music is just amazing. It’s realer than it can ever get. Although he really came about after Drake introduced him to the world, his music is different and just amazing. Cud-dos to him for surviving a whole year and not being swallowed by the demand of fans and just taking his time. One day some may consider him hype but that won’t stop me from listening to him because i got into him from the start and I won’t stop. I truly with a Happy Birthday to the Weeknd and keep breathing that OVO and that XO that’s everything we believe in. *till we overdose*